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antibiotic resistance in dentistry

What’s new for antibiotics in dentistry in 2023?

Nov. 20, 2023
Did you miss some of our biggest articles about antibiotics in dentistry this year? From resistant P. gingivalis to premedication controversy, catch up on it all here.

In certain situations, antibiotics are one of a dentist's most important tools, but antibiotic resistance and concerns about side effects are increasingly complicating their use. 

We've rounded up some of our best coverage, including from our sister publication DentistryIQ, to help keep you informed on what's happened this year in antibiotics and dentistry.

20-year study shows "alarming" antibiotic resistance in perio patients

Clindamycin has been used in dentistry for decades to treat Porphyomonas gingivalis related conditions, from periodontitis to periodontal abscesses. However, new evidence collected over 20 years shows that P. gingivalis may be developing resistance to this antibiotic


Antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures: What’s the right call?

Antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines have changed a lot over the past 10 years, and while the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons now mostly agree, there are still providers who “still providers who either haven’t gotten the message, don’t agree, or are so worried about being sued that they’ll keep writing prescriptions,” says Amanda Hill, RDH.

In this helpful article, she breaks down the guidelines, why antibiotic stewardship is so important, and what patients should be considered for premedication.


Antibiotics in dentistry: Think twice before prescribing

The statistics on antibiotic resistance are startling, and dentistry needs to take them seriously. Many experts are warning that we are already living in a “post-antibiotic era.”

Here's what to know about the results of overprescribing, ADA guidelines on dental antibiotics, alternative treatments, and more.

Costs from inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions from dentists top $30M

Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing isn’t just an issue in terms of side effects or antibiotic resistance—it’s also really expensive for the US health care system. A 2023 study found that the cost inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions for dental procedures tops $30 million. Here's where all the costs come from, as well as what you should know about current guidelines.


Dental antibiotic prescribing rate "unchanged" in US

A new study tracking dentists’ prescribing rates and mean days’ supply from 2012-2019 found that despite changes in guidelines and national prescribing rates outside of dentistry, dental prescribing rates stayed the same. However, mean days’ supply had decreased, showing fewer doses overall being taken by dental patients. Here's which specialists were prescribing the most antibiotics.



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