DDS Tech Fair slated for June 6-7

March 1, 2008
You need go no farther than your personal computer to take partin this "virtual trade show" featuring the latest in dental technology.

You need go no farther than your personal computer to take partin this ‘virtual trade show’ featuring the latest in dental technology.

On June 6-7, Dental Economics® will be hosting a trade show — DDS Tech Fair — devoted to the latest advances in dental technology. While the news may be exciting, perhaps the best part of the new show is its location — your personal computer.

DDS Tech Fair is a “virtual trade show” that features many of the same benefits that other dental trade shows offer. An exhibit hall lets you chat with vendors about new products.

A keynote speaker will challenge you with new thoughts, and other speakers will present continuing education seminars that help you stay informed and earn CEUs. There’s even a lounge where you can relax in a networking environment with other attendees.

Some of the other great features of DDS Tech Fair will be …

  • Make new friends — Take advantage of live chat opportunities with your peers and exhibitors through instant messaging and a virtual business card. Take a few moments to interact with others, just as you would on the show floor at a regular trade show.
  • Get immediate information — Instantly download product videos and detailed descriptions from vendors
  • The Prize Center — Numerous prizes will be awarded based on your activity at the meeting.

The significant difference is that you don’t have to leave the house to attend DDS Tech Fair. You merely type in the Web address of to get started.

Despite the ease of “traveling” to DDS Tech Fair, attendees are not encouraged to multi-task, as in painting the bedroom or working on expenses while the conference is underway.

Steve Epner, a widely published Internet expert, says, “Plan your time to visit the [virtual trade] show as if you were going to be out of town. Close the door, put the phone on ‘do not disturb,’ and mark your calendar as busy.”

General attendance to DDS Tech Fair is free, and there will be no charge for the CE seminars. Dental Economics® will publish the schedule for DDS Tech Fair in upcoming issues, as well as the lineup of speakers and a list of exhibitors.