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Oct. 1, 2007
Demi LED Light Curing System from Kerr Demetron - I must tell you upfront that this light is a favorite of mine because I feel I’ve had a hand in bringing it to market.
Demi LED Light Curing System from Kerr Demetron
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Demi LED Light Curing System from Kerr Demetron - I must tell you upfront that this light is a favorite of mine because I feel I’ve had a hand in bringing it to market. Two years ago at the Kerr Roundtable, we (Key Opinion Leaders, or KOL) had the chance to tell the Kerr Demetron people what we would like to see in a curing light. Last year, we were shown a mock up of a new light and again were given the chance to comment on what we liked and didn’t like. Last month, I saw the finished product and it is everything we asked for and more. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to hold. The LED unit is cordless and offers multiple ways to hold it, which makes the light more ergonomic. You will immediately notice less stress on your hands and wrists. Demi has a super-quiet built-in fan that keeps the unit cool. Superior battery technology gives longer working time, and it can last three to four days when fully charged. Demi features the Periodic Level Shifting technology, which simply means the light gets more intense each second. You can do a true five-second cure! No need to buy a bunch of new light tips, it accommodates all Demetron light guides. The 5-, 10-, and 20-second preset timer settings reflect today’s shorter curing times, and the timer mode will automatically recall the last curing time selected. If you are in the market for a new LED light that is well planned with features to make dentistry faster, better, and easier, this is it! Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Y-ME #100 Thin Swivel Direct Flow ultrasonic insert and Y-ME EverEdge Curetter with pink Signature Series grip from Hu-Friedy
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Two new Y-ME® instruments from Hu-Friedy - Hu-Friedy is proud to introduce two dental hygiene instruments designed to embody the spirit of dental hygiene, as well as our commitment to support Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. For each Y-ME instrument sold, Hu-Friedy will make a corporate contribution to Y-ME, helping those affected by breast cancer - $1 for each Y-ME Curette sold and $2 for each Y-ME Ultrasonic Insert sold. Hu-Friedy’s #100 Thin Swivel Direct Flow® ultrasonic insert features the unique benefits of 360° rotation and now proudly displays the Y-ME ribbon logo. My hygienist has been evaluating the #100 Thin and the newest addition to the EverEdge line of instruments, the Y-ME Curette, that features precise modifications to further enhance access and reach. She loves it so much that she won’t give either one of them back. She says the curette is perfect for the challenging debridement needs of anterior teeth, line angles, and pedodontic dentition. She tells me that the Y-ME Curette combines efficiency, function and comfort. The contra-angle shank design is coupled with a 70° offset blade that provides for optimal tooth-to-blade angulation. The Y-ME Curette has a distinctive Pink Signature Series® Grip for easy identification. Order from your dealer or go to for more information.

Revolution Carbides from KOMET USA
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Revolution Carbidesfrom KOMET USA - What could be more exciting than a new bur for your practice? Burs have always been the same old, same old. Nothing is really new in the everyday instruments we use to routinely prep teeth. There have been changes in the burs and diamonds we use to prep teeth for crowns. Most burs are made in two pieces, the shank and the cutting part. These two pieces are welded together and, when they break, it is at the weld. How about a new bur technology? The Revolution Carbides have an enhanced manufacturing procedure for reduced breakage that places the weld much lower down the neck. That idea has led to much less breakage. The working part of the bur has no cross cut on the top or the bottom, which produces clean margins with minimal microfractures. This will give you a much better margin to which to finish your restorations. This new design produces a bur that is fast cutting with very low vibration. Now here is the best part - these Revolution Carbides are priced right! Order from your dealer or call (800) 208-1630 for more information.

G-Cem from GC America
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G-Cemfrom GC America - I have been using this cement for about two months since I received it from GC for evaluation. You may have missed seeing this product, so I thought you should hear about it. G-Cem is easy to use, with a fast, one-step application process. It is reliably strong, with high bond strength to both enamel and dentin. It is a completely versatile cement designed for use with all crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and endodontic posts. G-Cem comes in four shades, including Transparent. It combines the proven technologies of 7th-generation resin adhesives with the exceptional properties of hydrophilic, biocompatible resin-modified glass ionomer cements. It’s the first resin cement to contain water and functional monomers (4-MET and Phosphoric ester) for self-adhesive properties, rather than polyalkenoate acid. As a result, G-Cem’s hydrophilicity causes effective penetration into the dentinal tubules. After penetration, it sets tightly and becomes hydrophobic. It forms a strong chemical bond, sealing and protecting the tooth from external stimuli and eliminating the risk of postop sensitivity without worrying about whether the tooth prep is moist or dry. Compare G-Cem to other popular resin cements and I think you will find it is clearly better. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

B4 Pre-Impression Surface Optimizer from Dentsply Caulk
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B4 Pre-Impression Surface Optimizerfrom Dentsply Caulk - One of my heroes in dentistry is Dr. Alan A. Boghosian. He has spent years developing the technique for the perfect impression every time. A few years ago, he introduced me to a technique of wetting the tooth surface to produce a better impression. Dentsply Caulk has carried this a step further to come up with a unique product: B4. When I speak about impression materials, I caution both dentists and assistants that as soon as the material enters the mixing tip, the chemical reaction that will result in setting is initiated. This puts the pressure on all of us to work fast. Caulk’s new B4 Surface Optimizer will let you work faster. Syringing into, over, and around the prep without voids is tricky, even if you aren’t pressed to finish quickly. B4 Surface Optimizer allows the Caulk Aquasil Ultra wash material to flow into place to provide excellent detail with less stress. You know that dentin, enamel, metals, and gingiva each present differences in moisture content, friction resistance, and surface tensions. Use B4 to equalize and optimize the surfaces to get the best detail and strength. B4 also acts as a lubricating agent, aiding the release of the impression from the prep, ensuring that your ultra-thin margins will stay intact. The use of B4 does not impact the dimensions of the final restoration. At this time, you can only get B4 Surface Optimizer as part of Aquasil Ultra impression material kits or refills. For great impressions, order the combination from your dealer or visit for more information.

Adper™ Scotchbond™ SE Self-Etch Adhesive from 3M ESPE
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Adper Scotchbond SE Self-Etch Adhesive from 3M ESPE - This new product marks 3M ESPE’s second entrance into the self-etch market. It is interesting to me that they have once again used a name that we have all learned to trust - Scotchbond. This is a two-step product that has some unique features and benefits. Adper Scotchbond SE has consistently high bond strengths to enamel and dentin. It features a color-change indicator to ensure proper placement and activation. The pink primer solution is a visual indicator of coverage. When the adhesive resin is applied, the resulting solution becomes clear, indicating activation of the system. Incorporation of nanotechnology into the zirconia nanofiller of Adper Scotchbond SE allows high radiopacity, which prevents misdiagnosis of pooled adhesive as secondary decay. Unlike traditional self-etch systems, Adper Scotchbond SE self-etch adhesive’s unique formulation offers good stability without requiring refrigeration or shaking. To prevent hydrolysis during storage and to assure stability, the aqueous component is kept separate from the acidic resin until it’s combined on the tooth. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

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