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Gc Initial Lisi Block

Pearls for Your Practice: GC Initial LiSi Block

July 19, 2022
The promise of same-day dentistry is amazing, says Dr. Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD—and here's why the GC Initial LiSi Block is a great addition to your same-day dentistry toolbox.

The promise of same-day dentistry is amazing. Prep. Scan. Design. Mill. Try-in. Glaze. Fire. No one can argue with the results that can be achieved with same-day dentistry today and that patients want this treatment. However, the workflow can be daunting and time consuming. GC America is working on reducing some of those steps with the GC Initial LiSi Block. This beautiful, accurate material can eliminate one of the big steps in the process: firing.

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The GC Initial LiSi Block is a new version of lithium disilicate designed to be used especially for same-day dentistry. It is a fully crystalized lithium disilicate and delivers optimal physical properties without the need to be fired in a porcelain oven. This block features GC’s high dentistry micronization (HDM) technology, which allows for a higher wear resistance, smooth margins, and a beautiful, esthetic result.

The key difference between the GC Initial LiSi Block and others is that you simply need to mill, polish, and deliver the restoration! This can save you up to 40% of processing time on indirect restorations. Because the GC Initial LiSi Block is fully crystalized before milling, it can be milled smoothly and accurately. A high gloss and natural opalescence can easily be achieved with just a few minutes of polishing, especially with a product such as GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes. In lab studies, the GC Initial LiSi Block performs well against other similar chairside materials in terms acid resistance, wear, and margins.

There are a total of eight shade options for the GC Initial LiSi Block: A1, A2, A3, and B1. They all come in both high translucency and low translucency, which gives lots of different esthetic options and flexibility. Adhesive luting is recommended, which would include cements such as G-CEM One and G-CEM Link Force.

The GC Initial LiSi Block is a great addition to your same-day dentistry toolbox. It gives you the option to provide a smooth, accurate mill with 400 MPa flexural strength that can be ready to cement in 30 minutes or so without the need for an oven. If only Domino’s Pizza could do that!

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