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CandidPro: The clear aligner therapy that soars

Nov. 9, 2022
Are you ready to get your clear aligner business off the ground? Dr. Lou Shuman looks at how Candid’s experienced practitioners will partner with you from the treatment plan phase all the way to retention.

Have you gotten your clear aligner business off the ground? Do you have the confidence to make it an integral part of your dental practice? With most clear aligners, the dentist must have the know-how of an airline pilot—in other words, the ability to navigate from takeoff to landing and seamlessly manipulate all the dials and knobs along the way. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a savvy copilot?

The future of clear aligners rests on user compliance

How the booming clear aligner market can boost your practice

Candid is ready to come on board with the help of experienced practitioners who will partner with you from the treatment plan phase all the way to retention. With Candid, you no longer have to fly solo and hope to have a smooth landing.

Candid distinguishes itself in three categories:

Transformative technologies: With the CandidMonitoring software tool, patients can scan their teeth from any location, 24 hours a day. After placing their phone in a scan box, the patient snaps a series of photos and videos of their mouth in about five minutes. Once the images are in the Candid system, AI evaluates how the teeth are moving.

Candid CEO Nick Greenfield says, “The CandidApp then either tells the patient automatically to continue to the next step, or if there’s any escalation, we flag any issue directly to the treating doctor or orthodontist on the Candid team.”

The feedback and rewards keep patients happy. Candid’s treatment process, via the CandidApp, has an extraordinary 90% patient scan compliance rate. That leads to fewer refinements and corrections, which means faster treatment completion.

Candid has an additional focus on another growing sector of dentistry: sleep. Brian Ganey, senior vice president of sales, explains, “We have worked with several key opinion leaders and very strong faculty who are experienced with airway protocols, as well as with various sleep organizations, so we know how Candid can benefit patients with sleep disorders and complement other therapies.”

Commitment to service: Clinically, Candid’s dedicated experts support case selection and provide any ongoing clinical advice all the way through treatment. For marketing, Candid’s team helps run campaigns and create assets. Ganey says, “Potential aligner patients come out of the hygiene chair on a daily basis, and with Candid’s scope of training and support, it’s easy to grow awareness and case acceptance.”

Dedication to support: Through a live chat tool inside the CandidApp, patients can ask questions. Clinical questions get escalated to the doctor. For general questions, AI chatbot or live-chat support are available during extended hours, nights, and weekends.

Greenfield says, “With our combination of technology, service, and support, we are focusing on helping dentists escalate their aligner opportunities and unlock their full potential. Candid is a tech-forward company with a true dedication to the practitioner.”

Candid is ready to be your clear aligner copilot. Prepare for take-off! For more information, visit Candid's website.  

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