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June 1, 2012
Grandio® Core Dual Cure from VOCO is a flowable, dual-curing nanohybrid core buildup material ...

Joe Blaes, DDS

Grandio® Core Dual Cure
from VOCO

Grandio® Core Dual Cure from VOCO is a flowable, dual-curing nanohybrid core buildup material that is the latest addition to the great products in the Grandio family. I have come to trust these products because of their great chemistry, delivery, and handling. Grandio Core is the first product in the Grandio family that is both chemically curable and light curable. This is essential when using it to bond posts in the root canal. This product has a high filler content of 77% using nanoparticles for the high strength necessary for this material. It is important to have a great delivery system for these types of materials. I have found the mixing tips with fine, angled heads to be an excellent complement to the ergonomically shaped QuickMix syringe, which allows access to those difficult to reach teeth. The mixing tips deliver the material as far as the drill has reached to ensure a good seal and retention of the post. Grandio Core is also used as a core buildup material for teeth that have lost large amounts of structure, even when the entire clinical crown is lost. This material has the characteristics that are necessary in these high-stress areas. It bonds securely to the available substrates and to the root canal post. It has a dentinlike hardness (107 MHV) to make the preparation of the tooth easy, and it acts like the natural tooth structure under stress. The material has a high radiopacity (365% Al) that allows for easy X-ray identification. Grandio Core Dual Cure is available in three shades — dentin, blue, and white for use with translucent restorations and when a distinct contrast is needed.

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UltraCem™ Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer
from Ultradent

I have a hard time changing from a product that I’ve learned to use successfully time after time. Mixing has historically been the downside of liquid-powder RRGI cements because they have always needed a tool to activate the material, a mixing device to triturate the material, and then another tool to dispense the material. The answer to this seemed to be the paste-to-paste type formulas, but they lack the same levels of strength. Dr. Dan Fisher has been at work in his research and development lab in Utah developing a way to solve this dilemma. Imagine being able to effectively mix and deliver a superior liquid-powder formula in seconds with no mess and no extra tips or delivery devices. UltraCem is the world’s first liquid-powder, resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement that can be mixed and delivered through a syringe that offers the best of both worlds — efficient delivery and unsurpassed performance. Its advanced chemistry boasts the highest bond strengths in its category while its unique SpeedMix™ syringe ensures the ultimate luting convenience. UltraCem is also available in a traditional hand-mix bottle kit. This is an economical choice that gives you control over the viscosity and amount of material used. Use it as a luting cement for indirect restorations (including inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges) made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, and resin to natural teeth. UltraCem features the proven benefits of a resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement. It is simple to use and does not require additional bonding steps since it bonds ionically to the tooth structure. For caries-prone patients, it has a sustained fluoride release that minimizes the risk of postoperative sensitivity. It has an easy-to-use flowable viscosity and a low film thickness that will not compromise fit and occlusion, with an enhanced marginal seal and reduced risk of microleakage.

To order, call (800) 552-5512 or visit for more information.

CS 7600 DIGITAL Imaging Plate System
from Carestream Dental

The CS 7600 Digital Imaging Plate System from Carestream Dental is unlike any phosphor plate system you may have seen or used before! The CS 7600 provides all the essential elements you need to generate outstanding intraoral images quickly and easily — combining speed and quality with a compact size to form one versatile solution. Access your first image in as few as five seconds, or scan and display a full mouth series (FMS) in just a few minutes — whichever option you select, the system generates the high-resolution images you need for confident diagnosis. Mistakes or lost images are a thing of the past with this system. Featuring Carestream Dental’s exclusive Scan & Go technology, the CS 7600 is the first imaging plate system in the industry to offer a fully automated and secured workflow. Since it’s specifically designed for consecutive use, as well as multi-patient and user management, there’s no need to reserve the system when scanning a plate — so whether you’re scanning single or multiple plates, it’s always ready to use. The system electronically identifies each plate prior to the exam, and then automatically routes each scanned image to the appropriate computer and patient file for review. You can scan plates in any order with minimal user intervention and no risk of plate mix-ups. Simple to use, the system requires minimal training for users, putting the advanced features of digital technology right at their fingertips to deliver faster, more consistent results. Available in the same sizes as film (ranging from 0 to 4), the system’s thin, wireless plates promote patient comfort and are just as easy to position as film. The unit even integrates with your current digital sensors to deliver all the benefits of technology, plates, and sensors — without compromise. Thanks to the unit’s built-in memory, you can continue scanning patients during network failure, and there’s virtually no risk of losing images. The result: improved efficiency and user experience without the risk. The CS 7600 automatically detects whether a plate is inserted incorrectly — without erasing the image. Templates automate routine FMS examinations to reduce the need for user intervention and risk of contamination. Meanwhile, the built-in color monitor provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions and error messages, delivering instant feedback on the success of each exam to avoid unnecessarily going back and forth between the unit and the computer. Since the CS 7600’s plates are as easy to use as film, the system integrates easily into your current working environment, making it a cost-effective solution for any practice.

Be sure to visit to view an excellent video that explains all the features and benefits of this truly amazing digital imaging plate system.

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