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May 1, 2001
Dentsply Professional introduces Cavitron®Select™ SPS™ ultrasonic scaler. This new 30 kHz ultrasonic scaler offers SPS scaling technology in a new sleek design and compact size.

Cavitron®Select™ SPS™ ultrasonic scaler

Dentsply Professional introduces Cavitron®Select™ SPS™ ultrasonic scaler. This new 30 kHz ultrasonic scaler offers SPS scaling technology in a new sleek design and compact size.

The Cavitron®Select™ SPS™ is the lightest and smallest SPS-enabled scaler on the market. SPS works like cruise control to maintain power even at lower settings, thus maximizing scaling effectiveness and patient comfort.

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For additional information on this new scaler, contact your local Dentsply Professional distributor or call Dentsply Professional customer service at (800) 989-8826 or visit

Metamorphosis 2 in 1 Evacuator (Suction) Tips

L.A.K. Enterprises introduces two new evacuator (suction) tips. The Small Evacuator has a 4 mm orifice and a 2 mm insert tip. It is excellent for endo, surgical, and perio procedures. The Large Evacuator has a 7 mm orifice and a 5 mm insert tip. It is excellent for operative, crown and bridge, and prophy procedures. Both sizes are ergonomically designed for easy access to all areas of the mouth and are autoclavable, reusable, and/or disposable.

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Both sizes also are available in packages of 25 evacuators with 25 insert tips. For a free sample and more information, call L.A.K. Enterprises at (800) 824-3112 or visit

Day White/Nite White standard kits

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Discus Dental Inc. offers a new, attractive and convenient smaller kit that features dual-barrel technology. This advancement in whitening enables you to use less gel over a shorter period of time. The Day White Standard Kit is designed for nine days of whitening and includes three dual-barrel syringes (4.0g each), three syringe tips, one tray case, a shade guide, two sheets of EVA, and detailed laboratory instructions. The Nite White Standard Kit is designed for 10 nights of whitening and includes two dual-barrel syringes (4.0g each), two syringe tips, one tray case, a shade guide, two sheets of EVA, and detailed laboratory instructions.

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For additional information on Discus Dental™ tooth-whitening systems, call (800) 422-9448 or visit

Biocrown Fiber Composite

Biocrown crowns and bridges are made by Recigno Laboratories Inc., using a new three-step process. 1 - Die is scanned by a laser. 2 - Finished coping/framework is designed and fabricated using CAD/CAM equipment. 3 - Cristobal+ is applied to the coping/framework.

Biocrown features include: Use for crowns and bridges up to a full roundhouse * Precision marginal fit of 20 microns using laser and CAD/CAM DCS Smart-Fit®technology * Can be adjusted or stained in the mouth with light-cure technology * High-strength framework substructure milled from reinforced fiber composite * Cristobal+ superstructure for excellent esthetics * Lower enamel wear compared to other materials.

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Call (800) 732-4466 or visit to request your free Biocrown starter kit, including mailing boxes, shipping labels, Rx forms, and patient-education material.

New line of ultrasonic scaler tips

To appeal to quality and budget-minded dental professionals in the U.S. and worldwide, DELDENT is manufacturing and shipping a full line of ultrasonic scaler inserts.

Made in Israel, the line will be distributed by MANT USA DELDENT, and will feature flat, universal, three-bend, and subgingival styles in 25 and 30 k sizes. All will feature pastel, color-coded Viton™ grips, and carry the standard three-month warranty.

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For more information, including literature and quantity pricing, call (877) 626-8872.

ReminderPro™ for Windows 2.0

JulySoft announces ReminderPro™ for Windows 2.0, which delivers appointment reminders and important messages by telephone or e-mail. Patient-friendly and interactive, ReminderPro™ reduces no-shows, eases phone overload, and eliminates costly mailed reminders.

Version 2.0 fully automates appointment-data overload, call-session activation, and results reporting. Call results can be sent automatically to printer, fax, e-mail, or file, and can be archived permanently for future reference.

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For more information, call JulySoft at (800) 350-7693 or visit

Glove dispenser

No more fumbling for disposable gloves when time is critical. Keep your disposable gloves at your fingertips. The Glove Butler provides fast and easy accessibility for most any size glove. The spring-loaded dispensers hold most popular size glove boxes firmly in place. It's easy to install, either sitting on the counter or wall-mounted, using key-holes located on the back.

The baked enamel dispensers are available in white or "custom" colors. Model #GB-3 is 51/2" wide and 10" in height.

