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New Products

Sept. 1, 2002
Three new shapes have been added to the company's Neo Diamond line of composite finishing diamonds, priced as low as $1.50 each. Shown are a new smaller football shape - #3916VF, a small pointed cone - #3310VF, and an egg shape - #3900VF.

Three new composite finishing diamonds

Three new shapes have been added to the company's Neo Diamond line of composite finishing diamonds, priced as low as $1.50 each. Shown are a new smaller football shape - #3916VF, a small pointed cone - #3310VF, and an egg shape - #3900VF.

All composite finishing shapes are available in very fine 30-micron grit. A sample is offered.

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For more information, call (800) 235-1863 or visit

Disposable nasal hoods with relaxing scents

Look for PIP+™ Disposable Nasal Hoods in a new environmentally friendly package. The single-use hoods are designed to increase patient acceptance of nitrous oxide usage during dental procedures. By redirecting patients' attention, the vivid colors and pleasant scents of the nasal hoods enable them to relax throughout their dental appointments.

Solidly constructed and latex-free, Personal Inhaler Plus™ nasal hoods allow the clinician to perform extensive procedures without concern for allergic reaction or hood degradation. The single-use feature reduces the risk of cross-contamination and saves the time normally required to clean and autoclave reusable nasal hoods.

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Adaptors are readily available from Accutron, so the product can be used in conjunction with any brand of scavenging system. Offered in packages of 24, the brightly colored and lightly scented hoods come in multiple sizes. Also available in unscented gray.

For more information, call (800) 531-2221 or visit

New CEREC inLab® all-ceramic material

Trident Dental Laboratories is pleased to announce CEREC inLab® - a new all-ceramic system that finally provides better strength, beauty, and choices with the lab touch.

Your choices begin with VITA In-Ceram® machinable blocks, available in three all-ceramic materials to satisfy any clinical need. The three choices are: Spinell™ - the ideal pick for very high aesthetics in single anterior crowns; Alumina™ - combining high strength and translucency for anterior/posterior crowns and anterior three-unit bridges; and Zirconia™ - the perfect selection for very high-strength posterior crowns and three-unit posterior bridges.

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Because CEREC inLab copings are milled from a solid, homogenous block of material, they are inherently strong and not subject to shrinkage or distortion.

For more information or to schedule a case pickup, call Trident Dental Laboratories at (800) 221-4831.

DentalEZ introduces new electric handpiece

DentalEZ Group announces the new StarDental® Titan® E-lectric Motor System. It is whisper-quiet, reducing stress for the patient and potential hearing damage for the dentist while demonstrating a direct, powerful cutting action. The system demonstrates optimal control and power, ergonomic efficiency, and ease of use.

The handpiece is equipped with cellular glass rod optics and all-titanium housings. It provides consistent speed and constant torque output for superior control and tactile response. In addition, the control unit is compact, lightweight, easy to set up, and allows easy viewing and operation of all functions.

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A variety of attachments are available that enhance its versatility. While all attachments allow for quick, simple connections with excellent grip-design and balance, the primary function of each tip is different - caries removal, precision cutting, endodontic treatment, and chairside trimming and denture adjustment. All attachments are lightweight and fully autoclavable.

For more information on the Titan E-lectric Motor System and the DentalEZ Group, please visit or call (866) 383-4636.

NXPeds creates hands-free computer controls

NXPeds eliminates problems associated with sterilizing and handling dental equipment in the operatory. Its convenient foot switches allow virtually any difficult computer or software keystrokes to be performed with ease and without using your hands.

NXPeds foot switches are ideal for controlling video frame capture from any intraoral camera. In the past, a dental assistant would be needed to perform a keystroke entry or icon-click to capture a frame. Now, NXPeds foot switches can be dedicated to that function and many more, including Control-Insert, Alternate-Tab, and other complicated key functions.

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Designed for sterile, hands-free activation of software keyboard commands, NXPeds provides three foot switches on one unit with mechanical stops to prevent any accidental triggering of the wrong pedal. Separate "make" and "break" commands can effectively provide six functions. The switches can be programmed to perform up to approximately 900 keystrokes each saving time in the operatory.

Our one-click programming works flawlessly click after click, image after image.

