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Jan. 1, 2002
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Glove boxes take on patriotic design
Forget the boring glove boxes of the past. SmartPractice, manufacturer of all types of gloves used in health care, has reinvented the glove box to better suit the caregiver's environment.

The new "boutique-sized" box holds the 100 gloves as a standard box but is taller and narrower, allowing two boxes to fit in the same amount of counter space.

The most noteworthy feature of the new boxes is their uplifting graphic treatment in themes, which will change periodically to surprise and intrigue staff and patients alike. Future box art themes will be inspirational, sometimes topical, always thought-provoking and calculated to complement the office environment.

For more information, call a SmartPractice glove specialist at (800) 522-0595, Ext. 555.

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Butler GUM® Proxabrush® Snap Ons
Butler GUM® Proxabrush® Snap Ons are said to be the easiest loading refill and handle system available.

No more threading tiny wires through tiny holes. Refills are now easier than ever to attach to handle. Easy On ... Easy Off!

The unique refill dispenser stores new refills hygienically and reduces handling. The antibacterial bristles allow refills to stay cleaner after use and the soft comfort-grip handle is ergonomically shaped for improved control.

Order #622P for the Cylindrical Interdental brush refills; #624P for the Tapered Interdental brush refills; and #625P for Handle (12 per box).

For more information or to place an order, visit

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Razzberry™ prophy paste
Nupro Prophy Paste introduces a new flavor, Razzberry™. Younger patients and adults alike will love the ripe, fresh, berry-picked flavor. Nupro continues to deliver the benchmark in excellent stain removal and polishing in an always-consistent, splatter-free formula. Razzberry™ is available in fine, medium, and coarse grits, and will be available this month.

For more information, contact your authorized Dentsply Professional distributor, call Dentsply Professional at (800) 989-8826 (or (800) 263-1473 in Canada), or visit

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Accuject disposable needles
Accuject Sterile Disposable Dental Needles are now available from Dentsply Pharmaceutical, a newly formed division of Dentsply International. Accuject Needles, first launched in 1992, are manufactured with a unique red dot on the hub which indicates the needle's bevel position. So even when the needle is below the gum line, this colored dot helps direct you to accurate, consistent injections. Patient comfort is enhanced through a siliconized cannula which provides smooth atraumatic penetration.

For additional information, contact your local Dentsply distributor, or call (800) 225-2787 or visit

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An oral care breakthrough — whitening in a bottle
New Rembrandt Plus Whitening Rinse with Peroxide is ideal for everyday use to fight bad breath and whiten teeth. It contains a combination of ingredients and concentration of peroxide clinially proven in studies to whiten teeth.

Rembrandt Plus Whitening Rinse fights the bacteria that causes bad breath. In addition, the formula helps protect against gingivitis and gum disease. It is alcohol-free, because alcohol in mouthwash can dry out the mouth and, consequently, dry mouth leads to bad breath.

Used regularly, Rembrandt Plus Whitening Rinse will provide significant whitening results in two weeks while maintaining fresh breath and good gum health.

Rembrandt Plus Whitening Rinse is available in a 16 fl. oz. bottle.

For more information, call Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 548-3663.

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Vipi Facings
Justi, the inventors of hardened plastic teeth, introduce Vipi Facings. These facings are the newest innovation in dentistry. They provide the dentist or laboratory with an exceptional aesthetic result and provide viable alternatives to many different dental techniques.

Truly a diverse, multi-purpose product, Vipi Facings are designed to allow a broad range of techniques, from self-curing/quick-cure resins to heat-cure techniques or light-cure stain effects. They are available in five popular molds and three easily modifiable shades.

The diversity of use allows for a very easy, fast, and high-quality result. Vipi Facings are an excellent alternative for provisional situations and transitional cases. Their use is limited only by the resourefulness and creativity of the dentist or technician.

For more information, contact American Tooth Industries at (805) 487-9868, or via email at [email protected].

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Pozzi 'Siliko' line Silicone Carbide Grinding and Polishing Wheels for multi-use
The Siliko line is made of selected silicone carbide combined with flexible and wear-resistant polysiloxane. It polishes cleanly, odorlessly, and with minimum heat. It is a complete selection for grinding and polishing.

This line of wheels and points is fabricated with high-precision machines and the quality is higher than any other similar Swiss-made or Japanese-made line. The main feature is that, with the Pozzi Silicone line, you can grind to polish and finish with fewer shapes than if using a competitor's line. This line is said to be highly praised by clinicians and master technicians throughout the world.

