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Dec. 1, 2002
GC America, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of Fuji TRIAGE™ Capsule, a new command-set, low-viscosity glass ionomer.

GC America announces Fuji TRIAGE™

GC America, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of Fuji TRIAGE™ Capsule, a new command-set, low-viscosity glass ionomer.

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The number-one use of Fuji TRIAGE is as a pit and fissure sealant. GC Fuji TRIAGE Capsule can be used for the treatment of early non-cavitated lesions, such as toothbrush abrasion and root-surface sensitivity. TRIAGE also functions as a temporary filling of endodontic access, and as an intermediate restorative material. Uniquely, TRIAGE can be used on teeth that have not fully erupted. It chemically and mechanically adheres to the tooth. No bonding agent is required, as it is self-bonding.

The level of fluoride release from Fuji TRIAGE is much higher than any other glass ionomer. It releases approximately three times more fluoride than Fuji I, and six times more than Fuji IX GP. Fuji TRIAGE easily absorbs light energy because of its light pink shade.

TRIAGE has high-quality setting characteristics and a flowable consistency for improved application to narrow regions like pits and fissures, or exposed roots on interproximal surfaces. The long curved nozzle of the Fuji Capsule helps access these hard-to-reach areas.

For product information, call (708) 597-0900.

FLOSSBRITE® — The Ultimate High-Tech Flossing Device™

Bergman Oral Care has introduced a new, exciting, unique, and innovative hand-held flossing device, FLOSSBRITE®.

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FLOSSBRITE is the world's only single-handed, self-contained flossing device, with convenient floss advance and tensioning right in the handle.

Nothing beats flossing along with regular brushing and professional care for effectively improving and safeguarding your patients' gingival health. Now, for the first time, you can give the gift of compliance — FLOSSBRITE.

For more information, call (877) 356-7727 or visit

Amdent US30 portable ultrasonic scaler

A truly self-contained portable ultrasonic scaler with irrigation. No need for water and air hook-ups — just plug and play!

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Using its experience as the leader in piezo-ultrasonic scalers with more than 100,000 scalers sold around the world, Amdent introduces its newest product, the US30 portable scaler, model Unicorn. The Amdent Unicorn combines the proven US30 piezo ultrasonic scaler with a medicament dispenser.

Reservoir refill is easy and quick. Water or medicaments normally associated with scaling or subgingival treatments can be used in the reservoirs.

This model is loaded with features that benefit both users and patients, such as smooth surfaces for easy clean-up and better asepsis, tips with linear movement producing very little noise during scaling, and fast calculus removal, thereby improving patient comfort. Only a fine mist is necessary during operation, allowing better visualization of the tooth. It is fully autoclavable, and comes with a two-year warranty.

For more information, contact your local dealer or call DBI America at (800) 884-3507.

Beaverstate Dental's Evergreen operatory

Beaverstate Dental introduces the new Evergreen Dental Operatory system. Standard features include the Evolution dental chair with a standard headrest, multi-function foot control, six easily pre-programmable positions, 360° base rotation, base lock, and a substantial lumbar support for patient comfort.

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Also included in the economically priced package are two operatory stools, telescoping vacuum arm, S-3000 over-the-patient, three-handpiece automatic delivery system with standard foot control, the new post-mounted side box, and operatory light. A water-bottle system may be ordered as an option. This equipment is designed to be reliable and is backed by a full warranty.

For more information, call your local full-service dental dealer, or (800) 237-2303.

On-site automatic silver recovery machine

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Medical Innovations, Inc., announces independence from hazardous waste-hauling headaches and their on-going costs and paperwork. Your X-ray processor presents a liability involving the lifecycle of silver as an environmental threat. It is your ongoing responsibility to dispose of this waste and provide documentation in accordance with state and common laws.

