Chicago Midwinter: HuFriedyGroup

March 24, 2022
Dr. Pam chatted with Andy Xilas, president of HuFriedyGroup, who was eager to discuss how the company can help make dentists' work lives easier.

Andy Xilas, president of HuFriedyGroup, told me about the major changes in the company during the last two years, including him being named president after 34 years with the company. His excitement is apparent as he explains all the good things HuFriedyGroup can do for its customers.

Infection prevention is a big focus of the company, and he says dental practices do an excellent job in this area. But today's patients have been educated to be hypersensitive to infection control protocols. so now is the chance for us to tell them what our practices are doing in this area. And in what areas does he see room for improvement in dental offices? Andy has some thoughts on that.

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