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Oct. 21, 2013
It is a well-known fact that dentists and patients think that shorter is better when it comes to the setting time of an impression material.

Joe Blaes, DDS

Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material

from 3M™ESPE™

It is a well-known fact that dentists and patients think that shorter is better when it comes to the setting time of an impression material. A faster setting time will increase patient comfort, especially for those with problem gag reflex. In addition, it will increase clinical efficiency for the office. There is probably nothing that I hate more than waiting for a material to set up. So when 3M ESPE called to say the company had a new impression material to evaluate, I became excited when I was told the material would set in just 75 seconds. I wanted to get my hands on some of this material. When it arrived, I practiced on a model so I could get the feel of the material. The directions said that it was intended for an impression of one or two teeth. On my first patient, I tried the Imprint 4 on the prep of an upper first bicuspid. It came out perfectly, and did exactly what the product claimed. Imprint 4 VPS impression material gives dentists the same long working time they know from Imprint 3 VPS impression material, but speeds up the set time with an innovative active self-warming feature. This feature was developed exclusively for this product. A unique chemical reaction causes the material to actively and quickly warm up to body temperature after the working time. This substantially accelerates the intraoral setting time. The usual working time is not affected, so dentists can easily observe good impression-taking techniques and avoid problems in capturing the impression. This ensures reliable results. The impression material's super hydrophilicity also contributes to its reliability, helping to capture precise details. The combination of this formulation, long working time, and short setting time gives Imprint 4 VPS impression materials outstanding accuracy. This means dentists rarely need to worry about retakes. My second patient had a molar and a bicuspid prepped for crowns. I was easily able to meet the time constraints of the material. I have been able to use only the Imprint 4 Super Quick Heavy and the Super Quick Light. These materials give you a tray filling time of one minute and 15 seconds and a maximum syringing time of 35 seconds. In the mouth, the impression material will set in a quick one minute and 15 seconds. I like to push materials, so I tried a quadrant of crown and onlay preps (four teeth). This worked like a charm. Then I tried doing six veneer preps. Again we were able to get a great impression. We used stopwatches to time our techniques to assure that we did not exceed the recommended mixing or syringing times. The material is also available as Imprint 4 Heavy and Imprint 4 Light, which is recommended for multiple units. The working time is two minutes, syringe time is one minute, and it will set in two minutes. This product is scheduled to be launched at the ADA meeting in New Orleans, so this will be the first chance for you to see it. Be sure to stop by the 3M ESPE booth.

Visit for more information.

LED Dental Operatory Light

from A-dec

A-dec has spent the last two years researching the strengths and weaknesses of LED technology to produce the best LED dental operatory light. With premium optics, refined ergonomics, and robust engineering, A-dec's new LED light is certain to become THE treatment room light for dentists. This new LED offers white light settings of 30,000 lux (high), 25,000 lux (medium), and 15,000 lux (low) to provide just the right amount of light for your task at hand. Plus they have a Cure Safe setting at 25,000 lux that removes all blue light. This provides a yellow-looking light with full illumination while working with cure-set products. There are no more bulky glasses to protect your eyes. Color Rendering Index is a measurement in how completely the colors of the visible light spectrum are represented and mixed in a light source. The color we perceive is only as good as the source of light. Perfect light has an index of 100. A-dec's LED light is a respectable 90. Each of the eight white diodes and four yellow diodes have been precisely placed to create what A-dec calls a stadium effect to eliminate harsh shadows in the oral cavity. The feathered light pattern produced meets ISO-9680 guidelines to reduce eye fatigue. You will not believe the range of motion and the ease of positioning. A-dec built this new LED light with extended rotation capabilities to accommodate a range of motion and positioning: a horizontal movement of 540°, 90° past the traditional 180° standard position, 105° of vertical movement, and 80° of diagonal movement. The company researched a curious physics principle called the barycentric pivot point. This is the exact point on which an object would balance if placed on a pivot. In applying research from this principle, A-dec's LED does move smoothly and with little effort. This allows for easy positioning of the light. The light can be controlled by A-dec's touchpad or local controls on the light head. A-dec's use of engineering-grade resins and die- cast materials, in addition to high performance LEDs and excellent passive thermal management, provide for a robust design. This light is designed to last 20 years, and meets L90 LED specifications, which requires that a light maintains 90% of its luminance throughout a life of 40,000 hours. Although LEDs do not produce radiant heat, there is heat generated in the circuit board and at the connection points of the diodes. It is critical for the life of the diode and consistency of the luminance that this conductive heat be channeled away from the light. A-dec has developed a magnesium heat sink to move heat away from the circuit board and LEDs with a passive process that does not use a fan or cooling tubes. Fewer moving parts mean fewer opportunities for problems. You cannot imagine how great this light is until you see the light and experience its benefits.

See the light at the ADA meeting in New Orleans or visit for more information.


from Orascoptic

I hope that you are using magnification whenever you look into the mouth. It is amazing how much you miss without it. I also hope you have added a headlight to those loupes. Headlights become an addiction because the light is always directed to where you want it. But now comes the first wireless loupe and headlight all in one with built-in battery power. The XV1's power source is housed in the temple arms to eliminate the need for a battery pack and associated wires. This power source offers six to 10 hours of run time. All the electronics are contained in the frame. This makes the XV1 cable-less. Capacitive touch controls are located in the temple arms. With no knobs or buttons, the controls are easy to use even with instruments in your hands. The XV1 features Orascoptic's smallest and lightest headlight. It is fully adjustable, and has an attached orange filter for use with adhesives and composite materials. The XV1 supports all Orascoptic's HiRes and HiRes Plus telescopes. The temple arms and the nose pad are fully adjustable, distributing the weight of the XV1 evenly to maximize personal comfort. The XV1 lenses curve to protect the eyes, and they support a variety of eye prescriptions including bifocals. It is available in a variety of colors to match personal style. Having said all of this, I know that your first thought is,"They are too heavy. I won't like them!" This was my first thought as well. But I was wrong. The XV1 is comfortable once you have made the adjustments to balance the weight, which is only 160 gm with a 2.5x loupe. I can tell you that life without wires is great. If you use magnification and a headlight, you need to try the XV1. Stop by the Orascoptic booth at the ADA meeting in New Orleans and see the XV1. I think you will be as excited as I am. Find out how you can be one of the first to see the new XV1 in your office.

Go to or call (800) 369-3698 to schedule an appointment.

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