The good news about the silver regulations is that the silver "problem" can end — underneath the counter where your processor sits — with this on-site fixer machine. The automatic metering pump slowly pumps fixer through the recovery canister for maximum efficiency — 99.9 percent. When the long-life filters are full, simply ship it to the manufacturer via USPS or any common carrier — no liquid hazards or mess. Cost savings for small and large practices can range up to 75 percent per year. It is compact, made of tough and seamless HDPE plastic, and offers an unequivocal number of advantages over medical-waste carriers.

For more information, call (866) 223-5858, p.i.n. number 3010, or email [email protected].

Nova offers solution for VDT screen privacy

Nova Solutions, Inc., has an answer to the VDT screen confidentiality issues faced by the healthcare industry — the Retrofit Kit. The Retrofit Kit recesses the computer screen beneath the work surface, ensuring privacy in most clinical environments.

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Nova's unique design positions both the computer and monitor beneath the work surface. Users view the monitor at a natural viewing angle through a tinted, tempered glass viewport that doubles as a writing surface. The monitor carriage adjusts in height and angle to accommodate almost all monitors. An included visor provides an even higher level of privacy.

Retrofit Kits accommodate both flat-panel and standard monitors from 14 to 21 inches. It can be installed in almost any existing surface with a minimum depth of 25.5 inches for standard monitors, or 24 inches for flat-screen displays. A pull-out keyboard tray is included.

For more information, call (800) 730-6682, ext. 244, email at [email protected], or visit

FDA approves first one-day cold-sore treatment

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GlaxoSmithKline recently announced that the FDA has approved a supplemental new drug application (sNDA) for VALTREX (valacyclovir HCl) caplets for the treatment of cold sores in healthy adults — making VALTREX the first one-day oral antiviral medication proven to shorten the duration of a cold sore outbreak. Cold sores, also known as herpes labialis or fever blisters, are highly infectious lesions.

Only VALTREX offers the convenience of one-daily dosing for the suppression of genital herpes outbreaks, as well as a three-day treatment for recurrent outbreaks. Cold sore sufferers can now experience the convenience of a one-day treatment with VALTREX. Treatment should be initiated at the first symptom of a cold sore. Efficacy has not been established when treatment is initiated after the development of clinical signs of a cold sore. Treatment should not exceed one day.

For more information, call (888) 825-5249.

Dentech light offers maximum flexibility

Dentech Corporation has developed a new dental light that features handles that easily adjust to multiple positions and can be removed for easy cleaning and sterilization (chemical or autoclave). The light is offered in track-mounted, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, cabinet-mounted, and chair-mounted configurations. It provides color-corrected light and can be moved on three axes for maximum flexibility and ergonomic positioning. The light features an aesthetic matching Dentech arm assembly.

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Like all Dentech products, the new light is backed by Dentech's legendary service and sold only through full-service dealers. Sales representatives are thoroughly trained to provide full assistance before, during, and after delivery. All products carry a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

For more information on Dentech products or for a dealer near you, call (800) 826-5004 or visit

New Camera Caps convert intraoral cameras

Flow X-ray Corporation introduces Camera Caps — turning your ordinary intraoral camera into a digital image capture device for only pennies per patient! Camera Caps quickly and easily attach to most intraoral cameras, masking the high-intensity lights while leaving an aperture for the camera lens. Simply attach your Camera Cap, point your camera at a conventional radiograph mounted on a lighted viewbox, and you have a digitized image!

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Add a video capture card to your intraoral camera, and your X-ray images can be stored or transmitted via your computer — a great tool for diagnosis and treatment planning!

Camera Caps come in easy-to-use dispenser rolls of 200 caps, and cost less than 7 cents each.

For more information, call your local dealer, Flow X-ray Corporation at (800) 356-9729, or visit

Soft-Ease flavored X-ray pockets

Soft-Ease X-ray film foam pockets are flavored to enhance patient comfort by diverting patient gagging response as well as by cushioning tori projections, irregular mouth shapes, and mouth sores. They hold and help protect the X-ray film, creating better diagnostic quality, yet the film can slip easily in and out of the pocket.