The Pozzi Silicone line is available as a set in an attractive wallet, perfect for keeping items organized and handy.

For information, contact American Tooth Industries at (805) 487-9868, or via email at [email protected].

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New light-cured varnish for temporary restorations
Zenith/DMG announces the release of LuxaGlaze, a revolutionary new light-cured varnish for temporary restorations.

LuxaGlaze is a one-bottle varnish for glazing the surfaces of provisional crowns and bridges. It can be light-cured in as little as 10 seconds and provides a quick, easy, and esthetically superior alternative to mechanically polishing the temporary restoration. LuxaGlaze's proprietary formulation of silicon dioxide in a Bis-GMA resin matrix yields a unique setting reaction, preventing the formation of an oxygen-inhibited surface layer and creating a hard, glossy, and abrasion-resistant surface.

LuxaGlaze was specifically designed to be the perfect companion product to Luxatemp temporary crown and bridge material, but it is also ideal for improving the aesthetics of any provisional material. Each LuxaGlaze kit (Zenith/DMG Product #212075) includes a convenient 5 ml dropper bottle along with a mixing pallet and 25 soft disposable application brushes.

To order LuxaGlaze, contact Zenith/DMG at (800) 662-6383. For details on other exciting Zenith/DMG products, visit their new interactive Web site at

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Fiesta® Color Coded Clamps
Coltene/Whaledent Inc. introduces Fiesta® Color Coded Clamps for easy identification and convenient dental dam clamp storage and cleaning.

The clamps are offered in nine of the most popular Hygenic® winged and wingless clamp sizes. Each clamp size is individually and vividly color-coded to display an unmistakable identity to each clamp. The Fiesta® Color Coded Clamps have a nonreflective stainless steel, matte finish, which reduces reflection of operatory and intraoral lighting as well as laser procedures.

The Fiesta® Color Coded Clamp Introductory Kit includes nine color-coded Fiesta® clamps and a free Fiesta® Color Coded Clamp Organizer. This stainless steel clamp organizer has nine separate color-coded pegs to hold each clamp for easy identification and handling from storage to operatory. The Fiesta® 9 Winged Color Code Clamp Introductory Kit contains clamp sizes 2, 2A, 4, 7, 8A, 9, 12A, 13A, and 14A. The Fiesta® 9W Wingless Color Coded Introductory Kit includes clamp sizes W2, W2A, W3, W7, W8, W8A, W9, W14A, W56. All Fiesta® color-coded clamps are available individually.

For more information, contact your authorized Coltene/Whaledent dental supply dealer or Coltene/Whaledent Inc. direct at (800) 221-3046, Ext. 8198 or fax (201) 529-2103. For detailed information on complete offering of instruments, equipment, and supplies serving the dental industry, visit

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ProForm™ is easy to use and extremely stable
Addressing the need for consistent accuracy of impressions, Den-Mat Corporation introduces ProForm™, a superior hydrophilic Polyvinylsiloxane impression material. The precision and speed offered by ProForm™ makes it ideal for long distance model production and accurate lab work.

ProForm™ is easy to use and extremely stable in postoperatory environments. ProForm™ is available in light, monophase, and heavy viscosities and also in putty form, which is packaged in a jar. All viscosities and the putty are available in either regular or fast set and patients will love the Berry-Berry flavor.

Each kit contains four syringes, which allows dentists to cut back on the number of kits that are necessary to meet their needs. Volume discounts are available at multiples of three, six, and 12 kits. All viscosities use a 4.2 mm auto-mixing tip, which significantly reduces waste.

For more information, contact Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 445-0345.

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TempBond Unidose packaging
TempBond is now available in clean and convenient unidose packaging. The price of TempBond unidose is the same per use as TempBond in tubes, so there's no extra charge for this clean, easy-to-use, time-saving delivery.

TempBond Unidose offers:

  • The same proven performance as TempBond, now in single-patient packaging
  • Perfect base/accelerator mix ratio each time which minimizes material waste and maximizes convenience
  • Price per use equal to TempBond in tubes so there's no extra charge for this clean, easy-to-use, time-saving delivery
  • Packaging easily sent home with patients to use in an emergency or for travel

Years of experience show that TempBond is a superior choice when leakage or sensitivity is a concern. The smooth flow means exceptional handling and results in effortless and complete seating of the restoration. As always, TempBond combines high bond strength with effortless removal of a restoration when desired. Quick and trouble-free, too, with a two-minute work time and a four-minute set time.

