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Polyether thats easy to remove!

Nov. 1, 2000
Impregum® Penta® Soft Medium Body by ESPE. Polyether materials are known for their accuracy and the precise reproduction of even the finest details. Compared to other classes of impression materials, polyether materials are very reliable and lead to a precise fit of the final restoration. They also have a natural hydrophilicity.

Joseph Blaes, DDS

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Impregum® Penta® Soft Medium Body by ESPE. Polyether materials are known for their accuracy and the precise reproduction of even the finest details. Compared to other classes of impression materials, polyether materials are very reliable and lead to a precise fit of the final restoration. They also have a natural hydrophilicity.

However, we all are familiar with how hard they are to mix by hand, the odor of the material, the taste, and the difficulty in removing the set impression from the mouth. I have had more than one patient ask me if I was trying to remove all of their teeth! The same difficulty occurs in the lab when the technician tries to remove the poured model.

Impregum® Penta® Soft is a polyether material that has been modified to obtain a lower hardness of the set material, thus making it easier to remove from the mouth, even in the presence of undercuts or long front teeth. Now you can have all the advantages of a polyether with none of the disadvantages.

Impregum® Penta® Soft is hydrophilic, thixotropic, and has low surface tension, so it adapts precisely to the surface. It has high stability, reproduces details precisely, has high definition, good elastic recovery, retains its shape, and is dimensionally stable. The bitter taste has been removed and a new flavor added. The material is fully compatible with all other polyether materials - such as the Permadyne line - so you can continue using your own impression technique.

Combined with the new Pentamix 2, you have the best of all worlds. The base and catalyst pastes - contained in foil bags - are activated during the first use in the Pentamix 2 mixing unit, due to the new Pentamatic system that automatically opens the foil bags. Base and catalyst are mixed dynamically in the Pentamix 2 unit to a very homogenous and void-free consistency. Impregum® Penta® Soft - like all the ESPE materials used in the Pentamix - produces less waste and affords a very hygienic delivery, solving, in part, some of the problems of a modern dental practice.

Call ESPE at (800) 542-1072 or visit

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Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dental Practice Administration. This meeting is one of the best-kept secrets in dentistry. For almost 50 years, this Academy has brought together outstanding clinical, management, and motivational speakers to help improve the lives and practices of their members. You probably have never heard of this meeting or the organization. Until this year, their program always has been closed. The only way to attend was by invitation.

But this year is different! The annual AADPA meeting at the beautiful Westin La Cantera resort in San Antonio (February 28 - March 4, 2001) is an open meeting. The program will include Dr. Robert Schuller; Nido Qubein; Gary Zelesky; the creator of the "Chicken Soup" series - Mark Victor Hansen; Dr. Larry Rosenthal; and many others. This is an opportunity to rub shoulders with outstanding speakers in and out of dentistry.

For more information or to register, call Kathy Uebel at (847) 934-4404 or check out the ad on page 61 for registration information.

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Pro-Ties™ from Zila Pharmaceuticals. I came across a great new product at the California Dental Association meeting in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. Many times, offices struggle to keep instruments together while they are being cleaned and sterilized. Pro-Ties™ are like a bungee cord to tie your instruments together and hold them securely while they are processed. These "bungee cords" are multicolored and stretchable, so you can quickly and safely bundle instruments together.

The bundled instruments then can be processed through your normal cycle of scrubbing, presoaking, ultrasonic cleaning, and sterilizing. The ties are durable and will withstand multiple cycles in steam, dry heat, and chemical sterilizers.

Pro-Ties™ can be integrated into your existing sterilization system using all of the manufacturers` bags, wraps, and pouches.

This is a clever idea to make your practice life easier! To order, call (800) 922-7887.

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The WAND® Plus by Milestone Scientific. This instrument is a revolutionary change in the traditional method of administering local anesthetic.

The WAND® was first introduced at the ADA meeting in Washington, D.C., with great fanfare. Those of us who used it from the beginning struggled with various problems that were inherent to the first models. Now comes the WAND® Plus, with some grand new improvements! The aspiration cycle is now five seconds, and it activates immediately. The unit has what the manufacturer is calling "cruise control," which allows you to maintain the slow speed of anesthetic injection without keeping your foot on the foot control. This lets you concentrate on the injection and the patient, while relieving stress on the foot and the ankle. A voice or tone can prompt "cruise control."

The amount of anesthetic delivered is easily monitored by audible tones, so it is not necessary to visually check the cartridge. Many programmable features allow you to set sound tones, voice prompts, and the volume of each feature. This gives you great versatility. The unit has a new, heavier foot control that is much improved over the previous model. There is an automatic reminder to lube and check the "O" rings after every 25 cycles. Proper lubrication is the key to plunger and aspiration operation. All the reasons for using the WAND® remain the same - a key one: the painless injection into a palatal site to anesthetize the anterior teeth without numbing the lips and face. The WAND® makes all injections more comfortable and virtually pain-free for greater patient satisfaction, usually with a smaller dosage of anesthetic. With the WAND®, there is definitely reduced anxiety and stress for all patients. No matter what your previous opinion of the WAND® was, stop by the booth at a meeting and check it out again. The company has addressed and corrected all of the concerns that early users expressed.

For details or to order, call (800) 862-1125.

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Dr. Blaes has a general practice in the St. Louis area. He is known for his expertise in dental materials and techniques and his innovative systems designs. He writes and lectures on "How To Increase Productivity and Profitability." Dr. Blaes is a member of the American Academy of Dental Practice Administration. He may be reached at (573) 686-2388.

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