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Aug. 1, 2007
VELscope® from LED Dental and MagnaVu from Magnified Video Dentistry - As most of you may know by now, the VELscope is helping dentists to save patients lives...
VELscope from LED Dental
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by Joe Blaes

VELscope® from LED Dental and MagnaVu from Magnified Video Dentistry - As most of you may know by now, the VELscope is helping dentists to save patients lives by aiding in the discovery of potentially malignant lesions in early stages. It is lightweight and portable, and is being recognized by more and more insurers under the new CDT-2005 code D0431.

In one or two minutes, dentists and hygienists can better differentiate between normal and abnormal oral mucosal tissues. Finally, we have breakthrough technology that will help us take charge of oral cancer. We must give an oral cancer examination to every patient in our practices and stop the unnecessary deaths from this cancer.

MagnaVu from Magnified Video Dentistry
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The MagnaVu allows me to look at the tissue under magnification and take images of the magnified tissue under both white light and VELscope examination. The MagnaVu allows me to view high-resolution, highly magnified images on a flat LCD video display from a more natural, upright posture, similar to medical surgery. I can now prep a tooth that is magnified as large as I want, while viewing the tooth on the monitor. VELscope has developed a simple adaptor that allows it to be attached to the MagnaVu camera. This has been shown to be an excellent way to document oral tissue abnormalities. These images can be shown to the patient, stored in the record, or sent to a referring practitioner. VELscope belongs in every dental office, and the MagnaVu belongs in every office that wants to see teeth better. These products can be purchased from your dealer. Contact or for more information.

Track Light Monitor from Midmark
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Track Light Monitor from Midmark Corporation - Since the advent of television in the dental treatment room, we have been trying to position the monitor so the patient could see the screen. I remember a system that placed an entire TV set into the ceiling. As I recall, a sturdy support had to be built into the ceiling to keep it up there.

Now comes a new product from Midmark that combines the best in dental lighting with unparalleled monitor positioning, enabling dental professionals to enhance the patient experience. A two-trolley design allows independent movement of the light and monitor to allow an optimal viewing angle. Your patients can view whatever you’d like them to see, or they can just watch a movie while you take care of their teeth. The counterbalanced flex arm permits height and side-to-side adjustability for optimal patient viewing while supine or upright. Effortless tilt and swivel are made possible with the balanced monitor mount, further optimizing monitor placement. An optional 17-inch, dental-grade monitor offers a quality picture with 1280 x 1024 resolution. Sealed display, control buttons, and speakers withstand the use of disinfectants. Midmark has thought of everything! This is a true plug-and-play package. The system comes fully wired, which makes it easy for the installing technician. The fully integrated converter seamlessly consolidates inputs from TV, DVD, and PC. Inputs include VGA, RCA composite, S-video, 3.5mm stereo, R/L stereo audio RCA, and coaxial cable. Future expandability is simplified and clutter is reduced. An on-board TV tuner is cable ready and includes an easy-to-use remote control. Patients can relax while enjoying their favorite DVD or TV program. Patients who are relaxed tend to move less during long procedures, thus allowing the doctor to work more efficiently. Order from your dealer or call (800) MIDMARK for more information.

ULTIMATE LED Intra Oral Fiber Optic Camera from SciCan -

ULTIMATE LED Intra Oral Fiber Optic Camera from SciCan
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Intraoral camera technology helps enhance patients’ understanding of your diagnosis, and with that understanding comes acceptance of your recommended course of treatment. In your practice, the intraoral camera also will aid you in diagnosis since you will see details that may be missed with standard mirror examinations. The patient images can then be saved in your office computer to provide a permanent record of treatments, and printed as communications to the patient, other specialists, your lab, or insurance companies. SciCan introduces its new Intra Oral ULTIMATE camera with many features not seen in other camera systems. The ULTIMATE places the LEDs in the base of the handpiece and focuses the light through fiberoptic glass rods to provide cool, soft, even light that you expect from more expensive traditional fiberoptic intraoral cameras. The ULTIMATE is the only camera that combines fiberoptic and LED technology into one single handpiece. Illuminating the oral cavity is only the first step. The ultimate objective is to provide high-definition images that help patients understand your diagnosis and accept your treatment. SciCan’s ULTIMATE combines the advantage of a high-resolution CCD imager, four-lens construction and focused illumination that provide superior, clear, and defined images. Getting started is simple with the ULTIMATE camera’s quick-disconnect feature. The unmatched depth of field - from 3mm to 45mm - means clear, defined images every time. Position the camera and click the capture button to save an image. (There is no need for a video capture card.) With its lightweight, slim-line ergonomic design, the camera transports easily in a multi-op environment. The ULTIMATE camera system offers two smart box configurations. One will handle a computer set-up with USB 1 or 2, while the other version is designed for an analog (TV) system with on-board memory to capture and save images without the use of a computer. With different smart boxes, a single camera can run both a digital and an analog system in different operatories. The ULTIMATE camera makes it fast and easy to capture, view, and store your patient images. Order from your dealer or call (800) 572-1211 for more information.

ezlase from Biolese
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ezlaseTM from BIOLASE - Here is a new concept in a soft-tissue diode laser that gives you a compact, handheld unit engineered for clean soft-tissue cutting and great hemostasis with a 940 nm wavelength. Gone is one of the most frustrating aspects of laser dentistry - stripping and cleaving. This unit is designed to use sterile disposable fiber tips that are pre-stripped and pre-cleaved. The laser’s ComfortPulse operation enhances patient comfort for a variety of soft-tissue procedures. An intuitive procedure-based color touch screen and iPod-like navigation system simplifies control of power, pulse interval, and pulse length. To make using this laser even easier, presets include the commonly performed procedures from gingivectomy to implant recovery. Order from Sullivan-Schein or visit for more information.

Multilink Sprint Self-adhesive Universal Resin Cement from Ivoclar Vivadent -

Multilink Sprint Self-adhesive Universal Resin Cement from Ivoclar Vivadent
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The folks at Ivoclar Vivadent have introduced a state-of-the-art, self-adhesive resin cement for use as a conventional cement. Based on the chemistry of Multilink Automix (the company’s high-strength resin cement), Multilink Sprint provides moderate adhesion values (e.g., 10 MPa) to dentin/enamel while giving you all of the conveniences of a conventional cement. Multilink Sprint is a dual-curing, self-adhesive resin cement that does not require bonding agents or separate conditioning with phosphoric acid. Multilink Sprint does not have to be manually mixed since it is mixed when extruded from the double-push automix syringe. It is so simple and fast because the cement can be applied directly into your PFMs, all-metal, and high-strength ceramic restorations (e.g., zirconium, lithium-disilicate, or aluminum-oxide). Multilink Sprint is available in three shades - yellow, transparent, and opaque. The excess cement is easily removed. Order from your dealer or call (800) 533-6825 for more information.

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