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New products

Jan. 1, 2001
Bisco, Inc. introduces MICRONEW™, the first product in a new category of dental composites and reinforced microfills. MICRONEW™ contains predominately sub-micron filler particles and an average particle size of 50nm to give it superior polishability, and it also contains a small percentage of larger particles to give it strength and durability not previously seen in a microfill composite. However, polishability does not come at the expense of strength. MICRONEW's™ strength and

MICRONEW™ - a new microfill composite

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Bisco, Inc. introduces MICRONEW™, the first product in a new category of dental composites and reinforced microfills. MICRONEW™ contains predominately sub-micron filler particles and an average particle size of 50nm to give it superior polishability, and it also contains a small percentage of larger particles to give it strength and durability not previously seen in a microfill composite. However, polishability does not come at the expense of strength. MICRONEW's™ strength and polishability make it an excellent choice when used by itself or as a top layer with Bisco's hybrid composite RENEW®. MICRONEW™is available in incisal, body translucent, and body-opaque shades that correspond with the VITA® shade guide.

For additional information, contact Bisco, Inc. at (847) 534-6071.

Pro-Ties™ bundling system

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Zila Pharmaceuticals introduces Pro-Ties™, a unique bundling system for instrument sterilization. Stretchable Pro-Ties™ are made from medical-grade silicone. They safely manage assorted dental and medical instruments through the entire sterilization process.

Pro-Ties™ are available in packages of six in either blue, red, green, or yellow.

For more information, contact Zila Pharmaceuticals at (800) 922-7887 or visit

Mini dam protector

Dent Corp Research & Development introduces a product that retracts the tongue and buccal mucosal area. It provides painless seating without damages on the gingiva. The sets are available with a large left and right, medium left and right, and a small left and right and 50 sheets of mini rubber are included.

For more information or to place an order, contact Dent Corp. Research & Development at (800) 454-9244 or (914) 682-6600.

No-touch, hand-hygiene system

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Kerr/Metrex introduces VioNexus Healthcare Personnel Handwash and its No Touch delivery system. VioNexus is a waterless hand sanitizer that helps skin maintain its natural oils. Fast-drying, it also makes gloving easy. Its cost-effective, premeasured spray saves time and reduces waste while dual-active ingredients help provide long-lasting protection. Ethanol is used to kill bacteria while Benzalkonium Chloride inhibits its growth.

For more information, contact your authorized Kerr/Metrex dealer or call (800) 841-1428.

DDS6000 Dry Heat Sterilizer

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Dentronix, one of the leading manufacturers of dry-heat sterilizers for orthodontic instruments, introduces the DDS6000. It accommodates "bagged" instruments, with a cool-down cycle for your safety. Easy-to-use, the DDS6000 eliminates rust and corrosion and complies with the new California Board of Dental Examiners sterilization guidelines.

For more information, call Dentronix at (800) 523-5944 or (215) 322-4220; visit

Blueberry Blast APF Gel

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Biotrol International introduces its newest Perfect Choice® APF Gel flavor: Blueberry Blast.

The Perfect Choice® APF Gels are formulated for rapid uptake in the prevention of dental caries without acidic aftertaste. Other flavors are: Creamy Marshmallow, Juicy Grape, Peppermint Stick, Pink Bubble Gum, Strawberry Delight, Vanilla Orange, Way-Out Water-melon, Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Lime, Cherry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Vanilla.

For more information, contact Biotrol International at (800) 822-8550 or visit

Naturals for Sesitive Teeth

Rembrandt Oral Care Products introduces Rembrandt Vanilla Mint and Chamomile Naturals for Sensitive Teeth. Rembrandt Naturals for Sensitive Teeth contains a comforting vanilla mint and chamomile formula to help relieve pain that is caused by sensitivity and it defends against recurring pain.

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One in four Americans suffer from sensitivity to cold, heat, acids, and sweet or sour foods. In most cases, sensitivity is caused by open tubules often associated with even the slightest gumline erosion.

Rembrandt Naturals Toothpastes are available in three other botanical ingredient combinations and fresh, clean flavors. The Invigorating formula contains stimulating raspberry leaf and refreshing mint with antioxidant ginkgo. The "Freshening" formula contains stain-dissolving papaya and revitalizing ginseng with antiseptic lemon balm. The "Soothing" formula contains aloe vera, echinacea, believed to boost resistance, and goldenseal, believed to support the immune system.

