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Pearls for Your Practice: Stevenson Dental Solutions Composite 7-Instrument Master Set

March 13, 2023
Learn why these are Joshua Austin's go-to instruments for almost any direct composite procedure.

Recently, I was rearranging my spare bedroom that has some of our exercise equipment. In the corner of that room was a large plastic tote that had a layer of dust at least 300 microns thick. What was in this thing? I opened it up, and there were my instruments from dental school! Set aside the fact that I am still paying for these babies by way of my student loan; seeing them just gave me so many memories. I still remember my first operative dentistry class during my first year when learning the names of all the instruments and how they’re used became a core memory of my experience. On that day in January of 2003, these instruments were special.

But through the eyes of experience, they looked different. They looked…ordinary. They really were nothing special. Just some stainless steel instruments. The stuff I use now is way nicer—especially for direct composites.

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For those, today I use the Stevenson Dental Composite Instrument Master Set. They are so much nicer and more refined than those original instruments I used in dental school. These masterfully crafted instruments are made from titanium nitride, which is far more nonstick than traditional stainless instruments. Included in the kit are seven instruments that have great value for both anterior and posterior restorations. In fact, I use the same kit for both.

The seven instruments will get you through almost any direct composite procedure. There are three different-shaped anatomical burnishers, three different-sized condensers, and a beautifully shaped paddlelike instrument for resin placement and flat surface shaping. Also included is a very nicely made metal cassette to house the instruments.

The titanium nitride metal gives a great nonstick touch to the resin and allows the shapes of the instruments to really do what they were designed to do without dragging composite all over. The handles of the instruments are comfortable and color coded, so quick identification is easy. All in all, I can’t imagine another kit I would rather use to perform a direct resin restoration. Triple to deep center field for the Stevenson Dental Composite Instrument Master Set!

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