The top 10 reasons why the cloud makes more sense for your practice

Andy Jensen takes a light-hearted look at the advantages of cloud computing for dental practices.

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1. The greatest practices use the latest features.

Web-based dental software installs upgrades overnight, while you’re sleeping.

2. “Our servers are down” will never be an excuse again.

Kick that cliché to the curb! Cloud software is reliable. For example, at Curve Dental, we agree to deliver 99.95% or better uptime—the equivalent to one reboot a month.

3. Redundant redundancy

The cloud can back up your data every hour of every day. And, it’s all done in a redundant and HIPAA-compliant structure.

4. Trash your server!

With the cloud, you don’t need to purchase a large, expensive server—one you typically hide in your broom closet.

5. Avoid humongous payments

You will not see major up-front software license fees or annual software upgrade fees. Cloud companies typically charge monthly as you use the software.

6. Save money to make money

Like an iceberg, most of the costs of traditional legacy software are out of sight and below the waterline. IT service calls, software maintenance, hardware upgrades, staff time in doing backups . . . you get the idea.

7. Rocket scientists not required

Loading, configuring, updating . . . the whole process is much easier—and cheaper—when all you need is an Internet connection.

8. Lifestyle friendly, workstyle empowerment

Access patient records from home, your hotel room, the airport, or the beach.

9. Laugh in the face of HIPAA

In the new world of HIPAA security, your server is subject to changing physical and technical requirements . . . server access policies, rules for disposal and reuse of media (such as backup tapes), “emergency availability,” etc. These don’t exist on the cloud.

10. Zero to installation in 60 seconds

With web-based dental software, you can start using the system the minute it’s provided to you, with a username and password. The time required to be “up and running” is really “no time.”

ANDY JENSEN has been in the dental software business since 1992. He is vice president and chief marketing officer at Curve Dental, a software development house that delivers 100% cloud-based management software for dentists. Andy recently completed a book, How to Build the Killer Practice on the Cloud, that can be downloaded at For more info on cloud-based software, call Curve Dental at (888) 910-4376.

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