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July 1, 2008
The STA™ System from Milestone Scientific — I remember the 1997 ADA meeting in Washington, D.C...
The STA™ System from Milestone Scientific
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The STATrade; System from Milestone Scientific — I remember the 1997 ADA meeting in Washington, D.C., where the first computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system (CCLADS), the Wand, debuted. I remember the occasion because the aisle was jammed with dentists who wanted to buy it even though Milestone wasn't even shipping it yet! Fast-forward 11 years, with many changes and upgrades to the STA System, which I consider to be a true advancement in dental anesthesia. For the first time in dentistry, the STA System using Dynamic Pressure Sensing (DPS) technology enables a technique friendly, highly predictable onset of profound single-tooth anesthesia using a virtually painless technique to any tooth for any procedure. It sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? That's what I thought until I tried the STA System. My patients love it. We all know that intraligamentary injections are difficult to give and usually used when a mandibular injection fails. These injections also can be painful for our patients. With the STA, the patient will not feel the injection and you will achieve instant, profound anesthesia of a single (or multiple) tooth without tongue and lip tissue anesthesia. Doing an intraligamentary injection with the STA with DPS technology allows clinicians to know, by a series of ascending tones and lights, that the needle has entered the correct injection site — the periodontal ligament space. This is much less invasive than drilling into bone and then injecting. In addition, you can take advantage of two relatively new palatal injections. The AMSA (anterior middle superior alveolar) injection will give you profound pulpal anesthesia from the mesiobuccal root of the maxillary first molar to the central incisor without anesthetizing the patient’s lip and face. The P-ASA (palatal-anterior superior alveolar) is a single-site palatal injection that anesthetizes from cuspid to cuspid and related gingival tissue without collateral numbness to the lips and face. The AMSA and P-ASA can be performed virtually painlessly using the ControlFlo rate of the STA system. I urge you to contact Milestone and try this system that will replace the patient-dreaded syringe forever. This state-of-the-art technology is a great source of patient referrals and a tremendous practice builder. Your patients deserve the very best and will appreciate you for providing it to them. Contact Milestone Scientific at for more information.

AlgiNot FS™ from Kerr
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AlgiNot FS™ from Kerr — Today's dentistry demands multiple models from one impression, which cannot be accomplished with ordinary alginate impressions. AlgiNot FS is an alginate alternative material that is ideal for preliminary impressions, provisional impressions, orthodontic models, bite registration, sports guards, bleaching trays, models for cosmetic wax-ups, and more. This is an improved material with a much better consistency that does not run or slump. The faster one-minute working time and two-minute set time improves patient comfort and eliminates the mess of regular alginate. These impressions can be poured multiple times without distortion or tearing. And you can keep these AlgiNot FS impressions because they retain their shape and do not require special storage. Order from your dealer or go to for more information.

Composi-Tight Matrix Forceps from Garrison Dental Solutions —

Composi-Tight Matrix Forceps from Garrison Dental Solutions
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I have most of my problems with retainers when it comes time to remove them. I get great contacts — so great that I cannot get the matrix out. Patients really love me (not) when these things happen during a routine procedure, such as putting in a filling. They know by the look on my face and my assistant's face that something is wrong. Invariably, this is the time when the anesthesia begins to wear off and patients begin to "feel things" as I struggle to wedge their teeth apart to get the matrix out. If this scenario is familiar to you, then you need the new Composi-Tight Matrix Forceps, which not only helps you remove the matrix, it also helps you place the matrix easily. The key is the tungsten carbide tip that provides the exceptional grip necessary for band removal. I have not seen another instrument that holds a matrix band as tight as these forceps, which allow you to remove the band from any restoration. Another plus is the ability to control the placement of the matrix band with the certainty that it will not slip or distort in the interproximal area. To order, call Garrison Dental Solutions at (888) 437-0032 or order online at

LuxaCore® Z-Dual by Zenith Dental
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LuxaCore® Z-Dual by Zenith Dental — Here is a great new product that makes post cementation and core build-up faster and easier. LuxaCore Z-Dual is dual-cure cement that is delivered by an automix cartridge system or by the new smartmix syringe system, which produces a creamy mix in a bubble-free formula with a 20 micron film thickness. This cement can be used for cementing endodontic posts, and then using the same cement with or without a matrix, accomplish the core build-up as well. Zenith has added zirconium dioxide to LuxaCore Z-Dual to increase the compressive strength that makes prepping the core just like prepping dentin. The cement comes in a dentin shade that matches existing dentin well. This is a great addition to the Zenith Dental line that includes LuxaBond® – Total Etch and LuxaPost®, which work as a system with LuxaCore Z-Dual for post- endodontic restorations. Order from your dealer or go to for more information.

"hogbristles, hucksters & radioactive paste" by Drs. Curt Hamann and Ben Swanson
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"hogbristles, hucksters & radioactive paste," a new book — Dr. Curt Hamann, CEO and Medical Director of SmartPractice, teamed with Dr. Ben Swanson, esteemed dental historian and "dental collector extraordinaire," to create a visual extravaganza of dentistry postcards. This book is a veritable celebration of dentistry — worldwide — as pictured on original postcards dating back to the late 19th century when the "golden age" of postcards began. This easy-reading volume is packed with fascinating facts about dentistry's history. The pages sparkle with superbly photographed color images of postcards from Dr. Swanson's spectacular collection. Did you ever know about Ricksecker's Dentaroma? Sanitol? Steedman's Soothing Powders? Electro Dental Parlors? Painless Parker? "String" extractions? Dr. Pierre's Dentifrices? Kalodont? Siwak sticks? Trix Breath Perfume? Rubifoam? Spirelli and his "iron jaw" feats? Saint Apollonia? These represent a small sampling of the rich content of this attractive work. Besides the enjoyment any dentist or others in the profession will derive from this book, it will also be a delightful diversion for all of dentistry"s patients as it graces the bookshelves and magazine tables of reception rooms everywhere. "hogbristles, hucksters & radioactive paste" (Item 10-1363) is available from SmartPractice (a division of SmartHealth, Inc.), 3400 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85008-7899. Call (800)-522-0800 or visit

Informed Consent Forms by Stepping Stones to Success
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Informed Consent Forms by Stepping Stones to Success — It is an unfortunate fact that more and more dentists are facing malpractice suits. There are many reasons for this, but failure to adequately explain and document treatment options, costs, and risks has to top the list. My good friend, Carol Tekavec, CDA, RDH, put together a great booklet of Informed Consent Forms that you cannot afford to be without. These forms follow accepted consent guidelines: treatment recommendations, risks, alternative treatments and their risks, consequences of doing nothing, and fees. They can definitely reduce your chance of facing a lawsuit. Of course, you should obtain legal counsel prior to use. One of the excuses I often hear from dentists is that they just never get around to producing these forms, so they don't do anything. Now, Carol has done all the work for you in both English and Spanish versions. This is one of those pearls that you need to act on right now — pick up the phone and dial (800) 548-2164 and place your order! Then go to Carol's Web site at www.
and see what else you're missing out on!

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