NXPeds is ideal in any operatory where several sophisticated computer programs are running at once, for example: today's schedule, a patient's dental chart, intraoral cameras, education programs, and more. NXPeds' right, left, and center pedals can be easily programmed to eliminate time away from the patient and create a hands-free, sterile computer hardware and software environment in your operatory.

NXPeds not only assists the doctor in the operatory, but the doctor's assistant as well. (Both doctor and assistant having their own computer/software keystroke needs to be programmed by NXPeds.) NXPeds simply makes computer operation fluid, unencumbered, and easy. NXPeds includes software for Mac OS 8.6+, Windows XP, 2000, and 98/ME. USB port required.

Go virtually hands-free today! NXPeds - the next generation in input technology.

For more information and product testimonials, visit

DENTRIX Dictation voice-recognition system

Dentrix Dental Systems, Inc., introduces DENTRIX Dictation - a powerful, hands-free alternative to the time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient process of transcribing clinical notes. Fully integrated with the DENTRIX practice- and clinical-management system, Dictation is a voice-activation program that allows you to record and save clinical notes directly to the patient's file. You will be able to increase your efficiency, productivity, and profitability by eliminating the need for double-duty tasks such as transcribing notes, reduce margins of error by eliminating transcription errors, and leverage full integration with the DENTRIX practice- and clinical-management system.

DENTRIX Dictation provides intelligent recognition of dental terminology that reaches far beyond traditional voice-recognition solutions. As Dictation transcribes spoken notes, you can correct - or train - as you go. In addition, you can edit vocabulary from the program's menu. It offers a level of accuracy, flexibility, and intelligent adaptability never before available in a dental-practice-specific transcription solution.

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Dictation integrates perfectly with all Dentrix products. Unlike other solutions that require software bridges and work-arounds, Dictation was designed from its inception to work within the DENTRIX Chart and Ledger allowing users to attach notes directly to the patient's file.

To order, call your dealer or call (800) 336-8749 for more information.

Stericycle offers mail-back program

Stericycle, specialists in managing medical wastes, offers a safe, cost-effective method of containment and disposal of low levels of medical waste. Its mail-back program is ideally suited for facilities where only used sharps and/or gauze and bandages need to be responsibly handled and removed for the protection of employees and patients.

The mail-back program has been extensively tested and approved by the U.S. Postal Service, and is in compliance with OSHA guidelines.

A variety of packs in convenient sizes and configurations are available. They range in capacity from one quart to five gallons, providing 20- to 750-needle capacities in single or multiple container packages. Each pack contains FDA-approved sharps container(s), absorbent material, a red plastic liner, tracking forms, and a postage-paid shipping container with detailed instructions.

Containers have been authorized for pick-up by postal carriers or for drop-off at local post offices. Treatment and incineration of waste has been federally approved. A permanent record of proper disposal will be kept on file at Stericycle.

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Stericycle was founded in 1989 and is the largest provider of regulated medical-waste management services in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. With more than 250,000 customers, Stericycle offers fully integrated medical waste-management services while guaranteeing OSHA compliance.

For more information, write Stericycle at 28161 N. Keith Dr., Lake Forest, Ill., 60045, or call (800) 355-8773.

New Oralwave™ 222 power toothbrush

Oralwave LLC is introducing Oralwave™ 222, a battery-powered brush with two counter-oscillating heads. Stylish and contemporary, this unit has all of the attributes of the more expensive power brushes, plus the unique features of two counter-oscillating brush heads and a two-minute timer.

Two moving heads are better than one, providing double the cleaning power of any single-headed toothbrush. Two heads cover twice the surface area of a single brush for increased gum massage, removal of plaque, and cleaner teeth. In addition, the Oralwave 222 is the first and only low-priced power toothbrush with a built-in two-minute timer - the brushing time recommended by dental professionals. The unique "Try me" feature allows customers to test the power action of the unit by squeezing its clear-view package.

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The suggested retail price of the Oralwave 222 is $5.99 including two replaceable "AA" alkaline batteries. A set of two replaceable brush heads has a suggested retail price of $5.99. Oralwave 222 will be available at grocery, drug, and mass retailers nationwide in late summer/fall.

Self-cleansing water filter/sterilization system

The O-SO Pure water treatment system is designed to sterilize all water as it enters the dental practice, or route directly to as many as 20 operatories. It is the most comprehensive and worry-free system available.

