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I didn't think it could get any better! (Part 2)

March 1, 2011
Welcome back! I really believe many manufacturers are responding to dentists' frustrations at buying equipment that becomes extinct ...

by Joseph J. Massad, DDS

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Welcome back! I really believe many manufacturers are responding to dentists' frustrations at buying equipment that becomes extinct before we have amortized our cost. I also believe they are beginning to solve the problems we have in needing to purchase several instruments to deliver various procedures that could be combined into a single instrument, which would provide us with better predictability at a reasonable cost.

In a recent survey, light curing handpieces ranked as the third-most utilized item by the dentist today. Last month, we discussed the most-utilized instrument (the dental handpiece).

This month, I am discussing a new LED curing light that follows my concept of predictability with precision, quality, reliability, portability, low maintenance, less stress for the practitioner, better access, and lower overall cost to the profession.

In the light curing arena, the one light that best fits my needs is the LED curing light. The features offered are unparalleled in dentistry today, offering as a standard feature dual wave links LED technology from 390 to 460 NM wavelength range, and a tip large enough to cure the largest surfaces I encounter daily.

As an added bonus, this light has a longer battery life and a dual cordless and corded operation to prevent running out of battery life during any procedure. Clean-up is a snap due to being fan- and vent-free for easy disinfection.

Topping off the list for me is the extreme versatility – having multiple settings that allow me to do a variety of procedures, and a depth of cure up to 5 mm for certain restorative composite materials. We need to continue to give the best to our patients while creating financial security for ourselves and our families.

We need to start thinking of taking care of ourselves and we need to enjoy all the time we have remaining in our chosen profession.

See you next month. I hope my pleasure in dentistry will also be yours ... Joe Massad.

Disclaimer: The product shown here is what I use in my office. I have not been solicited or paid to display this product nor was I provided the product at no cost.

Dr. Joseph Massad may be reached by phone at (918) 749-5600 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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