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For more details, call Bowman Medical Products at (800) 962-4660, e-mail to [email protected], or visit

Professional Tooth Whitening System

Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc. introduces its Professional Tooth Whitening System. This kit contains a 19 percent carbamide peroxide, fresh mint-flavored gel with a neutral pH and high viscosity, allowing for maximum tooth adherence during treatment. It is contained in a unique, easy-to-use "accordion" squeeze bottle (no syringes) for simple dispensing. In addition to this full 1-oz. gel, the kit also contains an Oxyfresh low-abrasion toothpaste, patient and doctor instructions, two Vacu-form resin mouthguard sheets, a shade guide, and a retainer.

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For additional information and special introductory pricing on the Oxyfresh Professional Tooth Whitening System, call (800) 540-7656.

Two New Next® Prophy Paste Flavors

Preventech introduces two new flavors of its Next®Prophy Paste - Cinnamon Burst and Chocolate Mint. Both products are available in medium and coarse grits and guaranteed to please even your most discriminating patients.

These two new flavors will give your patients a welcome change from the routine. Cinnamon Burst will wake up their taste buds with its Dentyne-like sensation and Chocolate Mint will satisfy every chocolate lover's sweet tooth.

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Next® Prophy Paste features a nonsplatter, flash-rinse formula and provides the user with smooth handling characteristics and excellent stain removal.

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For additional information, contact Preventive Technologies, Inc. at (800) 474-8681 or (704) 849-2416.

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches

Medicom Inc.'s Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches have been designed to provide a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution for quality infection control. They are designed with the highest quality materials and produced on state-of-the-art equipment.

The pouches are steam, chemical vapor, and ETO compatible. Special medical-grade, heavy-weight paper stock provides superior strength against rips and tears.

Self-Seal Pouches are available in nine different sizes to accommodate your sterilization needs. Medicom products are available through your dental distributor.

Call Medicom today to receive a sample of your favorite size. Mention this product write-up and receive a special promotional offer for the Self-Seal Pouches - buy five boxes, get one free.

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For more information, call (800) 435-9267 or visit

Select-Plus™ Hygiene Irrigation System

The Select-Plus™ Hygiene Irrigation System, manufactured by Vista Dental Products, provides more complete and versatile options than other dispensing systems. The system consists of a two-bottle, variable pressure reservoir to accommodate a variety of medicaments. The closed-reservoir system provides unsurpassed protection from cross-contamination and biofilm build-up.

Mounted on the system is a universal ultrasonic adapter which is compatible for use with Cavitron®-style ultrasonic scalers or Vista's P5 Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler. This provides the hygienist with the ability to choose from up to two solutions for irrigating through their scaling systems.

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For more product details, contact Vista Dental at (877) 418-4782 or visit

CareCredit receives ADA Member Advantage endorsement

ADA Business Enterprises, Inc., a for-profit subsidiary of the American Dental Association, has announced that its ADA Member Advantage Program has exclusively endorsed CareCredit as its patient financing company of choice.

ADA Business Enterprises, Inc. joins an impressive list of national and state dental associations who recognize CareCredit can benefit practices in terms of increased treatment acceptance, payment to the practice at time of treatment, with no recourse, and decreasing the expense of collections.

ADA members will find processing patient applications extremely easy. The application is short and simple with processing available via phone, fax, or online.

CareCredit is also endorsed by most of the leading dental practice management consultants throughout the nation, currently used in over 30,000 healthcare practices nationwide, and has financed over 1 million patients.

For information, call (800) 300-3046, Ext. 519, or visit or

Pillo'Beans™ Support Pillow

Developed by a dentist for his own practice, Pillo'Beans™ support pillows combine the fluid-like characteristics of lightweight polystyrene beads with a soft, easy-to-clean covering of durable four-way stretch nylon fabric. The headrest pillow supports and stabilizes the head and neck. The backrest pillow supports the back and lumbro-sacral spine.

When body weight is applied to the pillow, the fabric stretches in all directions and the filling flows within it to automatically adjust to the patient's body contours. The result is a relaxing custom fit for each patient, regardless of body type or physical limitations.

Install one of the Pillo'Beans™ today to show your patients that you care about their comfort.

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For additional information, contact DESIGN 2000, LLC, Pillo'Beans Dental Division, 4730 E. Indian School Rd. #120, Phoenix, AZ 85018, call (602) 230-5237, or visit

Nash/Taylor Instrument Kit

Hu-Friedy introduces the Nash/Taylor Esthetic Instrument Kit. The kit contains 18 instruments (nine of which are new designs never before offered) and a cassette designed for the practice of quality esthetic dentistry. The kit also includes improved instrumentation enhancing cosmetic techniques and patient satisfaction.

The instruments are available in Hu-Friedy's exclusive Immunity Steel®with the Satin Steel™ handles (where applicable) and are sold separately.

