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March 1, 2002

by John W. Farah, DDS, PhD

The editors of THE DENTAL ADVISOR™ proudly bring you the "Shared Secrets" column. Every other month, we will feature dental products and equipment that have received top ratings in THE DENTAL ADVISOR™. Take your practice to the next level with the help of our "Shared Secrets."

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SPSmedical Supply Corp.
(800) 722-1529
+++++/96%, Vol. 18-8

PassPortPlus provides a simple, dual test for sterilization monitoring. It combines an immediate-read sterilization integrator strip, STEAMPlus, with a mail-in biological (BI) spore strip. Both are processed with the load. The STEAMPlus strip contains a chemical tablet that melts at a rate paralleling the thermal death time of bacillus spores. The chemical marker indicates that sterilization criteria have been met: correct time, temperature and saturated steam.

Dental assistants and hygienists find the system convenient, as well as easy to use and read.

After the BI spore strip is mailed for culturing, a professional laboratory report is returned to the dentist, clearly indicating results as "pass" or "fail." This document can be retained as legal documentation of testing.

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One-Up Bond F
J. Morita USA, Inc.
(800) 831-3222
++++ 1/2 / 91%, Vol. 18-8

One-Up Bond F is a sixth-generation bonding agent — which incorporates a self-etching primer — for light-cured composites. It is ideal for pediatric use. Enamel etching, dentin priming, and bonding agent delivery are done with a single application.

One drop each of the A and B liquids are mixed together, producing a pink-colored solution that is readily visible when applied to the tooth surface. After a 20-second application, the material is light-cured for 10 seconds, whereupon the pink solution becomes colorless.

The ease and speed of using One-Up Bond F were highly rated, as well as the lack of post-operative sensitivity.

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Honigum and MixStar
(800) 662-6383
+++++/96%, Vol. 18-8
Editors' Choice

Honigum is an addition silicone impression material for use with the MixStar automatic mixer and dispenser. The material contains reactive polysiloxanes with a microcrystalline wax matrix. Flow and consistency are outstanding. The heavy-body (blue) and monophase (green) are packaged in cartridges for use in the MixStar unit.

Dental assistants find MixStar to be neat and efficient. The optional foot pedal allows a hands-free approach to dispensing. It produces dependable mix-to-mix consistency, excellent homogeneity, and relatively few voids.

The light-body (yellow) viscosity is available in standard 25-ml automix cartridges. The light-body material is easy to apply, stacks well, and flows under pressure. Setting time is 3-4 minutes in the mouth. Honigum is a hydrophobic material requiring a dry tooth. It produces crisp impressions with high-quality detail.

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John W. Farah, DDS, PhD, an editor of THE DENTAL ADVISOR™, maintains a full-time dental practice in Ann Arbor, Mich., and lectures internationally on dental products, materials, and equipment. John M. Powers, PhD, an editor of THE DENTAL ADVISOR™, is a professor of restorative dentistry and biomaterials at UT Health Science Center at Houston. He also is director of the Houston Biomaterials Research Center.

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