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The i2: The next generation Isolite from Isolite Systems - If you are an Isolite user, you know some of the issues with the original system.

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Th 0511depea01a
i2 from Isolite Systems
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The i2: The next generation Isolite from Isolite Systems - If you are an Isolite user, you know some of the issues with the original system. Here is a great company that listens to its customers and finds solutions. The new i2 is a strong, lightweight, titanium unit that weighs only 2.5 ounces, making it easy to move and use between operatories - but it’s even better to have a unit in every room! The new, streamlined design integrates electrical supply with vacuum, eliminating the need for a separate fiberoptic bundle. This means that the i2 is less cumbersome to use, and can have a home on your assistant’s toolbar right next to the syringes and suction tips. The i2 introduces new proprietary technology that utilizes vacuum to cool the LED light. This technology is a first in the dental industry. With this design, Isolite has eliminated fiberoptics and light boxes from your operatory. The LED light is ultra bright, extremely long lasting, and allows fingertip adjustment of the light intensity. Another great innovation are the dual fingertip controls for vacuum strength. You can adjust the maxillary and the mandibular controls separately. This is especially helpful when the patient has tooth sensitivity or there is low vacuum in the operatory. The i2 is a terrific unit that comes with a disposable, single-use, flexible Isolite mouthpiece that is available in four sizes. My hygienist loves the Isolite for root-planing and curettage. She is able to see with great light in a dry field with tongue and saliva control. My hygienist now easily completes two quadrants in much less time with more comfort for the patient and less stress for her. You will be amazed at how easily the i2 installs in operatory in just a few minutes with no special tools. As always, you have 30 days to decide with Isolite’s 30-day, money-back guarantee. You can’t lose with this one! Order by calling (800) 560-6066, or visit today. Mention code DE 1105 and receive four free operatory packs of Isolite mouthpieces - a $100 value with the purchase of a system.

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SiroTorque L electric handpiece system from Sirona
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SiroTorque L from Sirona - The era of the electric handpiece is here and it is time for you to embrace this great technology. The electric handpiece gives you everything you always wanted - quiet and smooth running, constant and powerful speeds, and a constant, high torque at every speed level. The electric handpiece helps you to do better dentistry with less stress for you and the patient. The SiroTorque L is intended for operating an electric motor at a dental treatment center with the existing air and water supply. You have two choices of electric motors and handpieces. I really like the SL motor and the T1 Classic handpiece. This combination gives you a handpiece that covers the entire motor, so you don’t have to worry about sterilizing the motor - giving you the optimal hygiene. The T1 Classic is perfectly balanced, providing unbeatable ergonomics. Other features include a titanium sheath that is 43 percent lighter than steel, an integrated glass-rod fiberoptic, a compact fixed head, FG and latch-type burs, a light on/off option with a light intensity adjustment, and speed ratios from 1:5 through 24:1 that are continuously adjustable at the unit as well as with the foot control. This combination will give you constant torque for better control and precise tooth preparation, quiet operation, and no vibration for your own and your patient’s comfort. The design of the SiroTorque L gives you the flexibility of a satellite upgrade option. This option allows you to place the satellite control in a convenient location for changing speeds and directions. Stop thinking about it. You owe it to yourself to get an electric handpiece and enjoy prepping teeth! Your patients will love you for it. Order the SiroTorque L motor and the T1 Classic handpiece from your dealer. Call Sirona at (800) 659-5977, or visit for more information.

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AlgiNot alginate alternative from Kerr Dental
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AlgiNot from Kerr Dental - I have often wished that I could pour another model, but we used an alginate impression material. It is impossible to pour an alginate more than once; the second pour is just not accurate. Alginate has been the only cost-effective alternative when you want quick set time, mild flavors, and low cost. However, you should consider the downside, which includes poor dimensional stability, hazardous dust, messy hand mixing, and cleanup of the bowls and spatulas - plus a lot of wasted time! Kerr has what they think is a better way - AlgiNot - The Alginate Alternative. This is an outstanding A-silicone impression material that has improved physical properties over traditional alginate materials. AlgiNot is a reliable alginate alternative that has a quick set time, excellent detail reproduction, compatibility with disinfection products, peppermint scent, and dimensional accuracy and stability. It is simple to use and saves the dental assistant a lot of time. AlgiNot is suitable for preliminary impressions for case study models, orthodontic models, opposing models, bleaching models, and provisional crown and bridge. When you put time into the equation, AlgiNot is an extremely cost-effective impression material that will save you money. Your office needs and deserves this product and your clinical assistants will love you for it. So, when you want to pour that impression more than once, reach for AlgiNot. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

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SpillSeal washable computer keyboard from Unotron
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SpillSeal® Washable Computer Keyboards by Unotron - Now there is finally a viable keyboard for the dental treatment room. Properly cleaning and disinfecting computer keyboards has always been a problem. Standard keyboards incorporate upturned domes underneath each key and the keys are either set in a rubber mat or are single and loose. When liquids are applied, the fluids can easily pass around the keys, damaging the equipment and rendering it inoperable. As a result, the keyboards cannot be cleaned, and remain in place - getting dirtier with every use until they are finally discarded. SpillSeal computer keyboards are manufactured and assembled so that the dome under each key is welded in the key assembly, allowing the keyboard to be cleaned and disinfected using commercial or hospital-grade cleansers and sealing it against liquid entering the keyboard. This is a great new product that every dental office needs to stop the transmission of bacteria! To order, call (800) 381-5817 or visit for more information.

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Eezee-Grip digital sensor holder by DENTSPLY Rinn
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Eezee-Grip® Digital Sensor Holder by Dentsply Rinn - Save time with this quick and easy-to-set-up universal instrument. Simply insert you favorite sensor, squeeze, and you are ready to go. The Eezee-Grip makes the whole process easier and more comfortable for your patient. This instrument is great for all anterior and posterior radiographs, including the third molar region. It is fully steam autoclavable for complete patient protection. If you like using a Snap-A-Ray® for conventional X-ray film, you will love the Eezee-Grip when your office changes over to digital radiography. It uses essentially the same technique, but holds a digital sensor instead of X-ray film. Order from your dealer or call (800) 323-0970 or go online to for more information.

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