The Naturals toothpastes are available in a 4.5 oz. Tube and can be found at food, drug, and discount stores nationwide. Consumers also may order from For more information, contact Rembrandt Oral Care Products at (800) 548-3663 or visit

Herapuls Laser Welder Unit

J.F. Jelenko & Co. introduces the Herapuls Laser Welding Unit. Heraeus Kulzer has researched the needs of today's dental laboratories for 10 years in order to develop a laser welding unit that is said to be perfectly suited to meet the requirements of today's dental laboratories.

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Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Herapuls ensures a physically stress-free work station. The unit operates on 230 V AC outlet, and cooling and welding fume extraction have already been integrated. Just connect the unit to the argon gas supply and its ready to be used. At 50 watts of power and 4 Hz continuous pulse frequency, the unit has been designed so that welding can be completed without troublesome pulse pauses, even at a higher pulse power with nonprecious metals with a maximum value of 5kW, the pulse power is sufficient even for large welding diameters.

For more information, contact Jelenko Dental Health Products at (800) 431-1785 or (914) 273-8600 or visit

Spring 3K Light Meter

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The Spring 3K Light Meter, available from Spring Health Products, Inc., is engineered to check the output of high-speed curing lights. A switch feature permits its use with conventional curing units as well. The unit is set at 0-3000mw for high-speed, curing-light testing, and at 0-1000mw for conventional lights. Each 3K Light Meter has been calibrated against a standard for accuracy.

For additional information, contact Spring Health Products, 705 General Washington Ave., Suite 701, Norristown, PA 19403, call (800) 800-1680 or e-mail to [email protected].

EagleSoft releases Select 7.00

EagleSoft releases Select 7.00, a practice-management system. Select automates and manages many important daily office tasks for the dental front-office staff. A Windows®-based program, Select makes scheduling, recalls, and reporting easy, sends electronic claims and statements, and can help create a marketing plan and analyze productivity.

New features include lab tracking, prescription writing, and the ability to record medical history information. It also includes improvements for day-to-day operations in transaction and insurance-claim processing, appointment scheduling, treatment planning, and printing billing statements.

Rx Writer is a fully automatic prescription writer that allows the user to create, process, and print prescriptions for patients.

The medical history feature enhances an office's ability to store patient information. From this window, users can view, print, and modify vital health-history information about patients.

Lab Tracking provides an easy way to maintain and monitor patient lab work. Users will be able to view, edit, and print lab cases and detailed reports.

Other features include detailed treatment-plan presentations, e-business enhancements for Envoy clients, and more customization possibilities in OnSchedule.

For more information or a personal demonstration, contact an EagleSoft representative, call (800) 294-8504 or visit

Foramatron D-10 apex locator

Parkell, Inc. recently introduced the Foramatron D-10, an electronic apex locator designed to quickly identify the apical constriction in canals contaminated with sodium hypochlorite, anesthetic solution, blood, or any other conductive fluid.

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A graphic display uses tracking lights to indicate the file's progress down the canal. As the tip approaches the apex, the tracking lights switch from green to cautionary yellow. A large red signal indicates that the apical constriction has been reached. If the operator continues instrumenting, orange lights warn that the tip has perforated the apex. Four audio tones accompany the lights, so the dentist can work comfortably without watching the display. The volume can be adjusted or turned off.

The Foramatron D-10 is powered by a conventional 9V battery and features a low-battery warning. If the device is not used for five minutes, it shuts itself off to prevent battery drain.

The apex locator comes complete with removable autoclavable cables, stand, instrument clip and quick probe, plus a battery. It includes a three-month trial, and everything except the battery and cables is covered by a five-year warranty (parts and labor). The cables are protected by a one-year warranty.

For additional information or to place an order, contact Parkell, Inc., 155 Schmitt Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735, or call (800) 243-7446.

Orange Solvent Wipes

HAGER Worldwide introduces Orange Solvent Wipes in a handy and effective towelette/wipe form.

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It is said to be the only dental wipe that removes impression materials, zinc oxide-eugenol, label gum, etc. from instruments, surfaces, and human hands. The solvent is ideal for stainless-steel surfaces - it cleans and shines.

The wipes contain all natural, non-toxic ingredients; always ready to use and hygienically sealed to stay moist; rinses off easily with water and has a fresh orange scent.

