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Nov. 1, 2002
The new irrigating handpiece for biolitec's SmilePro™ 980 diode laser provides the ultimate in convenience for tissue cooling, resulting in extreme thermal precision and superior results.

New irrigating handpiece for SmilePro™ 980

The new irrigating handpiece for biolitec's SmilePro™ 980 diode laser provides the ultimate in convenience for tissue cooling, resulting in extreme thermal precision and superior results. Ideal for soft-tissue procedures such as cosmetic tissue contouring and troughing for crown and bridge work, biolitec's irrigating dental handpiece minimizes post-operative discomfort and enhances recovery for patients.

Easy flow control provides optimal tissue cooling and thermal precision. This means even less collateral thermal damage — practically eliminating post-operative pain to the patient and allowing quicker healing.

The SmilePro 980's optimal absorption in water and hemoglobin and its new irrigating handpiece allow it to cut and coagulate without proximal tissue damage, charring, or recession. biolitec's solid-state, 15-watt SmilePro 980 diode laser provides a clean, virtually bloodless operating field and minimizes post-operative discomfort with its unique 980 nm wavelength.

For more information, call (800) 934-2377, visit, or experience the benefits of the SmilePro 980 for yourself at one of the Center for Dental Laser Education's educational, hands-on seminars (

CD helps patients understand TMJ function

The Best-Bite™ movie, Taking the Bite Out of Headaches, takes more than 50 years of research on occlusion and condenses them into two 10-minute movies. Three-dimensional graphics, patient interviews, and patient demonstrations take these complicated subjects and present them using clear, simple, and non-technical analogies. Guaranteed to simplify patient explanation, reinforce treatment recommendations, quickly train office staff, and educate other medical practitioners to facilitate referrals.

Topics include clenching and grinding, causes of head, neck, and facial pain, bite treatment, biomechanics of the jaw joint, and biomechanical dental disease. Plays on any PC or Mac. Order today and save 10 percent — $9.95.

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For more information, call (888) 865-7335 or visit

Truly natural operatory-sized rinse

Dental Herb Company's Tooth & Gum Tonic is now available in a 64-ounce operatory-sized dispenser. This is the first truly natural product that is conveniently packaged for chairside use. It can be utilized as a pre-operative anti-microbial wash or as a post-operative rinse following procedures such as crown preparation, deep scaling, etc.

Patients leave the office with fresh breath and a clean-feeling mouth, rather than tasting blood or dental materials. The convenient easy-to-use pump dispenses the correct amount for the average patient rinse, and each economical bottle contains approximately 500 doses.

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For more information, call (800) 747-4372.

Revolutionary oral appliance reduces risk

As football season closes this fall, about 1.5 million high school football players will have performed on the gridiron. Statistics will show that approximately 250,000 of them suffered concussions or serious brain injuries for the season, according to a recent study released by the Brain Injury Association. But the makers of a new oral appliance believe they have an inexpensive way to stem this epidemic of brain injuries and make contact sports safer.

Brain-Pad™, from WIPSS Products, Inc., is the first oral appliance that prevents concussion and serious brain injury by locking the lower jaw into a static and safe position. This prevents it from slipping back and transmitting a blow to the brain through the jawbone up through the glenoid fossa at the base of the brain. This transmission of force is the primary cause of concussions and brain injuries.

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The Brain-Pad provides two channels for both the top and bottom teeth to mold into. Designed by an oral surgeon, the Brain-Pad moves the lower jaw slightly down and forward, creating a safety space between the end of the jawbone and the base of the brain. Once moved forward, the jaw is then locked into place.

The Brain-Pad offers two additional advantages. It moves the jaw forward, opening the airway by 100 percent. A built in, always-open vent enables breathing through the mouth for greater oxygen intake. Moreover, athletes who wore Brain-Pad during strength tests demonstrated increased performance by as much as 32 percent.

The Brain-Pad retails for $19.95, and is available at more than 1,400 retail locations nationwide. The product is marketed to fighting sports as Everlast® Brain-Pad™.

For more information, call Joe Mitchell at (610) 642-8253, email [email protected], or visit


CEREC® owners Ourglass, Ltd., is introducing a patented revolutionary powdering instrument, the POWDERPERFEKT™.This new device gives the ultimate support to your high-tech CEREC machine. The precise control of the powder is achieved by the one-button filtered dry-air syringe. Using a hand-held syringe is second nature to most dentists and technicians. Powdering, which is a most important part of a CEREC procedure, can now be done quickly, accurately, and economically.

