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I have it—You want it!

Aug. 1, 2019
Dr. Howard Glazer shares some of the new products that he recommends to his colleagues here.

TheraCal PT calcium silicate by Bisco Inc.

TheraCal PT (which stands for pulpotomy treatment) is a resin-modified calcium silicate specifically designed to provide protection for the dental pulpal complex during pulpotomies. While it is primarily indicated for pulpotomies (both partial and full pulpal removal), you can also use it for direct pulp capping or as a base/liner. Note that this is a viscous material and that hemostasis should be achieved prior to use. 

TheraCal PT particles are synthetic calcium silicate in a hydrophilic matrix that facilitates calcium release. The material comes in an automix two-barrel syringe and is radiopaque, dual cured, moisture tolerant (low water solubility), and alkaline. The working time is about 45 seconds, and the material will set in less than five minutes. You can restore the tooth immediately thereafter. The material shade is a somewhat opaque A1, but you can undoubtedly cover it with a regular composite resin. 

You might question why you should use TheraCal PT instead of simple calcium hydroxide. The answer is that calcium hydroxide is highly water soluble and typically will wash out over time, whereas the high degree of moisture tolerance in TheraCal PT makes it sustainable. It is safe to use with disinfectants, desensitizers, and hemostatic and wetting agents, but you must use a saline rinse if you are combining chlorohexidine and sodium hypochlorite. This is an invariably handy, easy-to-use product for treating both adult and pediatric patients, and it is a wonderful addition to the Thera family of products.

Bio product line by Directa Dental Group

These days, it seems you can sum up the world of dental materials in one short three-letter prefix: “bio-.” Whether the word is biocompatible, bioactive (e.g., Parkell products such as Predicta restorative and core materials), biomimicry, biofriendly (e.g., products by Orsing), or biodegradable, the implied meaning is that the product is better for patients’ health or for the health of our environment. 

It is quite fitting that the term “bio” is used by Directa Dental Group in the company’s new line of recyclable, fossil-free, green bioproducts and bioactive materials. The product line to date includes: Bio Cups, Hygovac Bio (high-speed evacuation tips), and Hygoformic Bio (moldable saliva ejectors). The raw materials used are either bamboo or sugarcane. Bio Cups are made of bamboo and help reduce the carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere. The Hygovac Bio evacuation tips are available in two sizes and are made from Green PE, a biobased polyethylene made from sugarcane. Hygoformic Bio looks and feels like the original curlicue saliva ejector and tongue holder. It too is made from Green PE. 

Who would have thought that there is a good use for sugar in dentistry? There is no time like the present to go green for the sake of our planet—Directa’s Bio line makes this a “sweet” deal!

Sonic-Fusion water flossing toothbrush 

We all know that good oral hygiene is essential to good oral health. We also know that not everyone spends the necessary amount of time properly brushing and flossing. Perhaps Waterpik has come up with the answer for proper oral hygiene in a time-saving and, dare I say, fun way to properly care for your teeth. The Waterpik Sonic-Fusion has three settings—Brush, Floss, and Brush & Floss—that allow one to brush, floss, or both with the simple press of a button. 

Research has shown that using Sonic-Fusion has proven to be “twice as effective as traditional brushing and flossing for removing plaque and improving gum health.”1 I have used this device, and I must say it does a great job of removing interproximal debris and cleaning my teeth. My mouth feels refreshed after I complete my routine. 

This device is safe to use with implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers. It has a two-minute timer with a 30-second indicator that lets you know when to switch quadrants, as well as a water pressure control feature (I prefer the lowest setting). The unit will hold at least one minute’s worth of water, and it comes with two flossing brush heads. 

Who says you can’t have a clean mouth and fun too?


1. Qaqish JG, Goyal CR, Schuller R, Lyle DM. Comparison of a novel sonic toothbrush to a traditional sonic toothbrush and manual brushing and flossing on plaque, gingival bleeding and inflammation: A randomized controlled clinical trial. Compend Contin Edu Dent. 2018;39(2).

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