How to profit from . . . the Internet

Sept. 1, 1997
Web sites of interest to the dental professional are numerous. Here is a partial listing of places to visit on your next trip through the Internet.

The Web of Dentistry

Web sites of interest to the dental professional are numerous. Here is a partial listing of places to visit on your next trip through the Internet.

Company Address

Abel Computers Ltd.

Abodia Lighted Slide-View & Store

Aftco Associates

Almore International

American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

American Academy of Periodontology

American Dental Association

American Dental Hygienics

American Dental Hygienists` Association

American Dental Inc.

American Dental Sales

American Diamond Instruments

American Endodontics Society, Inc.

Americus Dental Laboratory Group, The

Ampco Dental Equipment Inc.

AMR Industries Inc.

http://[email protected]


APO Health

Apollo Dental Products Inc.

Arcona Health Inc.

Asepto Systems

ASM International

Atlanta Based Systems Inc.

Atwood Industries

Banyan International Corp.

Bausch Articulating Papers

Beaverstate Dental Inc.

Benco Dental Co.

Best Glove Manufacturing Co.

Beutlich Pharmaceuticals LP

Bicon Dental Implants

Biolok International


Blazer Corp.

Bosworth Co., Harry J

Bradley Corp.

Brasseler USA

Brite Smile


California Dental Hygienists` Association

Canadian Dental Supply

CareTek Resources Inc.

Cedeta Dental International Inc.

CEM Corp.

Centaur Financial Services Inc.

Centrix Inc.


Clinical Office

Clinical Research Associates

Cobb Dental

Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals

Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Coltène/Whaledent Inc.

Computer Age Dentist

Conger Dental Supply

Conair (Interplak)

Connecticut Dental Hygienists` Association

Cooley & Cooley Ltd.

Crescent Dental

Cross Paper Products Corp./Crosstex International

Cuda Products Corp.

Darby Dental Supply Co. Inc.



Degussa Corp./Dental Division

Delta Dental

Denco Enterprises

Deneng Pty. Ltd.

Denline CE


Dental Art Spa

Dental Bytes Mag-E-Zine (Thompson Dental Co.)

Dental Depot

Dental Dynamics

Dental Economics

Dental Icon Corp.

Dental Manufacturers of America

Dentalmart USA

DentalMate Software

Dental/Medical Diagnostic Systems Inc. (DMD)

Dental Probe, The

Dental Seminars & Symposia

Dental Shopping Mall

Dental Success

Dental X Change


DenTek (U.S.)

Dentrix Dental Systems

Dentrix Newsletter



Dependable Dental

Dine Inc., Lester A.

Discus Dental Inc.

Doctors Dental Supply Inc.

Drill, The

DTR Business Systems Inc.

Dyna-Dental Systems

Dyno-Tech Dental Laboratory


Eastman Kodak Co.

Easyway Software Inc.

Envoy Corp.

ESPE America

Essential Dental Systems

ETI Dental

Executive Dental Supply Ltd.

Express Paper Products

Flow X-Ray Corp.

Freud Dental Supply

GAC International

Galaxy Dental Mfg. Co.

GC America Inc.

Glidewell Laboratories

http://[email protected]

Goetze Dental Supply

Golden Gate Handpiece

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Gramm Technology Inc.

Hall Productions

Handpiece Headquarters

Handpiece Specialist Inc.

HealthCare Communications

Healthcare Creditline

Heraeus Kulzer

Herrco Enterprises Inc.

Hope Pharmaceuticals

HPSC Financial Services


Hydro Floss Inc.

HygoPlastic Inc.

Ideal Medical Products Inc.

IDE Interstate

IDT Integrated Dental Technologies


Indesco Inc.

Indigo Instruments

InForms Inc.

Insight Imaging Systems Inc.

Instrumentarium Imaging

Internet Creations

Internet Dental Forum

Internet Dental Supply

Ivoclar North America

J.F. Jelenko & Co.



Jordco Inc.

JS Dental Mfg. Inc.

July Software

Kingtex International Inc.

Laclede Research Laboratories

Lang Dental Mfg. Co.

Lares Research

Peter Letterese & Associates

Lifecore Biomedical

Life-Like Cosmetics

LightWave Health Systems Inc.

Lytec Enterprise

M&CC Dental Cabinet Systems

Mackie X-Ray

Margraf Corp.

Marus Dental International

Masi Dental Implants

Master Products

Medesco Attachment/Implant Co.

Medesy Surgical Dental Instruments

Med et al



Meer Dental

Mexpo International Inc. mala/supermax/html

Microbrush Corp.

Microtecnor SRL

Midwest Dental Products


Minnesota Dental Hygienists` Association

Moore Business Products

J. Morita USA Inc.

Moyco Technologies Inc.

National Center of Dental Hygiene Research

National Data Corp.

National Dentex Corp.

Netm Communications

New England Handpiece Repair

Ney Dental International

Non Chew Cookbook

Noven Pharmaceuticals

Nuclear Associates

Office Wizard



Orascoptic Research

Ortho Cast Inc.

Ottawa Dental Laboratory

Oxyfresh Worldwide


Panoramic Corp.

Parnell Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Patterson Dental Supply

Pearson Dental Supply

Peri Inc.

Pharmadent Import/Export Ltd.

PHB Inc.

PhotoMed International


Platinum Dental Systems


Polygenex International Inc.

PowerMate Software Corp.

Practice Outlook



Precision Dental Sharpening

Premier Laser Systems



Professional Results Inc. - Tooth Slooth

Professional Software Solutions (Softchart)

Professional Software Solutions (Softdent)

Profit Finder

Proofs/PennWell Publishing

ProTek Health Inc.

Pulpdent Corp.

Quill Corp.

Raintree Essix

Ramvac Dental Vacuum Systems

RanFac Corp.

Regent Medical

Regional Dental Equipment Inc.

RDH magazine

RJM Discount Dental Supplies

Resources for Dental Hygienists

Rogers Design Group

Roydent Dental Products

Henry Schein Inc.

Scabbard Research

Schick Technologies

Schmidt Dental Graphics

Score International


Showerfloss Inc.


Smile Art Communications


Snap-Art Precision Dental Products

Snore Guard

Software Innovations

Space Maintainers Laboratory

Speed Dental


Strandware Inc.

Strapko Pahl & Associations Ltd.

Sultan Chemists Inc.

Sultan Dental Products

Sulzer Calcitek

Summit Dental Systems (SDS)

Sun Dental

Sunrise Technologies

Suzy Systems

Tef-Gen USA Inc.

Televox Software

Temrex Corp.

Thompson Dental Mfg.

3M Dental Products

Tibset Inc.

Tom`s of Maine

Tooth Fairy Bank, The

Towne International Inc.

Trans-World/Medi Gloves

Tuttanuer Co. Ltd.


Unicare Inc.

U.S. Army

Valplast International Corp.

Virginia Dental Hygienists` Association


Wellness International Network

Zest Anchors

Zila Pharmaceuticals

Zuelke & Associates Inc.