DE's Business Lab: Celebrate your office manager during OM Month

July 6, 2022
What attracted Brittany Coiro to dental office management? Does her journey sound familiar? It's time to show your OM that you appreciate them.

My office manager, Brittany Coiro of Salem Dental Arts, took the time to talk with me about her journey into the dental arena, and ultimately into dental office management. I know I couldn't survive without her and all that she brings to the practice. I plan to show her my appreciation and to celebrate Dental Office Manager Appreciation Month with the her and the whole staff this September.

Brittany discovered during high school how much she enjoyed dental office management, so she set her career path appropriately. Her current interest and growth in the field is encouraged by the American Association of Dental Office Managers, where she's been an active member for several years.

Listen to our chat to find out more about Brittany's journey and whether it's similar to yours, and why you should celebrate OM Appreciation Month.

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