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I have it—you want it! Retrieve DC Implant Cement

Jan. 3, 2022
Dr. Howard Glazer reviews a promising new product or material to hit the dental industry. In this installment, learn more about Retrieve DC Implant Cement from Parkell.

Retrieve DC Implant Cement is a dual-cure, resin-based, implant cement. The implication and indication of such a product is simple: it should be used as a provisional cement for implant-retained crowns that are to be retained for a very long time. This material, when used per the manufacturer’s instructions, provides better retention than many temporary cements and allows for easy removal of the crown, provided the implant abutment has been properly lubricated.

Retrieve DC Implant Cement is a two-barrel, automix cement that provides one and a half to two and a half minutes of working time, setting in four to six minutes, depending on ambient temperature (note: it will self-cure in about five minutes). As a dual-cure, it sets in 20 seconds, and cleanup is facilitated during the gel stage, which occurs in the first two to three minutes. Let’s talk retrievability. The key is lubrication of the implant abutment with a water-based gel lubricant or glycerin product. You only lubricate the coronal portion of the abutment, purposely avoiding the restoration margin. By doing so, you will have good retention and easy retrieval when desired. Do not use this in any areas where there are undercuts. This material is highly radiopaque (300% alumina), so excess can be easily visualized on an immediate postcementation radiograph. Retrieve DC is a great cement to use when placing long-term, provisional implant crowns of any substrate, in those cases where a successful long-term outcome is either questionable or dependent on the ability to remove the crown/prosthesis.

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Editor's note: This article appeared in the December 2021 print edition of Dental Economics.