For information, contact your authorized Kerr dealer or call (800) KERR123.

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Small Office Appointware™
SpectraSoft Inc. releases Appointware™, ideally suited to an office with one to five doctors. It accommodates two concurrent users and delivers outstanding functionality at an economical price, according to SpectraSoft President Steven L. Petrie.

Appointware™ allows users to designate different appointment intervals for each resource; make, move, and change appointments; and block times. Users also can enter and view important notes (insurance coverage, co-pay information) on the appointment screen, print appointment reminders, track authorized visits (optional), and run reports.

For additional information, contact SpectraSoft at (800) 889-0450, or email [email protected].

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ONE.PLUS program
EagleSoft introduces its ONE.PLUS program that allows dentists to easily implement state-of-the-art software technology. This package is the simplest and most cost-effective method to incorporate both practice-management and clinical software, including cosmetic imaging and digital radiography, into the dental office. ONE.PLUS is the path to one patient record for all front office and clinical procedures.

For more information, contact your local Patterson Technology representative, call EagleSoft at (800) 294-8504, or visit

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CompCore AF
Premier Dental Products Company introduces CompCore, an advanced formula composite resin core buildup material that uses a unique Dendrimer chemistry formulated for superior clinical performance. This patent-pending formula includes a novel hyperbranched polymer that is said to significantly reduce polymerization shrinkage, provide superior compressive strength, create a dense, void-free core, and yield an accelerated set time.

CompCore AF is dispensed in a convenient automix cartridge, is said to release fluoride, and is radiopaque. This self-curing material will set intraorally in three minutes or less. It is available in two shades: A3 (natural), and stark white (for contrast with dentin). Flowable and stackable, advanced formula CompCore AF is said to exhibit all the physical properties a dentist requires to create long-lasting restorations quickly and easily.

The specially priced introductory kit contains a 50 gram automix cartridge, 4 ml bottles of IntegraBond and Auto-Cure Activator, 10 Accor matrix crown forms, a type-25 applicator gun, and 35 each of mixing tips and intraoral tips. Order through your authorized Premier dealer.

For additional information, visit or call Premier Dental Products Company at (888) 670-6100.

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ComfortSpa Automatic Hot Towel Maker
Along with a friendly smile, the ComfortSpa offers an economical and easy method of enhancing your patients' clinical experience with that "touch of class" care that patients love. At the touch of a button, these luxurious, lemon-scented towel rolls are produced in less than three seconds. Presenting a soothing/refreshing hot towel as patients are initially seated, and again just before they leave, improves the patient experience and accomplishes internal-marketing objectives with ease.

Contact your local dealer to find out how you can qualify for a free ComfortSpa unit. For additional information, contact National Dental Inc. at (800) 392-1171.

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Ready-Set-Brush!™ Brushin', Flossin' Fun Kit
Holidays are a fun time for families, with all the festivities and food, but also a time when dental hygiene tends to be neglected, especially by children. Plaque, a bacterial film on teeth, converts sugars and starches found in many foods to make acids. These acids can attack the tooth for 20 minutes or more after eating, leading to tooth decay.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General's Report, more than 51 million school hours are lost each year to dental-related illness. Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood ailment — five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.

Prevention is the best way to protect against tooth decay and it is the main idea behind The Twooth Timer Company's products.

The Twooth Timer Company specializes in filling the void in the children's dental market with its fun and innovative, mom-designed products.

For additional information about its products and to get some fun free downloads for children, visit or call The Twooth Timer Company at (214) 522-8596.

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Life After Dentistry ...
What are you going to do with your extra 30 years? Life After Dentistry helps dentists answer five key questions:

  • What are you going to do when you're tired of dentistry?
  • How can you best transition your practice and skills?
  • What can you do today to create the kind of future you want?
  • How do you inject fun, purpose, and meaning into that future? and
  • How do you and your mate get your future dreams in sync now?

Written by Jay Hislop, DDS and Gordon Burgett, see for the details.

You can reach Gordon at (800) 563-1454, fax (805) 937-3035, email [email protected] or visit and; or write to P.O. Box 6405, Santa Maria, CA 93456.

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