O-SO Pure features revolutionary self-cleaning and sub-micron technology which can extend the filter life as much as six times longer than conventional systems.

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The lithium-powered, 10-year programmable filter-flush mechanism features advanced programming capabilities such as vacation delay, six filter-flushing programs, and more. The O-SO Pure system uses three different types of filtering media and a high-intensity ultraviolet chamber where waterborne bacteria and viruses are destroyed.

For more information, call (800) 676-7873 or email [email protected].

QuickBooks® 2002 workbook

QuickBooks® 2002 In Your Practice continues to provide convenient and practical accounting solutions for the dental community. The workbooks contain easy-to-follow procedures that walk doctors through everything from setup to everyday steps of the QuickBooks® accounting software solution.

This 145-page spiral-bound workbook contains two new chapters - Budgeting for Your Practice, and Ten Most Common Mistakes. Also new is additional information on how to use Excel for more complete financial reports. The other chapters continue to provide helpful hints, common errors, and considerations specific to a practice.

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Like other QuickBooks guides, it includes banking, online banking, and payroll information; however, unlike other guides, it is specifically geared toward professional practices. Also included is how to work with your practice software, ordering checks, and credit-card transactions.

A streamlined manual helps the practice stay on track with its accounting goals. This workbook allow doctors to spend more time with their patients. Price is $59. To order, call Gunn Consulting at (817) 944-3167, or order online at

Dentsply Trubyte announces whiter tooth shades

As patient requests for tooth whitening continue to increase, so has the demand for whiter shades of prosthodontic materials. That's why Dentsply Trubyte is proud to introduce PW4 and PW7 shades, available in the Portrait® IPN® tooth mould range of 55 upper and lower anterior forms, as well as 19 posterior forms.

These new shades correlate to illuminé i-4 and i-7, a natural tooth-whitening system by Dentsply Professional. These two shades, i-4 and i-7, also are used by the new Dentsply Ceramco-3 porcelain system, so your combination work can be brighter too!

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For more information, call (800) 786-0085 or visit

New quiet, integrated-feature compressor

Gardner Denver is proud to announce the new 5-10 hp rotary-screw air compressor, the GD Integra. The unit features reliable integrated technology of combining the lubricant pump, air/lubricant separation system, mixing valve, and air end into a single component.

Designed for a pleasant work environment and safety, the GD Integra features an unimaginable 66-68 dBA noise level as standard. Routine maintenance is a snap, with a one-piece L-shaped front and side removeable panel for fast access. Once removed, power to the motor is eliminated to ensure maximum safety through a safety disconnect switch. Measuring 30" x 29" x 45", it can easily be placed into an existing floor plan. It delivers cool, clean compressed air at 100 to 175 psig and at 15 to 41 cfm.

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For more information, call (800) 682-9868 or visit

Kimberly-Clark adds FoamCare® convenience

Healthcare facilities can now take advantage of one-stop shopping for all their skin-care needs. With the addition of FoamCare® cleansing systems, Kimberly-Clark Professional provides skin care for every use from the restroom to the operating room.

FoamCare is a full line of protective cleanser systems, including 1-liter and 500 mL formats, hand- or color-coded foot-pump dispensers, and related accessories. Products include: 1. Antimicrobial surgical hand scrubs with a wide range of active ingredients and formulas. Formulas are color-coded to match foot-pump dispensers. Combined with the unique FoamCare DoubleScrub® brush, they are ideal for use in any critical-care area; 2. Antimicrobial skin cleansers featuring PCMX or Triclosan; and 3. General-purpose cleansers available in two mild formulas.

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For more information, contact your professional sales representative, call (888) 346-4652 or visit

New composite matrix system

Before investing more time and effort trying to get tight contacts on posterior composite restorations, consider using the new sectional matrix system, Composi-Tight Gold™. Composi-Tight Gold, the successor of the original Composi-Tight, is the most recent version of sectional matrix systems by Garrison Dental Solutions.

The most notable difference in the new system is the stronger rings, which are now two times stronger for greater tooth separation and tighter contacts. Newly improved ring resiliency maintains the pre-set tension and increases usage life. The matrix bands are .0013" and better reflect the tooth's true anatomy. The new ring-placement forceps grasp the ring for placement control and stability.

