DE's Business Lab: Burglar-proof your practice

Feb. 9, 2022
Is your office attractive to burglars? There are some items you can check for around your office. Here's what you can do to correct them if you find any burglar "invitations."

My discussions with David Harris, CEO of Prosperident, are always full of surprises and helpful information, and this one is no exception. While we've been talking extensively about embezzlement and your team members, have you ever stopped to think if your practice is attractive to burglars on the outside?

I had not thought about this possibility, and David opened my eyes to what burglars might see when looking at my physical office. While we tend to focus on curb appeal, what is someone who might want to burglarize you focusing on? Starting with exterior door hinges, David explains some of the items dentists need to look for, and what we can do to discourage anyone from breaking and entering our offices.

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