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Dental practices need to get in the habit of having conversations while patients are in the chair.

Boost elective revenue while enhancing patient satisfaction

Nov. 29, 2023
When your practice becomes more proactive and has an immediate discussion of diagnoses and treatments with patients, revenue rises immediately.

In the world of dentistry, the key to unlocking restorative and cosmetic elective revenue lies in optimizing two primary workflows: inbound patient-driven treatment requests, and interceptive diagnosis during routine checkups. While many practices excel at the first, opportunities are often missed in the second.

During regular checkups and routine cleanings, patients are more mindful about their dental health. Unfortunately, opportunities to present additional treatments often go untapped because of perceived time constraints, a fear of appearing pushy, or no easy way to present financial and treatment options.

Practices can now move beyond these obstacles during routine patient visits by using AcceptCare, a new case acceptance engine that’s changing the game, boosting productivity, and connecting more patients with complete care. AcceptCare is far more than a financing solution. It simplifies the presentation of fees by introducing the proven data-driven concept of open choice, empowering the doctor to present a full treatment plan and the patient to say “yes.” 

For initial consultations, its effectiveness is evident. Its true potential, however, shines in regular checkups. Presenting a full array of options takes minutes and can be easily displayed on a mobile tablet in-office or chairside. Even if a full in-office discussion is not feasible, AcceptCare sends treatment reminders and payment options directly to patients via text after they leave the office. This convenient approach allows patients to make informed decisions on their own time.

In medicine, an immediate discussion of diagnoses and treatments is standard practice. Dental practices also have an opportunity to adopt this proactive approach with patients. Delaying such conversations reduces the likelihood of patients returning for additional treatment.  

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Developing the playbook 

All practices need a strategic playbook to maximize the average annual 1.7 dental visits per patient. Some key strategies to consider include:

  1. Allocate time for diagnosis and presentation: When scheduling an appointment, include additional time for diagnosis and discussion of treatment options with the patient. Adding even five to 10 minutes to the slot and setting expectations creates a world of new opportunities.
  2. Streamline transitions: Develop a process and script to smoothly transition from hygiene to examination to treatment presentation. If it’s not part of your M.O., it will be awkward, and patients will sense that. Make it the way you deliver exceptional care.  
  3. Leverage technology: Reaching patients where they are (translation: on their phone) is essential to stay top-of-mind. AcceptCare's automated pending management follows patients home with treatment plans and payment options they can select anywhere, anytime. Continuous follow-up for up to 90 days is a new technology and critical asset to practices. Thirty-two percent of patients accept from home between days seven and 30.
  4. Harness AI for enhanced diagnosis: Like other industries, AI has tremendous potential in dentistry, helping to diagnose more treatment live during appointments, but also retroactively through the analysis of diagnostic records. Combining this powerful technology with a modern case acceptance solution is a game-changer.

The dental industry is at the cusp of significant transformation. By integrating efficient workflow management, advanced technology such as AcceptCare, and a proactive approach to treating patients, practices can significantly boost their elective revenue while enhancing patient satisfaction. It's time for every dental practice to embrace these changes and realize their full potential.

Oliver Gelles is the CMO of AcceptCare.

About the Author

Oliver Gelles

Oliver Gelles is the CMO of AcceptCare.

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