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For more information and answers to most questions, visit, call (800) 290-1267, or email to [email protected].

DENTSPLY Rinn Snap-A-Ray for digital sensors

DENTSPLY Rinn's popular film holder is now cleverly adapted to provide a quick and convenient way to firmly place Gendex VisualiX®USB/GXS® USB digital sensors. It is designed to eliminate manual retention of the sensor for anterior and posterior radiographs, and securely holds sensor in place while helping to precisely align the X-ray cone. Snap-A-Ray is ergonomically designed for patient comfort and made of sturdy, precision-molded plastic.

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If you have questions, please call (800) 323-0970 or direct at (847) 742-1122.

Compact N2O cabinet-mount flowmeter

The Ultra PC™ % cabinet-mount flowmeter offers a solution to the complex issue of of operatory space planning.

With its small footprint (10.5" x 4.75"), the unit can be built into a wide variety of cabinet configurations. The Ultra PC % flowmeter combines precise control with optimal safety. A single control adjusts the flow volume while the ratio remains constant. Uninterrupted N2O and O2 flow tubes allow clinicians to easily titrate and monitor gas delivery. A built-in safety feature prevents the O2 concentration from dropping below 30 percent, and a fail-safe stops nitrous flow if the oxygen supply is compromised.

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Accutron, Inc. offers an unparalleled five-year flowmeter warranty. Call (800) 531-2220 or visit

Sirona announces two new multimedia products

Sirona recently announced the availability of the SIVISION 3 patient communication system and the SIROCAM C intraoral camera, both for use with Sirona's C8 Dental Treatment Center. It provides greater flexibility in communicating with patients, enhanced digital-image quality and diagnostics capabilities, and two easy methods for automating image capture, enhancement, and transfer.

Designed specifically for integration with the Sirona C8, the SIVISION 3 flat-screen monitor features a sealed 15" TFT display for easy surface disinfection, and a flexible positioning system for optimal viewing by both doctor and patient. It can be connected to computers with XGA/SVGA/ VGA outputs to provide chairside information from other applications such as digital X-rays, patient-education and practice-management systems, etc. Sirona offers two user-friendly versions of the SIVISION 3 — the SIVISION 3 "ergo" and the SIVISION 3 "compact." With the "ergo" version, the SIROCAM C intraoral camera is integrated directly into the C8 delivery head, just like a high-speed handpiece. The "compact" version combines the camera and monitor into one compact unit, with the camera attached to the flat-screen monitor. Both versions allow images to be displayed directly to the flat screen without the use of a computer; however, a computer can easily be connected for transfer of images to a practice-management system or enhancement software.

Other features include a built-in four-image memory, dual fixed-distance lenses, and quad-display screen. Images are captured and selected via the disc-style foot controller or chair foot switch.

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The SIVISION 3 and the SIROCAM C are now available through authorized Sirona dealers. The SIVISION 3 "ergo" is factory-installed; the SIVISION 3 "compact" can be factory-installed or field-installed on new or existing C8 treatment centers.

For more information, call (800) 659-5977 or visit

Bib-Eze disposable bib holders

Bib-Eze are disposable patient bib holders that both simplify handling and eliminate the need to sterilize. Made from lightweight elasticized fiber, Bib-Eze do not feel cold on the patient's neck, have no sharp edges, and stretch to fit comfortably. The self-adhesive ends secure Bib-Eze to any bib, and removal is as easy as tearing a piece of paper. Bib-Eze is a cost-effective replacement for reusable bib holders and other disposable bib holders.

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Bib-Eze are available boxed in quantities of 250, 1,000, and 5,000 (for institutional use).

For more information, contact Clive Craig at (800) 833-8267 or visit

DENTSPLY Rinn's XCP® kit with endo

DENTSPLY Rinn's XCP® film-holding system has been the state-of-the-art in dental radiography for more than a third of a century. Steadily refined over the years, today's XCP is easy to use and provides a new level of patient comfort. Now, XCP brings precise film positioning to a whole new area — endodontics!

The XCP aiming ring, bite block, and stainless steel indicator arms are available in a full kit or as separate components. Rinn's bite blocks, aiming rings, and prongs on the indicator arms are fully colored, making it easy to match all components of the same color. And, of course, Rinn continues to use the established coloring system — blue for anterior, yellow for posterior, red for bitewing, and green for endodontic instruments. What could be easier?

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If you have any questions, call (800) 323-0970 or direct at (847) 742-1122.

