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Top Products to See at the ADA Annual Meeting

Sept. 1, 2007
3M ESPE - Adper™ Scotchbond™ SE Self-Etch Adhesive

3M ESPE - Adper™ Scotchbond™ SE Self-Etch Adhesive

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3M ESPE Adper Scotchbond SE Self-Etch Adhesive offers consistently high bond strength and features a color change indicator to ensure proper placement and activation. This adhesive is radiopaque thanks to the use of nanotechnology, and it is not necessary to refrigerate or shake before use.
(800) 634-2249

Colgate - Total® Advanced Clean toothpaste

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Colgate Total® Advanced Clean toothpaste provides all of the benefits of Colgate Total, plus proven superior stain removal. Only Colgate Total® toothpastes contain a unique patented triclosan copolymer formula that kills plaque for a full 12 hours and reduces gingival inflammation.
(800) 2-COLGATE

DENTSPLY Professional - Midwest Caries Device

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DENTSPLY Professional’s Midwest Caries Device is a highly effective detection instrument that can help diagnose both occlusal and interproximal caries using the same 2-in-1 probe. The unit will emit a gentle beeping sound combined with a green light that turns red to indicate lesion detection.
(800) 989-8826

Kuraray America - CLEARFIL MAJESTY Esthetic

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Kuraray America’s CLEARFIL MAJESTY Esthetic is a real time saver. I don’t like having to blend a number of shades to match the tooth. Majesty Esthetic has simplified my life! This composite can be applied to anterior teeth in just one shade in a technique that Kuraray refers to as a mono-layering.
(800) 879-1676

Microcopy - CROWNKING carbide burs

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Microcopy’s CROWNKING carbide “crown preparation burs” with unique teeth geometry reduce clogging and heat generation, thus making tooth preparation faster and better. Priced as low as $3.20 each, CROWNKING carbides match the most popular diamond burs for crown and bridge preparations.
(800) 235-1863

Kerr - Demi LED Light Curing System

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Kerr’s Demi LED Light Curing System with consistent high-intensity output of Periodic Level Shifting (PLS) delivers a true five-second cure for A3 or lighter shades. With a whisper-quiet fan, the unit will never shut down. Its battery output will never degrade. See this one before you buy another light!
(800) 537-7123

Ultradent - EndoREZ Accelerator

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Ultradent’s EndoREZ Accelerator makes EndoREZ the only self-priming, hydrophilic and biocompatible endodontic sealer available with an accelerator component. The set time is reduced by 75 percent - from 15 to 20 minutes to an average of 4 to 6 minutes. Faster, better, easier!
(800) 496-8337

SurgiTel - ErgoVision 6.5x Compact Prism Loupes

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SurgiTel ErgoVision 6.5x Compact Prism Loupes - You have never seen a tooth so well! The compact, expanded-field telescopes are the shortest and lightest prism design ever created. This design results in a wider field of view and longer depths of field, while significantly reducing overall weight. This loupe is designed with the user’s comfort in mind.
(800) 959-0153

Philips Sonicare - FlexCare

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Philips Sonicare FlexCare - What, another power toothbrush? Be sure you see this one, because Philips listened and added the new features we wanted. New head sizes, new brush designs, three modes, two cleaning routines, new slim design, longer battery life, and a sanitizer that actually kills bugs on the brush!
(800) 676-7664

Zhermack - FREEALGIN

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Zhermack FREEALGIN is the new alginate replacement - a thixotropic material with a tropical sweet-tart mangustan flavor is ideal for preliminary and orthodontic impressions, removable prostheses, and temporaries, with no mess and many pours.
(877) 819-6206

KaVo - GENTLEray 980 laser system

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KaVo GENTLEray 980 is a soft-tissue laser system. It has a wavelength of 980nm, and indications include incision, excision, biopsy, hemostasis, and pulpotomy; periodontal indications include sulcular debridement, many other soft-tissue indications, and light-activation of bleaching materials.
(800) 323-8029


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BISCO ALL-BOND is the great new family of ALL-BOND adhesives with extensive scientific research. BISCO announces ALL-BOND 3, the next step in total-etch bonding, and ALL-BOND SE, the first self-etch product to wear the ALL-BOND name.
(800) 247-3368

J. Morita - Lubrina handpiece maintenance system

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J. Morita Lubrina is a handpiece maintenance system that services up to four handpieces in as little as 100 seconds. The system purges and lubricates all types of handpieces.
(800) 831-3222


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GC America MI PASTE PLUS combines the proven benefits of fluoride with the technology of RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) to drive calcium and phosphate for even better tooth strengthening. It has the correct bioavailable ratio of 5-calcium, 3-phosphate, and 1-fluoride for ultimate enamel strengthening.
(800) 323-7063

Ivoclar Vivadent - Odyssey® Navigator laser

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Ivoclar Vivadent Odyssey® Navigator is a small, battery-operated laser that operates at the 810 wavelength, with an affinity for soft tissue. Uni-dose fiber tips are delivered prestripped and precleaved. It comes with more than 30 pre-set clinical procedures and a software design that is easily navigated.
(800) 533-6825

1-800 DENTIST - Patient Activator

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1-800 DENTIST - Stop by booth number 2520 to see the latest version of the Patient Activator. The program can now accommodate all types of practice management software. Want to limit the number you send? Customize it. Send newsletters, too!
(800) 518-6675

Premier - PerioWise® perio probes

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Premier PerioWise® periodontal probes are very easy to read and gentle to the tissue. Slightly flexible with rounded tips, these probes offer patient comfort and safety around implants. Vibrant, colored lines against the white probe provide excellent contrast. They can be autoclaved and used repeatedly.

