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No more sensitivity!

July 1, 2001
Pearl 1 — Clearfil® SE Bond from Kuraray. This is the latest in a series of self-etching products in the Clearfil® line by Kuraray, a Japanese company that has led the way in adhesive technology and systems. Clearfil® SE Bond is better and easier to use than its predecessor, Clearfil® Liner Bond 2V.

by Joseph Blaes, DDS

Pearl 1 — Clearfil® SE Bond from Kuraray. This is the latest in a series of self-etching products in the Clearfil® line by Kuraray, a Japanese company that has led the way in adhesive technology and systems. Clearfil® SE Bond is better and easier to use than its predecessor, Clearfil® Liner Bond 2V.

I have been using this bonding system for about eight months and have found it to be an incredible product. I have no failures to report in my practice, but far more important has been the total absence of sensitivity when using this product.

For the last few months, I have been asking the dentists in my seminars who are using SE Bond how it has performed for them; they say they have had almost no sensitivity. This is fantastic! I believe that the reason more dentists do not perform more adhesive procedures is because they are afraid of postoperative sensitivity. Well, here is a product that will alleviate that worry!

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Investigators report excellent bond strengths to enamel and dentin. SE Bond fits right in with making things simpler, better, and easier for the entire clinical team. Eliminate etching with phosphoric acid and rinsing! Eliminate the moist dentin problem! The product requires only three simple steps that every office can easily master. SE Primer is a 20-second, self-etching primer that is applied to a dry tooth. Its unique chemistry soothes dentin and desensitizes immediately on contact. SE Bond is a 10 percent filled light-cure adhesive that is applied with an applicator and then thinned out with a gentle air stream and light-cured for 10 seconds. It has excellent elasticity, which relieves stress under light-cured composites and eliminates postoperative pain. The system can be easily dispensed directly from the bottles or placed in the unique twin-bottle dispenser supplied with the product.

If you use an adhesive in your practice, it should be SE Bond. There are an overwhelming number of reasons to use this outstanding self-etching system. Join the growing number of dentists who are able to do more adhesive dentistry in their practices because they do not have to worry about sensitivity.

Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Pearl 2 — Serrated Diamond Finishing Strips by Axis Dental. There are a lot of systems that have been developed to help dentists get out of an unusual situation. One of the most irritating problems I have encountered is when you bond a contact together. There are saws, discs, and even floss to help you correct this problem. But I really have not found an easy, predictable way to solve the problem. I work very hard to prevent this, but it still happens every so often.

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Axis to the rescue with a diamond-finishing strip that combines an ultra-thin strip and a diamond-free, fine serrated edge for breaking open those bonded interproximal contacts. The length of the strip allows you to get a good grip so you can control the serrated edge that is cutting the contact. Then you can use either a fine or superfine diamond grit on the same strip to finish the job of smoothing and shaping the contact, without having to go to another instrument. This allows for convenience and efficiency at the chair.

The strips are made of stainless steel to resist breaking and stretching, and they are autoclavable. This is a great product that you will love.

Order from your dealer or call Axis at (800) 355-5063 for more information.

Pearl 3 — Cieos, Inc. I do not often mention service companies in the "Pearls" section, but this is an exception.

I came across a company that began by specializing in consulting in high-tech dental system integration. The founder and CEO of the company, Ekram Khan, is now taking the company to the next stage by producing a product that does in fact integrate systems into your clinical treatment room.

I am fascinated by the knowledge that Mr. Khan has of the problems we face with dental system integration. I believe that he has the answers and the solutions to many of the problems that have plagued us as each individual company came out with its own individual system, causing us to end up with a high-tech nightmare in the operatory.

If you are looking for these types of solutions, call Cieos at (800) 627-3205 and talk to Ekram. Actually, you can probably get a quicker response by emailing him at [email protected] or by visiting

Pearl 4 — LuxaCore Dual from Zenith/DMG. No more waiting for my favorite core buildup material to set! For those dentists like me who are in a hurry, LuxaCore Dual can now be light-cured in as little as 20 seconds.

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Like the original formula, this new material is a superior-strength composite resin that has a great workable viscosity, allowing you to place it in most areas with a matrix. LuxaCore Dual bonds directly to tooth structure using the dual-cure bonding agent of your choice. This new formula takes LuxaCore, the original one-step automix core material, to a whole new level of speed and convenience.

LuxaCore Dual is the only core buildup that has won the coveted Reality 5-Star rating. It is my core buildup material of choice because it offers everything I need in one material: speed in setting with light-cure; more time when I need it with dual-cure; consistent, easy mixing; cures in the dark; and great strength for rebuilding the tooth.

Order from your dealer or call Zenith/DMG at (800) 662-6383 or visit

Dr. Blaes has a general practice in the St. Louis area. He is known for his expertise in dental materials and techniques and his innovative systems designs. He writes and lectures on "How To Increase Productivity and Profitability." Dr. Blaes is a member of the American Academy of Dental Practice Administration. He may be reached at [email protected].

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