Improved care and $63,750 over 6 years

Jan. 28, 2015
Dr. Miguel Davila and Dr. Andreea Mada of Hartford, Connecticut, are on the path to collect a total of $63,750/dentist. How are they doing it? The answer is simple: They are using DentiMax's certified electronic health record (EHR) software to perform meaningful use in their practice.

David Smith, MBA

Dr. Miguel Davila andDr. Andreea Mada of Hartford, Connecticut, are on the path to collect a total of $63,750/dentist. How are they doing it? The answer is simple: They are using DentiMax's certified electronic health record (EHR) software to perform meaningful use in their practice.

If 30% of your total visits come from Medicaid patients, you can receive $21,250/dentist in the first year just for purchasing a certified electronic dental health record system. You can earn an additional $42,500/dentist for performing meaningful use over the following five years, for a total of $63,750/dentist. However, 2016 is the last year eligible professionals can enroll for the incentive and receive the initial $21,250 payment. Those who have started the meaningful use incentive program by 2016 can continue receiving payments for meaningful use until 2021.

I asked Dr. Davila and Dr. Mada how they have enjoyed working with their EHR software from DentiMax, and how they are using the software to qualify for their second-year incentive payment.

Was the government's incentive program the main reason for your implementing EHR software?

Dr. Davila: The incentive was part of the equation, but for some time we had been looking to switch to electronic health records. We believe in the rationale behind sharing and obtaining medical information. This methodology makes it more efficient for providers like us to gather data and be more proactive toward prevention instead of the usual problem solving.

Have you received any government money and, if so, was it hard to qualify?

Dr. Mada:Yes, our office received the initial incentive money. The process of attestation could have been simplified to make it easier for providers, especially those who were using older software and were forced to switch to newer versions and go through the process of retraining their staff.

Has your EHR software helped you with patient care?

Dr. Davila: Yes, the DentiMax EHR software has helped us with patient care as we have transitioned into more encompassing treatment such as incorporating comprehensive medical history, medication lists, interactions, allergies, smoking cessation, etc.

Many offices are concerned about disturbing their workflow with the new software. What impact has this software had on your workflow?

Dr. Mada: The implementation of the software would be easier for new providers or those who are just starting a practice. For providers like us, who have been in practice for many years, it slows down temporarily the rhythm and patient flow through the transition process. However, once the learning curve ends, the new system is worth it because it will speed up the efficacy of a busy practice.

Is it helpful to have the EHR integrated into your practice management software?

Dr. Davila:Having the dental EHR as part of our practice management software is a blessing because it functions as a singular unit, minimizing effort and the back and forth.

In terms of patient care, what has EHR software meant to your patients?

Dr. Mada: The dental EHR software provides knowledge and guidance to the patients as they are able to gather different elements of their health that will contribute to their well-being, not only in the dental treatment, but in the medical field as well.

Is there anything else you would like to tell an office looking to purchase EHR software?

Dr. Davila: We strongly recommend any office in our field to entertain the possibility of switching to the EHR software. We have had a very positive and pleasant experience doing business with DentiMax. They have integrated the practice management software and EHR in a sensible and intelligent fashion. The support and customer service are outstanding. They will go the extra mile to make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Offices like Drs. Davila and Mada's are blazing the trail to make this incentive process easier. States such as Minnesota are mandating use of certified software with integrated interoperability. Fully integrated practice management and EHR software is helping clinics make the best use of their software to both meet the government incentive program specifics and improve patient care.

DentiMax offers "certified dental software" and services for meaningful use to help you through the process of performing and collecting the incentive. If you want to find out more about DentiMax EHR, contact them at (800) 704-8494.

David Smith, MBA, has 18 years experience in the health-care IT industry in product development, service, and marketing. He has worked on national health-focused projects on interoperability, including the Regional Extension Center and the Beacon programs. He has helped hundreds of providers collect meaningful use incentives while helping to improve care. He holds an MBA from Westminster College of Salt Lake City and a BA from Brigham Young University.

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