For additional information or to place an order, call your preferred dental dealer or HAGER Worldwide at (800) 328-2335 or visit

Tarnish and corrosion-resistant alloy

Degussa-New introduces Degudent® SF, a tarnish and corrosion-resistant alloy suitable for single crowns, bridges (of any length) and milled restorations. The white ceramic alloy has a unique formulation - the high gold, low palladium content alloy is less expensive than typical gold/palladium alloys.

Its high melting range provides for greater stability at porcelain firing temperatures and is designed for high strength levels. Degudent® SF is compatible with Duceram® Plus, Symbio™ Ceram, Ceramco II®, and other popular porcelain products.

For more details, contact a Degussa-Ney representaative at (800) 243-1942 or visit

PeriLUX™ portable light source

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PeriOptix introduces PeriLUX™, a portable light source for dental telescopes. The PeriLUX™ system utilizes a mini-halogen lamp to provide brilliant illumination to the visual field and advanced battery technology for extended life. The lightweight light source mounts quickly and easily to any PeriOptix 250, 300, and N3.5 series telescope, while the equally lightweight battery pack clips onto belt or waistband.

The battery pack can be quickly and easily charged with the supplied adapter, or it can be conveniently operated using any conventional power outlet.

For additional information, contact your independent dental dealer, call (714) 838-3455 or visit PeriOptix at

Crystal Clear™ Marketing System

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Keller Laboratories, Inc. introduces the Crystal Clear® Marketing System to help dentists increase patient satisfaction and grow their practice with Crystal Clear®premium bite splints. The system was developed in response to doctors' requests for help in alerting patients to the dangers of bruxing and clenching and educating them about the treatment.

The marketing system contains all the necessary tools for the doctor and his team to effectively market Crystal Clear® splints. The Patient Brochures, for the reception area, are designed to prompt patients to ask about bite splints. The In-Operatory Patient Education Worksheets are a chairside tool that illustrate the effects of bruxing and clenching with simple visuals. Samples of the Crystal Clear® and Crystal Clear® Soft splints are included to show patients. The bitesplints are prescribed by dentists and are custom-made to fit snuggly over the patient's teeth. The system also contains prescription forms, case boxes, and shipping labels for the convenience of the doctor's office.

For more information, contact Kelly Laboratories Inc. at (800) 325-3056 or (314) 919-4000.

Hand puppet teaching aid

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HAGER Worldwide introduces Putzi Pets, available in tiger, lion, cow, and dog configurations. Patients of all ages like these cuddly, plush teaching aids. They help reduce anxiety and foster a relaxed atmosphere, while aiding in the instruction of hygiene. The hand puppets are a perfect consultation tool when explaining dental procedures. The fully flossible, life-size upper and lower teeth create a teaching environment that is funny, effective, and memorable as well as provide entertainment for the patient.

To place an order, call your preferred dealer or HAGER Worldwide at (800) 328-2335 or visit

Digital Photography Kit

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Eastman Kodak Company introduces a turnkey digital camera, imaging software, and printer bundle designed specifically for dentists. The Kodak Dental Digital Photography Kit 290 comes complete with all hardware, software, and accessories that dentists need to take, product, and manage digital pictures of their patients.

The kit is designed for dentists who want to: quickly and easily record visual records of patient teeth and gum structure and color; create professional images to communicate information about cosmetic and restorative procedures and benefits.

For more information on everything included in the kit, contact Kodak Health Imaging Dental Products Group at (800) 933-8031 or visit For technical questions about any Kodak dental product, call the technical support hotline at (800) 933-8031.

Disposable Insti-Dam

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Zirc Company introduces the disposable Insti-Dam. Advantages include a built-in flexible frame, with a pre-punched hole. It is made with translucent natural latex that is very stretchable, tear-resistant, and provides easy visibility. The compact design fits outside patients lips, is nonthreatening, and comfortable for patients. Radiographs may be taken without removing the Insti-Dam, by pushing the Insti-Dam to the side.

For additional information, contact Zirc Company at (800) 328-3899, (763) 682-6636 or visit

Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler/air polisher

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Satelec Inc. introduces the Prophy Max, which combines a piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler and an air polisher into one unit. A single knob selects one of four modes used to perform multi-clinical dental applications (scaling, endodontics, and periodontics) as well as complete prophylaxis. Equipped with a sterile irrigation system, the ergonomically designed and efficient Prophy Max will restore teeth to their natural shine.

