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A Highly Versatile Imaging System

May 1, 2001
Pearl 1 - Imaging System by DICOM. Are you interested in patient communication? DICOM has an innovative patient-management software system that allows you to interactively manage the images you create of your patients.

By Joseph Blaes, DDS

Pearl 1 - Imaging System by DICOM

Are you interested in patient communication? DICOM has an innovative patient-management software system that allows you to interactively manage the images you create of your patients.

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The software allows you to build a patient record complete with images of the patient, "before" smiles, close-up images of teeth, radiographs, and a record of the patient chart. You have the ability to show patients changes that you feel will enhance their dental health and appearance. The system is a tool to show patients how their teeth will look after whitening. This is often all a patient needs to agree to a bleaching program.

This software program is so simple that a hygienist or an assistant can quickly learn how to enhance images to allow patients to see into the future. This great software solution will allow everyone in your office to easily learn the systems required not only to whiten teeth, but to alter the appearance of teeth with veneers and crowns.

With this system, you can eliminate rotated teeth and change the color of teeth. These changes can be stored in the patient's record for future reference or a future case presentation. You can print before-and-after images for the patient to take home to show a significant other.

This highly versatile software will become even more useful as you think of ways to use it to build the practice you have always wanted. Images can be captured with an intraoral camera or a high-quality Olympus or Kodak digital camera, then downloaded into the computer for storage or manipulation to show a new smile. The amazing thing about this software is the cost. You will think the price has been misquoted when you hear it. This software is the best bargain on the dental market today.

Call DICOM at (877) 62-IMAGE for more information or visit

Pearl 2 - Encore? SuperCure? by Centrix

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In the late 1970s, I quit using amalgam and began using composite for my crown and bridge buildup material. The material that I was using would cure 8mm deep, but only came in syringes. To make it convenient to use, we had to order Centrix compules and fill them ourselves. Now, Centrix has solved that problem with its own composite buildup material, already loaded in prefilled tips. The material comes in either a natural or a contrasting color in .25g or .5g tips.

When you are ready to begin your buildup, simply etch the entire prep with phosphoric acid, rinse, and follow your regular procedure for the placement of your favorite dentin/enamel bonding agent. Then place the EncoreRegistered SuperCuretrademark by inserting the prefilled tip into the C-R Syringe. Place the tip at the base of the restoration and syringe from the bottom up, being careful not to cause voids or air pockets. Keep the tip in the material to avoid this problem. Then polymerize with a light-activation source. Cure depth and time will vary with the type of light used. If you use a halogen light like the Demetron Optilux 501, you can cure 9mm deep with a 40-second cure. This is a great new product with the convenience of prefilled tips in two sizes and a great depth of cure. There are not many buildups that will be deeper than 9mm.

For additional information, call Centrix at (800) 235-5862 or visit

Pearl 3 - Comfort Control Syringe by DENTSPLY Professional

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The Comfort Control Syringe (CCS) is an electronic, preprogrammed, computer-controlled anesthetic system. The CCS system has incorporated this computer-controlled technology into a hand-held syringe that has all of the controls right at your fingertips where you need them. It is an easy-to-learn system that is lightweight and simple.

The CCS system provides a two-step delivery of local anesthetic. The initial phase of the injection is preset (for 10 seconds) to deliver anesthetic at a very slow rate to minimize pressure and subsequent patient discomfort. The second phase begins automatically and continues to deliver anesthetic at a controlled, slow rate, but faster than during the initial phase. The CCS manages a slow, consistent rate of delivery in a way a human hand cannot. Your injections are automatically controlled and will become more comfortable for patients.

One of the fastest practice builders is the ability to give painless anesthetic injections. We must always be working toward this goal. All controls for the system are located in the handpiece for easy manipulation. With the touch of a button, you can start and stop the injection, control aspiration, and double the flow rate of anesthetic. This is real convenience and requires only a short learning curve.

The anesthetic cartridge is attached to the syringe so that you can see the amount of anesthetic being delivered at all times. The CCS accepts all standard dental needles, so you may continue using your favorite dental needle. I would not want to make a change, since I now have the ideal BD dental needle.

On the base unit, you will find buttons for the five preprogrammed injection rates. Simply select from Block, Infiltration, PDL, Palatal, or Intraosseous settings. There are convenient digital readouts that allow you to monitor the rate of injection, amount of anesthetic used, and elapsed time of the injection on easy-to-read LCD windows. Because the CCS does not look like a manual syringe, patients will know that you are using the latest technology in pain control. Routine injections are more comfortable for patients, and difficult techniques like Palatals and PDLs can become more comfortable both for patients and for you. The result: less stress for you, your patients, and your staff and more practice-building referrals.

To learn more about the Midwest CCS, call your local DENTSPLY Professional rep; call DENTSPLY at (800) 800-7202; or visit

Pearl 4 - NTI Supercoarse Turbo Diamonds from Axis Dental

All diamonds are not created equal. Take a look at these fast-cutting diamonds from Axis Dental. NTI Supercoarse Turbo Diamonds have great concentricity; lack of vibration; and rapid, smooth cutting. They are particularly good for crown preparation, making your preps faster, better, and easier. They are a little more expensive than disposable diamonds, but they are still in a price range where you can afford to use them once, throw them away, and not worry about cleaning and sterilizing them.

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To order, call your dealer. For details, call (888) 654-2947 or visit

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