Dental Practice Optimization ­- how you become an effective CEO dentist

Oct. 1, 2006
What if you could see all major business indicators of your dental practice in as little as five minutes...

What if you could seeall major business indicators of your dental practice in as little as five minutes in an easy-to-use “dashboard” with red indicating a problem area and green indicating everything is OK? What if you could know for sure about things you have always “dealt with” by the seat of your pants? You know, things like, “If there’s enough money in the bank, I’m doing OK,” or, “If I’m booked up for two weeks with good appointments, I’m fine.”

Not only do managers need to know specifics about their business, but employees need to have metrics with which to measure their effectiveness. Professor Howard Gardner in Harvard Business Review 2006 identifies 20 Breakthrough Ideas for 2006. At the top of the list is “The Synthesizing Leader” - one who has the ability to decide what data to heed, which to ignore, and how to organize and communicate information. Such abilities will be among the most important traits of business executives in this century.

Sikka Software Corporation offers the first product to integrate accounting systems with practice-management systems. Dental Practice Optimizer, or DPO, reads data automatically from both practice-management and financial systems - no manual input is necessary.

Until now, your collection and production have been completely separate from your accounts payable and financial systems. You had to go to two or more locations for information on practice vital signs, valuation analysis, overheads, inventory management, suppliers, costs, account balances, patient analysis, regulatory and compliance information, license and CE-units management, and emergency management. Now, there is a single place where you can manage all aspects of the business of your practice. DPO runs every night, and can e-mail reports of your choice to your practice consultant, accountant, office manager, and you.

DPO automatically tracks and scores everything in your practice in a dashboard with easy setup and customization. It helps you with every aspect of business optimization, including setting your fee schedules, A/R management, inventory management, suppliers, support, overhead, patient analysis, marketing analysis, and ROI, so you are never more than a mouse click away from knowing and monitoring the business heartbeat of your dental practice. DPO also has a built-in embezzlement analysis module, which can identify several types of financial irregularities.

With this tool, you can take charge of optimizing fees, maximizing profitability, removing the headache of runaway receivables, recovering cash in inventory, and leveraging 1:1 marketing through easy-to-use referral analysis from DPO.

Key features

  • Real-time practice vital signs
  • Practice valuation report
  • Supplier analysis; overhead analysis
  • Insurance-to-cash revenue analysis
  • Emergency management
  • Google-style search feature for your practice
  • Real-time analysis of cash flow
  • Regulatory module, license repository, and support management
  • Integrated Fee Optimizer/Fee Schedule Optimizer® and Accounts Receivable Management System
  • Business insurance analysis
  • DPO reports and charts
  • Crystal Reports® engine can generate reports in any format, including PDF, Excel, Word, etc.
  • Practice Vital Signs and Practice Fee Analysis
  • Practice Analysis, Profitable Employer Analysis
  • Valuation Analysis, Inventory Analysis, Salaries and Staff Analysis
  • Practice A/R Analysis and Action, Patient Payment and Attrition Analysis
  • Practice Cash Flow Analysis, Bank Loan Analysis, Overhead Analysis
  • Insurance to Cash Analysis and Patient Analysis, Referral ROI Analysis
  • Dental, Lab, Computer, and Office supplier analysis.
  • Alerts, notifications, and information on regulatory, compliance, Continuing Education (CE), and emergency management.
  • Key benefits
  • One location to manage all business, regulatory, and financial aspects of your dental practice. You have complete flexibility and your data stays in your practice
  • DPO automatically reads data from your practice-management system, including Dentrix®, Softdent®, Eaglesoft®, EasyDental®, PracticeWorks®, Mogo®, DentalVision®, and others.
  • Integrate with major financial systems such as QuickBooks®, Quicken®, PeachTree®, and MSMoney®
  • Real-time analysis and customized daily/monthly updates
  • Monitor the heartbeat of your practice
  • Sam E. Cigno, DDS, FAGD, has been practicing dentistry in St. Louis since 1964. He is continually educating himself and his team about the newest techniques and approaches in dentistry. Dr. Cigno can be reached at (314) 741-5133 or e-mail [email protected].

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