Sneak peek: IDS 2019

Dental Economics takes a sneak peak of IDS.

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Time to get ready for world’s largest dental show

Every two years, the dental world gathers in Cologne, Germany, for the International Dental Show (IDS). More than 130,000 people will make the trip for the highly anticipated 2019 event, which will be held March 12–16.

IDS is where you can get a glimpse into the next decade of dentistry, including advancements in imaging, materials, and instrumentation. In 2015, the story of the show was chairside CAD/CAM and intraoral scanners. In 2017, it was 3-D printing. What will be the story be this year? Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or maybe pain-free dentistry?

DE Chief Editor Chris Salierno and I will be at IDS to learn what the future of dentistry holds. Each day we’ll be recording video interviews from the show floor, and that night we’ll be sending those videos back stateside. Thanks to the time difference, you’ll get our updates about lunchtime. Subscribe to our industry newsletter, Apex360, at to ensure you’re looped in.

For insight into the show, we asked one of the largest US exhibitors, Carestream Dental, for its IDS perspective. Here’s what we found out.

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Connecting on an international scale

Carestream Dental aims to change lives through advanced dentistry, and it’s also the company’s goal for IDS 2019.

“As a truly global business, we’re always excited to connect with practices on an international scale,” says Edward Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer for Carestream Dental. “At IDS, we will be rolling out new technology as well as soliciting feedback to deliver future launches that meet the needs of dental professionals so they can do what they do best: change lives.”

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Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany

Carestream Dental has dedicated itself to developing open workflow systems that support general practitioners and specialists, and IDS will serve as a showcase for its enhanced offerings. Plus, there will be new product and service launches. Innovations in scanning technology and CBCT imaging will be a focal point, along with advancements in practice management systems.

Carestream Dental will also introduce an educational component at its booth to help dental practitioners understand how to use technology to reach optimal clinical outcomes. Clinicians will be onhand to discuss topics such as modern concepts for full-mouth rehabilitation treatment, how digital workflows can empower guided implantology, and CBCT applications.

Just as we’re doing, Carestream is bringing IDS back to the US through online updates. Dentists can follow Carestream Dental’s Facebook page to watch live videos and get exclusive content from Germany. If you can’t make the trip, it’s the next best thing to being there.

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