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Composi-Tight Gold is available as a starter kit that includes six G-Rings, 250 Matrix Bands in four sizes, and one Ring Placement Forceps, along with a free instructional video with the purchase of a kit.

To order Composi-Tight Gold or receive a product catalog, call (888) 437-0032 or visit

LumaWhite™ for tooth whitening

LumaLite, Inc. has recently enhanced its LumaWhite™ Bleach for light-activated tooth whitening with the LumaArch™ Bleaching System. The bleach is now being processed into a fast-mixing fine powder that offers greater consistency and quicker preparation. A blue tint makes the bleach solution easier to see during application.

Each box of LumaWhite bleach contains enough materials to treat four patients (three bleach applications each). The bleach catalyst is packaged in convenient easy-open screw-cap jars, each containing sufficient catalyst for a single, dual-arch application. The hydrogen peroxide required for preparing the bleach material is packaged in individual pre-measured vials for easy mixing. Allowing the user to mix the bleach material for each application provides maximum flexibility and assures the bleach is fresh for each application. Application brushes are included.

LumaWhite Bleach is ideal for use with the LumaArch Bleaching System, which allows dentists to provide a complete in-office tooth-whitening procedure in a single office visit. The product uses xenon-halogen light for a high-quality result with virtually no heat. The LumaArch Bleaching System helps dentists increase revenues and attract new patients. With the high patient fees possible for in-office tooth whitening, the unit pays for itself in just a few procedures.

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LumaWhite Bleach and the LumaArch Bleaching System are available from most major dental dealers. For more information, call (800) 400-2262 or visit

VeraCam™ LED intraoral camera

The VeraCam™ LED intraoral camera provides crystal-clear images at the touch of a button. There are no fiber optic bundles, heavy cords, awkward connections, or bulky external light sources. Quick connection allows room-to-room portability. The LED light, optics, and electronics have been optimized for exceptional image resolution.

VeraCam provides an image quality comparable to cameras costing twice as much, yet is uniquely easy to use. The operator can move from single tooth to quadrant, to full-arch, to full-face views; and from single-frame to quad-image display quickly and easily. Single or quad images can then be printed, if desired. Calibration is not required and the simple design virtually eliminates maintenance and repair issues. Disposable sheaths provide barrier protection.

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With VeraCam, dentists have a quick and easy way to illustrate the need for dental procedures while the patient is in the chair. It offers a low-cost way to increase practice revenues. VeraCam will return many times its modest investment.

The VeraCam intraoral camera is manufactured by LumaLite, Inc. and is available through authorized dental dealers. For more information, call (631) 754-7178 or visit

Hygiene operatory package offers high value

Dentech Corp. is offering a surround-mount operatory package specifically designed for use in the hygiene room. The Dentech Advance Hygiene Operatory package includes the ECO-19 patient chair, Advance hygiene unit, doctor's stool, unit-mount light, and surround-mount light post. The surround mount allows the delivery unit to be easily swung from one side of the patient chair to the other to accommodate right- or left-handed operators. The complete package will be available from most dental dealers for under $10,000.

The package includes the Inner Circle™ Productivity Program (retail value $995). The Inner Circle program is based on the proven principle that proper positioning (of the patient and the operator), combined with the correct use of ergonomically designed equipment, offers dental practices increased productivity and a lower risk of work-related stress, fatigue, and injury. The program includes printed materials, on-site training, and access to a password-protected Web site containing additional information and special offers.

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The Advance Hygiene Surround-Mount Package, like all Dentech products, is backed by Dentech's legendary service and five-year manufacturer's warranty.

For more information or for a dealer near you, call (800) 826-5004 or visit

Language interpreter forms for LEP patients

Do all of your patients speak English? If they don't, do they always bring an interpreter with them?

Office Interpreter, Inc., offers bilingual forms that have been designed to be used all over the office - front desk, operative, and hygiene - enabling every staff member to communicate with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients. The LEP patient is pleased and will refer family and friends to your practice, building your referral base and increasing production.

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The design of the forms - English and the chosen language - allows that the only written communication is the patient's name, address, telephone number, etc. All other responses or statements are either numbered or multiple choice.

