The power of social media

Sept. 22, 2016
It's become an integral part of our lives, and it can help grow your practice too. Here are some tips on social media for dental practices.

If I were to ask you how many people you know on social media, I'm willing to bet that you would say almost all of your family members, friends, and coworkers have at least one account. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become an integral part of our lives. Not only are they where we share our stories, photos, and announcements, but they have become places where we seek information about our communities.

Social media can make or break your marketing efforts. For starters, it's an easy and inexpensive way to reach thousands of individuals on a daily basis, making it an efficient and effective tool to include in your marketing plan. More importantly, it provides a place for your business to create a unique voice and connect with current and potential patients.

What can you accomplish with social media? Read on.

Showcase your brand

What is it about your business that makes it stand out from the rest? Social media can help you define and maintain the specific image you desire. From the latest happenings in your dental practice, to photos, videos, and inspirational quotes that reflect your mission and vision, social media networks provide great places to share a variety of tidbits that showcase your brand.

Emphasize team culture

Your practice wouldn't be what it is today without your team. Let others know what your workplace culture is like by sharing posts that highlight your team members' personalities and recent accomplishments.

Connect with your patients

By having a social media page for your business, patients are able to post questions and comments about your products or services. This gives you the ability to gain valuable feedback and provide important information.

Build and strengthen your community presence Not only is it important to have a good relationship with your patients, but it's also important to have a good relationship with your community as a whole. By joining the online conversation, you can establish a presence among other business leaders in your area and let the community know who you are and what you have to offer.

Social media's prevalence in our world today makes it an ideal place for any business or professional to have a voice. With new platforms being introduced and growing in popularity on a regular basis, business leaders have endless opportunities to showcase their unique brands-including dental offices.

Just as people seek out stores, restaurants, and local events on social media, they are also seeking out dental care. Don't fall behind-if your competitors have a strong social presence, they could very well be catching the eye of possible new patients in your community.

Rick Workman, DMD, is the founder of Heartland Dental. After practicing full-time, Dr. Workman created Heartland Dental, a world-class dental support organization, offering nonclinical, administrative services to supported dentists. Heartland Dental has more than 740 supported dental offices in 33 states. Dr. Workman may be reached at [email protected].