New illuminated dental mouth mirror

The Defend MirrorLite is a new illuminated dental mouth mirror that provides the clinician with shadowless illumination of the oral cavity. It is perfect for oral diagnoses, oral cancer exams, implants, air abrasion, and restorative dentistry. The MirrorLite promotes optimum hygiene by bathing the mouth with true-color LED light for greater visibility during procedures.

Strong, lightweight, and durable, the compact MirrorLite is battery-operated and works ergonomically to decrease eye and back strain commonly associated with dependence on standard overhead lighting systems.

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For more information, call Mydent Corporation at (800) 275-0020 or visit

Easy Cord retraction cord simplifies packing

Applied Dental, Inc., announces its new and improved Easy Cord — a retraction cord that is made of 100-percent cotton fibers. It will soften and expand two to three times without unraveling when in contact with saliva. The cord has food-grade pigment and is non-medicated, working with all types of hemostatic agents. The cord is pre-cut into one-inch strands to eliminate cross-contamination.

Easy Cord is available in size 0 (blue), 1 (green), and 2 (brown). Each box contains six bottles — all in one size or in an assortment of size 0, 1, and 2. Each bottle contains 50 strands.

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For more information, call (888) 841-8481 or visit

The next generation is here — Sonicare Elite®

Philips Electronics has introduced the next generation in sonic toothbrushes, the Sonicare® Elite®. Recently debuted at the ADA annual meeting, the Sonicare Elite provides dental professionals and their patients the most advanced power toothbrush to date to promote maximum oral health and hygiene.

Its patented second-generation sonic technology uses a combination of high-frequency bristle motion and dynamic cleaning action, generating three times the bristle tip speed of other leading power toothbrushes. The Elite's new slim, angled neck and tapered brush head focuses powerful cleaning action in hard-to-reach interproximal, subgingival, and posterior areas to remove 20 percent more plaque. Its contour-fit bristle design surrounds teeth for precision cleaning, and the new ergonomic grip improves maneuverability. Two speeds allow users to choose "high" for optimal power, and "low" for sensitive areas, tongue brushing, and gum massage.

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For more information, call (800) 676-7664 or visit

Landmark 10-year study proves sustained fluoride release

In September 2002, an unprecedented 10-year fluoride-release study was published on Essential Dental Systems' Ti-Core® and Flexi-Flow composites in Oral Health (Cohen, Brett I., et al. Ten Year Fluoride Release from Four Reinforced Composite Resins, Oral Health 2002; September: 44-52). The study illustrated that Ti-Core®, Ti-Core Natural®, Flexi-Flow Cem®, and Flexi-Flow Natural® provided sustained fluoride release over a 10-year period. Ti-Core, Ti-Core Natural, Flexi-Flow Cem, and Flexi-Flow Natural are patented, fluoridated, self-curing, syringable, and radiopaque composite resins reinforced with titanium (gray) & lanthanide (natural, shade Vita A3) for maximum compressive strength and superior post retention.

For more information, call (201) 487-9090 or visit

CEREC inLab infiltrates national lab market

CEREC inLab restorations are now available in dental laboratories throughout the nation. With 60 laboratories on board — and growing — Sirona's CEREC inLab system is making a huge impact in the lab market while meeting the demand from dentists for strong and aesthetic all-ceramic CAD/CAM restorations. The system has been largely accepted by small to medium-sized labs, but large national labs such as Trident Dental Laboratories, Continental Dental Laboratories, and Prudental Laboratories have most recently integrated the CEREC inLab technology. The system was introduced to the laboratory market at Lab Day Chicago in February, and has since been met with rave reviews.

The inLab system mills crown copings and three-unit bridge frameworks out of single, solid blocks of VITA In-Ceram® material. VITA In-Ceram maintains an impressive 98 percent success rate at six years in-vivo, with 11 total years of clinically proven use in millions of restorations worldwide, making it the most successful and reliable all-ceramic system available.

CEREC inLab restorations require no extra work by the dentist, accommodating both shoulder and chamfer preparations. The finished restorations can be placed using either conventional cementation or with bonding agents, allowing for easy placement using standard techniques.

For a directory of CEREC inLab users call (866) INLAB4U and request a CEREC inLab user directory.

New CORALEX™ brackets

Ortho Organizers announces its new metal-injection molded (MIM) CORALEX™ 0° Tip and 0° Torque brackets with micro-etched foil mesh bases for improved bond strength. These brackets feature a dual-purpose bracket slot, which aids in gentle, light force and efficient tooth movement. The larger, angled bracket slot accommodates wires from .012" to .022". A vertical slot measuring .018" x .018" allows the clinician to use rotating springs, uprighting springs, and Power "T" pins to help realign the teeth in the desired position(s).