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Use of the durable pockets is economical — one pocket can be used for an entire FMX. They can be used easily with X-ray holders such as bite wing tabs, Rinn holders, Snap-a-Ray, etc.

Soft-Ease are available in adult and pedo size, and different flavors — vanilla, bubblegum, wintergreen, and raspberry. Samples are available. Call K-Stat Lab at (702) 262-1044.

Originate™ disposable impression trays

AXIS Dental is pleased to announce the addition of Originate™ disposable impression trays to the most extensive line of NTI rotary instruments available through dental supply dealers.

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Originate trays are palate-free, which aids in reducing the gag reflex. These trays are full-arch with enough rigidity to prevent the side-to-side movement associated with flimsy bite trays. Originate trays can be used with any type of impression material used in fabricating crown and bridge restorations, bleaching trays, and mouthguards.

Originate trays contain a unique locking plate at the bottom of each tray. The impression material flows into the plate on the bottom of the tray, locking it securely into the tray. Its unique rigid design results in more accurate impressions.

Originate is color-coded for easy size and arch identification, and is the first and only impression tray with Microban® antimicrobial product protection.

Each tray comes with an Originate identification tag — a great organizational tool, and they are individually packaged so they are not exposed to contaminants prior to use.

For more information, call (800) 355-5063 or email Todd Lester at [email protected].

New OSSEOTITE™ dental implant

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Implant Innovations, Inc. (3i) introduces the newest addition to its OSSEOTITE® family — the OSSEOTITE NT (natural taper) implant. This implant offers a tapered shape that closely approximates a natural root profile. Its self-tapping design reduces friction during insertion — a complication reported with other implants. The new feature incorporates a unique thread design called Spiral ICE™ (Incremental Cutting Edge), that facilitates apical stability.

Tested extensively in more than 50 sites in the United States and Europe as part of the Excalibur Trial, investigators were favorably impressed with the effortless delivery and stability of OSSEOTITE NT. Testing also indicated that the torque needed to place this implant is up to 69 percent less than other tapered implants. It also allows treatment of patients with less-than-ideal anatomy and bone quality.

For more information, call (800) 443-8166 or visit

eService — the virtual in-office service visit

In response to the growing needs of digital dentistry, EagleSoft has streamlined the entire technical services process with its new, comprehensive eService support. Through a secured Internet connection, dental professionals can gain immediate access to technical services for software system diagnostics, troubleshooting, and corrective treatment protocols. Better yet, eService allows a virtual office visit by a specially trained EagleSoft technical support technician, a feature that optimizes your time and software's performance.

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eService features System Checks, a comprehensive list of the critical elements of your entire computer system, software, and hardware. Instead of your staff spending valuable time accumulating data, these checks find the information instantly and provide a direct, seamless transfer of information directly to EagleSoft. In addition, updates are available through the "Direct" feature and "Remote" is a permission-based dial-in option.

For more information, contact your local Patterson technology representative, EagleSoft direct at (800) 294-8504, or visit

ERA? Implant System for provisionals

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Sterngold introduces the new revolutionary ERA® Implant System for provisional applications. It combines the extremely popular ERA overdenture attachment with a narrow diameter (2.2 mm), self-tapping implant. It is used immediately to stabilize a complete denture, and to protect an osseous graft site on a temporary basis.

For more information and to order online, visit Sterngold's e-commerce site at

Super-powerful Magnedisc magnet

The Magnedisc 800 is today's smallest dental magnet at just 1.3 mm in height, yet has a retentive force of 800 grams (almost 2 lbs.). The magnet is completely encapsulated; all joints are laser-welded — not press-fitted. The Magnedisc 800 can replace all other flat magnets. The included universal keeper is of a special proprietary patented alloy. It is laser-welded to the post. Keeper may be angled for divergent roots.

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The Magnedisc 800 is economical with multiple applications. It will soon be available for dental implants.

For more information on this and other attachment systems, visit

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