Why males manage weight better and what females can do about it | with Dr. Uche Odiatu

June 7, 2024
Around 40 million Americans have undiagnosed OSA, and over 5 million diagnosed patients haven't received treatment. Why? Join us on this week's Dentistry Unmasked with Dr. Erin Elliot. We'll discuss identifying patients who need help, encouraging them to seek treatment, and debunking medication myths.

Like it or not, males generally have an easier time managing their weight. Some of it is food. Some of it is sleep, family, and work. All of it is thousands of years of bacteria leveraging what we feed them in every aspect of life. Join us for this week's episode with Dr. Uche Odiatu and learn why you struggle and how to overcome it. And when you're ready for Uche, follow him @fitspeakers on Instagram or head right to druche.com.

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