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A simplified inventory system is another key benefit — only four brackets are required; two brackets are used on the centrals or laterals (bracket is inverted as required) and two brackets for the cuspids/bicuspids (again, brackets are inverted as required). Buccal tubes can be used as required — round single buccal tubes and/or non-convertible double buccal tubes are recommended (ask the manufacturer for tips, torques, and part numbers).

For more information, call (760) 471-0206, (800) 547-2000, or visit

New KaVo high-speed handpiece

KaVo America has introduced its new high-speed handpiece — GENTLEforce LUX 6000B. The 6000B, at 18 watts of power, is the most powerful high-speed in the industry — featuring a small head and new angulations for better access and precision.

Super quiet, the 6000B features a four-port spray for optimal cooling and visibility, a new hygienic coating for improved tactile feedback, KaVo's third-generation cellular optic glass rod with a five-year warranty, and KaVo's unique automatic drive-air adjustment for longer turbine life.

The 6000B fits on any existing manufacturer's fiberoptic system with the versatile MULTIflex quick disconnect. When maintained with KaVo's QUATTROcare maintenance system, the 6000B will carry an extended 18-month warranty (standard warranty is 12 months).

For more information, call (800) 323-8029 or visit

Zoom! professional take-home whitener

Meet the first professional take-home tooth whitener fast enough to be called Zoom!™ Discus Dental, Inc., introduces Zoom! Take-Home Whitening. It offers an average improvement of six shades in only three nights. This patent-pending formula is available in 6-percent and 4-percent hydrogen peroxide concentrations. Zoom! comes in a convenient Weekender Kit travel case in your choice of four fast colors: orange, blue, green, or silver. Each kit contains two dual-barrel syringes (three applications each), tray case, two mixing tips, EVA material, shade guide, and patient instructions, as well as a sample of new Zoom! Whitening Toothpaste. Single-syringe touch-up kits are also available in a convenient 12-count countertop dispenser.

For more information, call (800) 422-9448 or visit

Ultra Trim — fast, strong, and odorless

Ultra Trim is a bisacryl temporary material that is quick, easy to use, and completely odorless, as it contains no trace of monomer or acrylic materials. Not only does Ultra Trim save precious minutes for the doctor by reducing chair time, but also is convenient for the patient by saving a visit to the office — making Ultra Trim extremely convenient and patient-friendly. Ultra Trim is a 4:1 ratio resulting in an incredibly strong and flexible material that sets in the mouth in only two minutes!

To order, call your dealer. For product information, call (800) 323-3452.

New from Osada — Model XL-230

The new XL-230 comes in a space-saving power console measuring only 4"x4"x7". The XL-230's smooth, well-tuned, low-speed/high-torque operation (900- 30,000 rpm/4.8 N-cm) with feedback circuitry is suitable for various applications. The speed dial with green beam allows users to set a maximum speed for each procedure for safe operation.

The new MVFP variable-speed foot pedal with magnetic sensor is very comfortable to use with soft but precise control. The XL-230 accepts LHP6 laboratory handpiece assembly and optional chairside E-coupler micromotor/handpieces.

For more information, call Osada at (800) 426-7232 or visit

Essential Dental Handbook

The Essential Dental Handbook: Clinical and Practice Management Advice from the Experts is edited by Robert R. Edwab, DDS.

Growth possibilities for the modern dental practice are limitless! The Essential Dental Handbook offers a multitude of ideas for expansion presented by the experts — a who's who of dental-practice management.

By compiling the wisdom of these premiere lecturers and educators into one book, it's as if you have a dental conference ready when you are — all at an affordable price!

Subjects include pedodontics, new materials, endodontics, office management, medical emergencies, medical history and consent, aesthetics and materials, TMJ, local anesthesia, oral surgery, high-tech radiology, orthodontics, removable prosthetics, periodontics, and oral pathology. Tables and figures help illustrate the lessons. Each area is condensed to 20 pages for specific applications; bibliographies in each chapter encourage further study.

The Essential Dental Handbook retails for $95; item number 0-87814-624-5. Call (800) 752-9764 or visit

Macan Engineering introduces Radio Surge

Macan Engineering & Manufacturing Company has introduced the Radio Surge, a state-of-the-art instrument for oral electrosurgery. It has all four available waveforms, so that it can be used safely and predictably even near bone and implants.