Certified translators specializing in the medical and dental fields helped to develop this product, addressing every aspect of the dental visit including post-treatment homecare and specialist referrals. Currently, 11 languages are available; however, we will meet any language need. The language packages are available either as a software program or a laminated book format.

For more information, call (616) 874-1428 or email [email protected].

New mouth prop is reversible and disposable

Primotec, Inc., is introducing its new disposable, reversible mouth prop called the Primoprop. The convenient mouth prop adjusts for large or small mouths and easily fits both sides of the mouth. The versatile prop allows for visual access to the working area with its unique shape. Best of all, it's disposable so you never have to clean it.

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For additional information, call (800) 959-8517, email at [email protected], or visit

New Spirit 2000 dental chair

Designed with style, comfort, safety, and efficiency in mind, Pelton & Crane introduces the new Spirit 2000 Advanced Comfort dental chair.

The Model 2007's exclusive high-gloss powdercoat gives a smooth finish, while the use of Advanced Comfort upholstery - engineered using slow-recovery, high-density foam - ensures unsurpassed patient comfort. Sliding armrests accommodate both entry and exit, but remain stable for patient balance or hand support. A narrow back allows the dentist to maintain posture while easily accessing patients.

The Model 2007 is available in 12 standard Uniroyal Naugasoft upholstery colors or the new optional Ultraleather upholstery, which offers uncompromising durability. Customers have the choice of a dual articulating headrest or flat headrest with magnetic pillow.

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For more information, call (800) 659-6560.

Clean-air device kills bacteria and deodorizes

The Wein® Sani-Mate™ AS250B air sterilizer and deodorizer uses highly advanced corona-discharge technology developed to combat human disease microorganisms.

Contaminated air is drawn into the corona-discharge chamber and bombarded with ionized streams of electrons that destroy the pollutant molecules. At the same time, ozone produced in the corona oxidation-deodorizes any residual offensive gases in the outgoing pure-air stream. Purified air is ejected from the unit at more than 50 feet per minute.

Electron-impact decomposition of pollutants has been studied extensively at the UCLA School of Microbiology as well as by many other leading scientific laboratories in the United States and Japan (transcripts are available). Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of airborne bacteria are controlled by this advanced technology.

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The Sani-Mate features easy installation - just plug it in; very compact and lightweight - just 3 ounces; economical - just pennies per week; no chemicals used; zero maintenance; one-year warranty; UL listed.

To order, call your dental dealer. For more product information, call mac, inc., at (310) 328-6608.

One place for all your imaging needs

VideoDentalSupply, a division of VideoDentalConcepts, is now offering a complete line of imaging sundries including film packs for intra-oral camera printing, camera bulbs, and disposable handpiece sheaths.

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We carry supplies for all brands, such as Accucam, Insight, Telicam, Vipercam, QuickCam, Reveal, MiniCam, Perspective, and 12 other models.

VideoDentalConcepts is a 13-year-old company, specializing in dental imaging. It has direct accounts with Banta, Sony, Hitachi, Kodak, Welch Allyn, and dozens of other providers. Online ordering is available through

Tooth Fairy envelopes from DDS Front Office

Are you looking for an innovative way to market your practice? New from DDS Front Office is our exclusive Tooth Fairy envelope. Constructed of the highest-quality materials, this handy and attractive envelope is used to store a child's lost tooth and can be easily added to photo albums or memory books.

Give them to patients with young children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or at any school program you undertake. The front of the envelope can be tastefully customized with your name and telephone number. Make a lasting impression with this gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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For more information or to order, call Karmin Meade at (800) 897-0566 or visit

GC Linkmax™ Paste Pak dual-cure resin

GC America is proud to announce the launch of Linkmax Paste Pak. Linkmax is a dual-cure composite resin designed to cement various types of prostheses to tooth structure: composite (micro-fill or hybrid) inlays, onlays, bridges, veneers and crowns, and precious and non-precious metal; PFM inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges; porcelain inlays, onlays, veneers, and crowns.

Linkmax uses a self-etching primer to bond to tooth structure and separate primers to bond to prostheses, core build-ups and posts made out of different materials. Metal Primer II, Composite Primer and Ceramic Primer available separately. Linkmax's new Paste Pak dispenser delivers consistent mixes every time because of a metering slide that allows the doctor to dispense the amount needed in the correct mixing ratio. Linkmax Resin Cement mixes in about 10 seconds.

