An excellent restorative material choice for patients with moderate-to-high caries risk

May 20, 2021
Learn more in this video from Dr. Joshua Austin about the factors that set this biomimetic flowable composite apart from others, making it a superb restorative material for patients with caries risk.

Activa Presto is a biomimetic flowable composite from Pulpdent. It is quite stackable, so it can be used up to full contour, not just as a base or liner like some flowable materials. It has two key factors that set it apart, besides the handling. Firstly, it is a rubberized resin, which absorbs occlusal forces to prevent fracture, wear, and chipping. This is the same rubberized-resin technology that makes Tuff-Temp Plus an amazing material. Secondly, Activa Presto releases and recharges calcium, fluoride, and phosphate into the tooth, mimicking the properties of natural teeth. Activa Presto is designed to interact with the oral environment and the tooth structure underneath in order to promote remineralization.

In this procedure, the patient presented with class I occlusal caries on tooth no. 5. The tooth was anesthetized, and a rubber dam was placed. The caries were removed with a high-speed handpiece and water spray. Caries removal was verified with caries-detecting dye. 37% phosphoric acid etch was applied to the enamel of the tooth for 15 seconds and rinsed away. Universal bonding agent was applied to the preparation and scrubbed in, then air thinned. This was cured for 10 seconds. Activa Presto was applied in two separate increments, shaped, and cured. The rubber dam was removed, and the occlusion was adjusted and verified.

Activa Presto is an excellent restorative material choice for patients with moderate-to-high caries risk! Learn more in this video.