For more information, contact Satelec Inc. at (800) 289-6367 or(856) 429-8297.

'Plug & Press' Dispensing System

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Roydent Dental Products adds the Kettenbach "Plug & Press" Dispensing System to its product line. The system offers polyvinyl siloxane impression materials in a newly developed foil-bag system. It also offers a heavy-bodied material, a monophase material, and a unique alginate substitute material.

The Kettenback "Plug & Press" system is easier, cleaner, and sets faster than other systems.

For more information, contact Roydent Dental Products at (800) 992-7767 or your local dealer.


Nexus2, from SDS/Kerr, offers tremendous flexibility with its five shades, high and low viscosities, and a dual-cure option.

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This resin luting cement is the result of more than two years of top clinician input, and is indicated for all indirect situations, including posts, PFM crowns and bridges, and veneers, and inlays/onlays. The new Clear shade is among the most translucent of any resin cement available today - said to be perfect for today's cosmetic needs.

To experience the difference, contact your authorized Kerr dealer or call (800) KERR-123.

Mini Burner portable butane burner

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Degussa-Ney Dental introduces the Mini Burner, a completely portable butane burner that can be used anywhere in the laboratory, jewelers' bench or art and crafts studio. It easily refills with standard butane cartridges and will burn from one to two hours. The multiport gas vent provides for a fully adjustable halo flame.

Stable and easy to manage, there is no messy wick to change or central gas line needed. The Mini Burner offers an added level of safety in the laboratory.

For additional information or to place an order, contact Degussa-Ney Dental, 65 West Dudley Town Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002-1316, or call (800) 243-1942.

NEVI scalers

Tradition and quality - right in the palm of your hand! In honor of master craftsman, Neville Hammond, a 34+ year employee of Hu-Friedy, two new scalers are now available: the NEVI set of instruments.

The SCNEVI1 has a curved sickle paired with an elongated disk end - perfect for anterior lingual stain and calculus removal. The SCNEVI2 is designated for posterior use and features a super-thin curved sickle scaler. Its unique contra-angle design is great for interproximal reach and ergonomic hand positioning. Both instruments are available in the Satin Steel handle.

For more information, contact Hu-Friedy at (800) HU-FRIEDY or an authorized dealer representative.

3.3x Prismatic Telescope

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Providing practitioners with an easy transition to higher magnification, Orascoptic introduces a 3.3x prismatic magnifying telescope into its line of high quality magnification products.

This Through-The-Lens (TTL) model combines the lightweight comfort and wider views of lower magnification with the improved detail and higher resolution of prismatic telescopes. The 3.3x is ideal for users of lower magnification who wish to step up to a higher level of magnification. The patent-pending optical design allows fine-tuning of the working distance at the operating site. Durable titanium frames come in several different sizes and are available in gold, solver, black, and slate.

For more details, contact Orascoptic Research, 5225 Verona Road, Bldg. 3, Madison, WI 53711; or call (800) 369-3698 or (608) 278-0111.

Alloy and Ceramic Systems Guide

Degussa-Ney Dental, Inc. introduces a new alloy and ceramic systems guide.

As stated in the guide, restorative materials perform better when they are designed as a system. For example, Ducera® brand ceramics, such as Duceragold®, assure superior wear characteristics when matched with alloys designed for that ceramic.

Clinicians who require a wide degree of latitude in their alloy selection can count on Duceram® Plus, a high-fusing porcelain applicable to all PFM alloys with a CTE between 13.4 and 15.4.

Degussa-Ney now offers Cergogold®, a pressable ceramic as the core of a total hydrothermal ceramic system. This ceramic makes possible all of the advantages of hydrothermal ceramic without the use of alloys.

To request your free copy of the guide, call (800) 243-1942 or write to Degussa-Ney Dental Inc., 65 West Dudley Town Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002-1316, or visit

Dental Shades

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Protect your patients; protect yourselves with Dental Shades. Dental Shades protect your patients' eyes during procedures where pieces of old restorations, teeth fragments, and bacteria can shower the patient.

Dental Shades are safe, easy-to-use, disposable, inexpensive, reliable, "clean," guaranteed to be effective, and also tinted for your patients' comfort.

For more information or to place an order, contact Dental Shades, Inc., 12400 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90025, call (800) 448-9600, or visit

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