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Linkmax has a film thickness of 2.3

For product information, call (708) 597-0900.

OrthoWash™ APF daily rinse

More and more attention has been focused on the concern about decalcification with patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.

As a leader in preventive care, OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals™ provides dental professionals with a wide variety of in-office and home-care prescription medications for their patients.

OrthoWash 0.044% sodium fluoride rinse in an acidulated phosphate solution is one of the newest additions to the OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals line of preventive care medications. Sodium fluoride rinse in an acidulated phosphate solution has been proven to be superior to neutral sodium fluoride in depositing fluoride in intact enamel. OrthoWash was developed specifically for the orthodontic patient to prevent decalcification and caries.

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OrthoWash is available in both grape and strawberry flavors. One 16-ounce bottle will provide approximately 50 treatments.

For more information, call (800) 445-3386.

Dentsply Professional introduces Flexichange™

DENTSPLY Professional and Cavitron® Systems, the most trusted names in ultrasonic scaling, are proud to introduce Flexichange™ hand instruments. The introduction of the Flexichange line represents a new standard in versatility, comfort, and clinical efficiency.

Designed to greatly alleviate hand fatigue, the 12-mm diameter, medical-grade silicone handles deliver a super-soft feel unseen in other hand instruments. In addition, Flexichange aids in cost management by offering replaceable tips to afford clinicians the option of replacing only the tip. Available in 14 popular styles and six different colors, Flexichange provides the ability to color-code instruments to each procedure, thereby enabling easier identification and greater instrument management.

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The ultra-versatility and ultra-comfort of Flexichange are sure to make it the new choice of progressive clinicians everywhere. For more information, call (800) 989-8826 or visit

New economical sterilizer monitoring service

Autoclave Testing Service, Inc., is pleased to offer a new economy program in addition to its standard third-party program.

This money-saving program is available by weekly or monthly subscription and offers many features of the standard program, such as full documentation of test results, display certificates, and a free technical help-line.

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Weekly sterilization monitoring is officially recommended by Central Disease Control Agency, and this recommendation is now mandatory in some states.

Autoclave Testing Service can provide a third-party sterility-assurance program to meet each need. VISA and Mastercard orders are accepted, and new subscriptions can be placed by phone.

For more information, call (203) 325-3462.

Digital Dentistry - The ultimate guide to digital applications in your dental office.

Dr. Tom Hedge, director of the Digital Dentistry program at the Las Vegas Institute, has written a comprehensive guide for digital photography and its applications in the dental office. There are many choices among cameras and software. Some work very well, and others are not suited to dentistry. Hedge sorts out the right stuff and tells you how to use it effectively in this book. Confused about which camera to buy? It is a very simple decision based upon how much you want to invest.

Topics include: The economics of digital photography, history of digital photography, digital video, e-mail newsletters, laboratory communication, imaging and imaging programs, PowerPoint applications and tips, image management, camera reviews, comparisons and how to use various cameras, explanation of digital terms, resolution, storage, and memory management, lighting and flash use, studio lighting, armamentarium, and patient preparation. The book also includes a CD with PowerPoint templates for patient presentation, sample presentations, sample images, and health history and patient registration forms in PowerPoint.

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The book and CD sell for $295. For more information, call (513) 777-7017 or visit

Orascoptic's "Guide to Purchasing Loupes"

Orascoptic, the market leader with innovative Flip-Up and Through-The-Lens (TTL) telescopes, has introduced a new technical brochure, "A professional's guide to purchasing loupes," that explains why Superior Visualization™ is the standard by which dental professionals should choose loupes. The brochure covers the five major features that professionals should use to qualify loupes: resolution, field width, field depth, weight, and magnifying power.

Superior Visualization is a concept that directs professionals to focus on the practical reason for choosing loupes - superior resolution across the entire field width, not just the magnifying power. The brochure notes that it is possible to experience poor visualization from substandard resolution even with higher powers of magnification. It further states that the best loupes capitalize on the synergy of resolution and field width.

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According to the new brochure on Superior Visualization, Orascoptic's patented technology combined with lightweight frames delivers superior and comfortable visualization that will improve patient quality of care and practice productivity. For a demonstration by a local rep or for more information, call (800) 369-3698 or (608) 831-2555.

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