Crest - Pro-Health Night Toothpaste

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Crest Pro-Health Night Toothpaste - Patients understand that their mouths are a battleground of germs at night. This toothpaste delivers a powerful punch in the fight against plaque, gingivitis, and bacteria.
(800) 543-2577

DentalEZ Group - Prophy Star® 3 Hygiene Handpiece

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DentalEZ® Prophy Star® 3 Hygiene Handpiece is an ergonomic, lightweight handpiece available individually and as part of Star Dental’s Prophy Hygiene Pack. Weighing only 65 grams, the new anodized aluminum design reduces hand and wrist fatigue.
(866) DTE-INFO

KOMET USA - Revolution Carbides

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KOMET USA Revolution Carbides represent new bur technology that is a revolutionary change in the design to produce the best cutting efficiency. It cuts with no vibration and cuts faster with much less breakage. No cross cut on top or bottom makes clean, sharp margins. All this at about $1 per bur - amazing!

X-Rite - Shade X

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X-Rite Shade X - With today’s emphasis on esthetic dentistry, the critical part of creating beautiful restorations is matching the shade of natural teeth. For less than $1,000, Shade X puts precise shade matching within reach of every dentist. It supports most shade guides - 10 in all. Be sure to see this one!

Sunstar Americas - GUM® SUMMIT PLUS

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Sunstar “FEEL A NEW LEVEL OF CLEAN” New GUM® SUMMIT PLUS Toothbrush. Experience a new level of cleaning, plaque removal, and gentleness!
(800) 228-4890

Hu-Friedy - Symmetry IQ piezoelectric scaler

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Hu-Friedy launches Symmetry IQ - a great new piezoelectric scaling device. It allows for efficient scaling performance and time savings, and allows clinicians to work smarter, not harder. It features a user-friendly touch pad and an array of S-Series tip designs, including scaling, thin perio, curette style, and diamond-coated.
(800) 729-3743

Zenith DMG - TECO® System

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Zenith DMG TECO® is used with a total-etch method. The material is ready to use with instant activation by pressing the silver button. The built-in micro-brush applicator easily slides out of the SilvR dose capsule. Application is a one-step, one-hand, fast, clean, and safe process.
(800) 662-6383

Midmark Corporation - TRACK LIGHT MONITOR

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Midmark Corporation’s TRACK LIGHT MONITOR is the perfect place for a television. Midmark has thought of everything! This is a true plug-and-play package. The system comes fully wired, making it easy for the installing technician. See this great new system!

Procter & Gamble - ORAL-B® TRIUMPH

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Procter & Gamble’s ORAL-B® TRIUMPH WITH SMARTGUIDE features Smart Technology, microchips embedded in the brushhead and handle to track usage, a brush head replacement indicator, and a two-minute countdown. It even signals if you’re brushing too hard.
(800) 543-2577

Interactive Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. - Tru-Align

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The Tru-Align Positioning System, by Interactive Diagnostic Imaging, Inc., is the most accurate positioning system ever made for dental radiology. Your images (using either film or digital sensor) will be the best with no retakes. Seeing is believing!

LED Dental - VELscope cancer detection device

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VELscope, by LED Dental, is intended to help detect lesions that might not be visible with conventional exams, and help determine surgical margins. You need this device in your practice to properly diagnose cancer. Early detection is the best treatment for your patients!
(888) 541-4614

Septodont - Vivacaine anesthetic

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Septodont Vivacaine -There are times when a patient needs longer-term pain relief. Vivacaine provides anesthesia for up to seven hours in many patients, with a period of analgesia which persists after the return of sensation. Onset is two to 10 minutes. It is not recommended for children.
(800) 872-8305

Gendex - VixWin Platinum

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Gendex VixWin Platinum combines cutting-edge tools and powerful features that yield crisp, clearly detailed images. Newly developed, intuitive icons and toolbars quickly identify and access tools for image applications, which reduce task times and increase productivity.
(888) 275-5286

Sirona Dental Systems - XIOS X-ray Sensors

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Sirona XIOS Sensors come with Sensor Cable Strain Relievers to reduce strain on cable and protect connections. Slim Sensor ensures no loss of image data due to cut corners. A disposable, adhesive positioning device makes positioning in the mouth easier without adding size to the sensor.
(800) 659-5977


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DENTSPLY Caulk XP BOND - This Universal Total-Etch Adhesive’s revolutionary chemistry ensures exceptional handling and excellent bond strength to both enamel and dentin. Proven PENTA (dipentaerythritol penta acrylate monophosphate) and nano-technology chemistry bonds strong, and new Tertiary-Butanol solvent makes it technique tolerant.
(800) 532-2855, ext. 57249

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