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I have it—you want it! G-ænial A’CHORD, Safe 'n' Sure Wall Dispenser, GrandioSO Light Flow

Nov. 1, 2022
Dr. Glazer reviews G-ænial A’CHORD, Safe 'n' Sure Wall Dispenser, and GrandioSO Light Flow.

G-ænial A’CHORD

Sometimes, one size does fit all. G-ænial A’CHORD seems to fit the bill, both anteriorly and posteriorly, when it comes to one shade that yields a highly esthetic result without having to blend several shades. Although not truly a unishade or “one shade fits all” composite, G-ænial A’CHORD provides a system for simplified shade selection to yield maximum esthetics.

For example, shade A1 incorporates A1, B1, and D2, while A3 includes a blend of A3, B3, C2, C3, and D4. There are other shades, such as a blended A2, A3.5, as well as supplementary shades to further customize esthetics: A4, A5, A6, three opaque shades, and two bleach shades. The material has a natural fluorescence. Handling is great, and the material is highly polishable with a lifelike glossy finish. Once finished and polished, the material blends invisibly into the existing tooth structure. GC has combined two new technologies in G-ænial A’CHORD: Full-Coverage Silane Covering (FSC) and High-Performance Pulverized CERASMART (HPC). Together these yield a highly radiopaque composite (318% Al) that outperforms many competitor products with a high degree of stain and wear resistance. This material has great strength and delivers long-lasting esthetic restorations from simple cases to those that are more esthetically challenging. When combined with G-Premio BOND, G-ænial A’CHORD, available in both syringe and unitip format, makes a terrific restorative solution.

 Safe 'n' Sure Wall Dispenser

Author’s note: Dr. Glazer was instrumental in the design of this product.

There is now a terrific and cost-effective way to dispense barrier envelopes when using phosphor storage plates (PSP). Flow Dental’s Safe ’n’ Sure Econo PSP barrier envelopes in size 2 are now available in an easy-to-use wall or counter dispenser that holds a roll of 300.

No more envelopes that lay on the counter, in a drawer, or fall on the floor. The roll allows you to easily load the plates horizontally as you pull them out of the box, then simply peel off the adhesive seal and you are ready to go. All-black to protect against light exposure, Safe ’n’ Sure envelopes have a unique seam that tears below the PSP plate, allowing easier removal for processing once the plate is exposed. There are two adhesive strips provided with each box for easy mounting on the counter or wall. Once the roll is depleted, simply replace the box with a new one. Flow Dental has many other barrier sleeve products to suit all your radiography needs. Undoubtedly, the Safe ’n’ Sure wall dispenser with size 2 barrier envelopes is an inexpensive and time-saving method for reloading phosphor plates that will keep your treatment rooms and counters looking neat.

GrandioSO Light Flow

With so much emphasis placed on minimally invasive restorative cavity preparations, there is a demand for a product that can be used in the smallest of preparations. GrandioSO Light Flow fits the bill. It features an intraoral tip that dispenses a low-viscosity resin material capable of accessing hard-to-reach areas for pinpoint application. Such precise dosing minimizes placement time and waste, with a “no-ooze” tip based on an NDT syringe with nondrip technology.

It is compatible with all light-cured adhesive resin materials. GrandioSO Light Flow has a high (76% by weight) nanohybrid fill rate that makes it strong and long-lasting. This material is ideal for pit and fissure sealing, restoring and characterization of small class III, IV, and V fillings, blocking out undercuts, using as a liner, repairing veneers, provisional restorations, and even cementing translucent prosthetic appliances. There are eight shades available: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, WO, OA2, and incisal, which provides a broad palette for almost any need. In general, you would remove the decay and use this as you would any other resin composite. However, there are instances, such as a small class V, where drilling may not be necessary and you can simply restore with an adhesive bonding resin and GrandioSO Light Flow without anesthesia. Photocuring time is only 20 seconds.

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