It is excellent for cosmetic elongation of crowns without tissue shrinkage, as well as troughing before crown and bridge impressions. It is ADA-accepted and UL-registered as ISO 9002 compliant.

The unit comes with a set of six UltraFlex bendable electrodes, an antenna plate, and a handpiece and cord — all fully autoclaveable. It is foot-switch activated. A wet lab instructional video is available upon request. For further information, call your dental dealer or (866) 622-2611.

DENTSPLY Ceramco's illuminé white shades

A rise in the popularity of teeth-whitening has led to a new challenge for dentists and dental labs — how to create cosmetic restorations to match the ultra-white teeth many patients now have through bleached dentition.

To help satisfy dental patients with bleached teeth who need PFM crowns and bridges or indirect composite restorations, DENTSPLY Ceramco has launched new shades that more closely match the brighter shades created through bleaching procedures.

"illuminé White Shades" is the first system available that allows dental technicians to match up to eight shades of white that previously were not available — either as a product or on a dental color chart.

The illuminé shades are an extension of the A0 and B0 shades and have an expanded range of colors, ranging from a warm white to a pure white that are whiter and brighter than any other shading system on the market. The new shades, coded i-1 through i-8, are available for many of DENTSPLY's top brands, and will soon be available for Cercon® ceram S and Finesse®.

To introduce dentists and dental lab personnel to this new category of white, DENTSPLY Ceramco has created the illuminé White Shade Guide for display and use in dental offices and dental labs.

To request a guide or additional information about the illuminé White Shades system, visit or call (800) 487-0100.

CG America launches UniFil® Flow composite

GC America announces the launch of UniFil® Flow — a flowable, light-cured radiopaque micro-hybrid composite resin restorative. Designed to provide optimal flow and handling, UniFil Flow will not drip or slump.

UniFil Flow is used to fill cavities, can be injected into large cavities with small openings, has an excellent depth of cure, and provides excellent color adaptability and translucency. It can be finished to an extremely smooth surface. It has a very high surface hardness for wear resistance.

UniFil Flow contains fluoro-alumino silicate glass, which releases fluoride ions. This improves resistance to acid attack and prevents secondary decay. Fluoride ions from UniFil Flow can be diffused into the tooth structure through UniFil Bond, which is also a new product.

UniFil Flow syringes come with two types of curved filling tips — one plastic and one needle. The plastic tip is for use on needle-phobic patients.

For product information, call (708) 597-0900.

Radiopaque teeth for implantology

The newly developed radiopaque denture teeth, SR Vivo TAC/SR Ortho TAC from Ivoclar Vivadent, aid in the pre-implant radiographic diagnosis and fabrication of fixed and removable implant-supported dental restorations. For the first time, you are given the opportunity to take account of the aesthetic, phonetic, and functional aspects of the implant-supported restoration during pre-surgical radiographic examination.

The moulds are the same as the SR Vivodent®/SR Orthotyp® tooth line which allows for easy positioning of the teeth on the diagnostic stent. Additions and modifications to the denture teeth can be made using the radiopaque monomer/ polymer modifier. The new teeth have consistent high radiopacity making it easy to evaluate the relationship to the alveolar ridge and soft tissue on the X-ray images.

Following the pre-surgical radiological examination, the diagnostic stent is easily transformed into the surgical stent, saving time and money.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or send an email to [email protected].

Tips, terms, and techniques help your team!

Invest some time to read Demystifying Smiles: Strategies for the Dental Team by Kristine A. Hodsdon, RDH, BS.

Today's dental patients are as concerned with the appearance of their smiles as they are with oral health. Whether they are looking for Hollywood smiles or just wanting to correct minor problems, the dental team that is well-versed in the art of aesthetics can make their dreams become realities and ensure a financially healthy practice!

Demystifying Smiles: Strategies for the Dental Team will help dental teams adapt to and profit from the latest changes in esthetic dentistry and hygiene. Learn the fundamentals of cosmetic dentistry, dental assisting, and dental hygiene, so team members can reinvent themselves and develop new roles for themselves and their teams — all in support of the practice and its clients!

A glossary of terms covers basic definitions that help clarify aesthetics and restorative options, providing team members with enhanced abilities to assist the dentist in differentiation diagnosis. Action plans at the end of each chapter will help you create your own professional game plan.

The item number is 0-87814-850-7; price is $49.95. Date of publication is Winter 2002.

To order or for more information, call (800) 752-9764 or visit

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