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For additional information on the Nash/Taylor Esthetic Instrument Kit or individual instruments, call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

Fun and games - part of the drill at

As any dentist will tell you, a sweet tooth can lead to trouble. But a suite of tooth-themed games may lead to better dental health - or so a team of dental professionals is hoping., a Los Angeles-based provider of dental-health information and resources, recently added the games to encourage visits to its virtual "dentist's office." While the Web site is designed for both the general public and the online dental community, the primary goal is to draw children to the site.

The site boasts three different games, all of which are easy to learn and quick to play. "Dental Defense" is similar to the old "Space Invaders" game, but a close brush with extinction here comes not at the hands of attacking aliens, but against candies, pies, and other confections. "Celebrity Smiles" is similar to the old "Concentration" game and "Whack-a-Molar" is similar to the popular online "Whack-a-Mole" game.

The games are challenging enough that no player, child or adult, is likely to master them without investing some time at the site - which is precisely the point.

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For more information, visit

Dental catalog has almost 'everything'

The new Salvin Dental Catalog has "Everything for your implant practice but the implants." Geared to the doctor who surgically places implants, products include surgical instruments, bone-grafting materials, Criticare vital-sign monitors, defibrillators, centrifuges, osteotome kits, fixation-screw kits, bone-tack kits, implant motors and handpieces, headlamps, infection-control products, and case-presentation models.

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For more information, call Salvin Dental Specialties at (800) 535-6566, e-mail to [email protected], or visit

Silver D film

Flow X-Ray introduces its latest improvement in film-image quality, new Silver D film. Silver D reportedly has wider contrast, greater latitude, and is a more "forgiving" film to processor and exposure irregularities.

Silver D has excellent contrast, definition, and less grain than comparable films. It is available in adult single- and double-film packets, 150 per box (Value Pak), and 600 per box (Econo Pak). It's also available in child film size 0.

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For more information or for a free sample of new Silver D, contact Flow X-Ray at (800) 356-9729 or contact your local distributor.

Scenic-relaxation video: Spring

For the past five years, HUG Video has been providing dental-office reception rooms with videotapes to help patients pass the time while waiting for their appointments. Now available, Spring, a beautiful and colorful program showcasing the change of season from early spring to early summer. Highlighting blossoming plants and flowers, wildlife, and scenery, Spring helps ease the viewer into a more relaxed frame of mind. Photographed in the digital video (DV) format and accompanied with soft music, Spring is an excellent addition to your office video library. All titles in our library are offered as a two-hour single program or an eight-hour combination of different programs. Please ask about our variety of programs.

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For additional information or to place an order, call or fax HUG Video at (856) 627-9529; credit cards or checks are accepted.

Affinis™ impression materials

Coltene/Whaledent introduces AFFINIS™, the next generation of polyvinylsiloxane impression material for void-free and distortion-free impressions.

AFFINIS™ wash material flows like hydrocolloid. This optimized flow captures detail while providing all the desired benefits of a polyvinylsiloxane material. AFFINIS™ has outstanding wetting characteristics in a moist environment. The outstanding wetting behavior of a cured AFFINIS™ impression against the die stone assures an accurate model.

AFFINIS™ is available in both 50ml and microSystem®dispensing systems. There are five viscosities offered, including light-body and regular-body wash material and heavy body and putty-soft/putty soft fast tray material.

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For more details, contact your authorized Coltene/Whaledent distributor or call (800) 221-3046, Ext. 8198, or visit

ProphyMiracle™ Hygiene Handpiece

The ProphyMiracle™ Hygiene Handpiece by Twist2it, with a precise and precision speed of 4000 rpms, delivers the proper speed and torque necessary for today's prophy procedures.

ProphyMiracle™ is lightweight, 2.9 oz., and is perfectly balanced in the hygienist's hand. The simple snap-and-lock chucking mechanism is both easy and efficient to use. Its vane-type power system is quiet and virtually vibration-free.

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The ProphyMiracle™, a $299 value, is free with a bulk order of Twist Reciprocating Prophy Angles. Twist2it plans to limit this handpiece giveaway to the first 2,500 orders. For more details, call (877) PROPHYS (776-7497) or visit [email protected].

BruxiGuard nightguard

Able to withstand grinding and clenching in a single bite, MicroDental's BruxiGuard is a professionally made nightguard that offers your patients a more comfortable solution to the problems associated with bruxism and TMJ. Available as a custom-made hard, hard/soft, or soft nightguard, Bruxi-Guard provides incredible comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance.

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To learn more, call MicroDental Laboratories at (800) 229-0936 or visit

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