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Aug. 1, 2011
WedgeGuard by Triodent

Joe Blaes, DDS

WedgeGuard by TriodentI am sure that at one time or another we have all had the experience, while cutting a Class II preparation, of cutting an adjacent tooth or damaging an existing restoration. It requires us to stop, polish, or replace the existing restoration, or polish or restore the adjacent tooth depending on the damage. This is a waste of time. So, some of us will slow down when it comes time to break a contact in order to avoid the damage. There is a better way! Triodent has come to the rescue with another great product. With WedgeGuard, there’s no need to slow down when breaking the contact because it removes risk of damaging the adjacent tooth and the papilla. So you can do preps better and faster at the same time. When you finish the cavity prep, the guard is detached while the wedge stays in place, ready for the insertion of a matrix beside it. This one step more than pays for the cost of the WedgeGuard. Leaving the wedge in place will prevent reactive hyperemia (bleeding or crevicular fluids), which will ensure a clean, easy-to-see working area. You save the cost of another wedge (not huge but still a saving). It is ideal for Class II and III cavities, veneers and crowns, and tunnel preps, and comes in three sizes: small (white), medium (pink), and large (purple). WedgeGuard also retains all the qualities of the award-winning Triodent Wave-Wedge. The interproximal contour will ensure the sealing capability on the gingival margin. This prevents leakage into the cavity preparation. The V-shaped concavity protects the gingival papilla and allows you to insert another wedge from the opposite side of the embrasure. The WedgeGuard is shaped to be self-guiding and self-locating, making it gentle on the patient. This is a great addition to your restorative armamentarium. For complete information, videos, and to order, go to
Tru-Align by Interactive Diagnostic ImagingOne of the most remarkable benefits of this system is the improved diagnostic quality of the X-ray images. By collimating the X-ray beam accurately, the images are clearer and crisper and contain greater information regardless of X-ray machine or receptor type. This translates into improved patient care and increased practice revenue. One new periodontal case each month or one additional Class II restoration weekly equates to additional treatment income annually. As most of you already know, the problem with collimation has always been aiming the beam. Tru-Align acts like the scope on a rifle. The beam is only 2% larger than the receptor (which can be sensor, phosphor plate, or film). There is almost no scatter effect (noise). This results in clearer, crisper images. A round cone acts like a shotgun so radiation exits the cone in a spreading pattern. Only about 10% of the beam actually hits the receptor. Many photons are scattered into a patient’s tissues or reflected onto the receptor as “noise” or “fog.” This compromises the image resolution and diminishes the diagnostic quality. Rectangular collimation of the X-ray beam is highly recommended as a means of decreasing the radiation dose to the patient. When the beam is collimated, the size of the beam is smaller and the radiograph quality is better because there is less scatter. The image is clearer, the image quality is improved, and the area of human tissue being irradiated is reduced. Tru-Align fits on any round cone with a diameter of 2.5 to 3 inches. There is no need to remove the existing cone. Simply slide Tru-Align on, tighten, and it’s ready to use. It installs in seconds and significantly reduces staff training time. I gave my Tru-Align to Karen, my hygienist, and told her to put it on and give it a test drive. She quickly became familiar with it and trained all of us in its easy use. Training was remarkably easy and fast. Because Tru-Align has an audible and light signal when the beam and receptor are in exact alignment, even a novice can take perfect images in just minutes. You continue to use the most common film/phosphor plate/sensor holders by RINN and FLOW so there is no change in your technique. An internal LED laser ensures perfect alignment and no guesswork so there are no cone cuts. When the laser and ring reflector holder are exactly aligned, the ring magnetically secures the holder to the Tru-Align. The green lights on the front edge activate and the unit beeps, indicating a perfect image every time! To place an order or to obtain more information, go to or call (855) 434-9729 for customer service.
The Progeny Vantage™ Panoramic System by Progeny – A Midmark CompanyThis is a great new system in digital panoramic imaging with its advanced technology, elegant design, and efficient positioning. With precision alignment tools, positioning has never been easier. A chin rest, bite block, two handles, and two motorized temple supports provide comfortable patient stability. Three laser beams quickly and accurately pinpoint the midsagittal line, Frankfort plane, and focal trough positions that are so necessary for consistent image quality. Height adjustments are computer controlled for smoothly paced movement and patient comfort. Best of all, these tools are within easy reach from the touch control pads, and are conveniently located on both sides of the patient table. Progeny Vantage delivers detailed diagnostic images with dependable consistency through a combination of technology advancements. CCD imaging technology, automatic spinal compensation, and advanced robotics provided by 3-Motion™ Imaging Rotation sets a superior panoramic imaging foundation. With an ideal focal trough supported by multidimensional movement, Vantage images provide optimal clarity and contrast throughout the dental arch. VantageTouch™ is your panoramic communications center. From here, you can select from five preprogrammed exams, customize patient and technique selections, and preview images. Just tap the screen to make your choices. Its intuitive gesture control interface responds much like today’s smartphones, bringing efficiency and simplicity to set-up and image capture. The five preprogrammed selections provide the basis for virtually every clinical exam you will need. When customization is called for, it’s just a touch away. Progeny Vantage offers an expanded techniques range of 54 to 84kV and 4 to 14mA to provide more control and more options for unique patient needs. The standard adult pan produces clear diagnostic images while the enhanced adult pan gives increased interproximal spacing. The pediatric pan has a reduced dose with clear diagnostic images. You can do TMJ studies with this system in both the open and closed positions with the results compiled on one image. Complete bitewings can be obtained on one image. VantageTouch can be positioned for your convenience. Its large, easily-visible screen displays the exam image immediately after acquisition for instant evaluation. VantageTouch speeds workflow from start to finish. Order from your dealer or go to for more information.
Sheer White!™ by CAO Group Inc.This product is the latest advancement in the whitening market. I came across this product at the Greater New York Meeting and was fascinated by the delivery system. I tried one of the whitening films at the company’s booth even though my teeth are covered by porcelain because I wanted to test the delivery system. This one is different. It goes on easy because it is sticky. Apply the film to the facials of the teeth slightly covering the gingival tissue; then fold Sheer White!™ over the incisal onto the lingual of the teeth. The film seals tightly to teeth and gums to keep 20% carbamide peroxide gel against the teeth. The gel does not run down the throat like it does with trays. It stays where it is placed and whitens fast. It can be worn for two hours or even overnight. The longer wear time means faster whitening. This product does not require an impression, there are no models to pour, and no trays to make. It is easy to teach patients how to use Sheer White!™. They will prefer it over trays or strips. Because the film fits so tight and is comfortable, they can speak normally with no lisping or drooling. It tastes good, too! Patients can even have a drink while wearing it. Because patients are comfortable, they are more compliant with finishing whitening, and they get faster results. Whitening results are similar to that with trays except no trays are required. Patients A2 or lighter usually require one patient kit. Patients A3 or darker may require more (just like with syringes). If your patients require touch-up treatment, what could be easier than Sheer White!™? It is a very comfortable whitening system, and it is a great value. When compared to other professional products, it can be less expensive to dispense. When you consider the costs of taking an impression, pouring and trimming a model, fabricating a tray, and extra chair time, it is no contest. To request a free sample, call (877) 236-4495 or send an email to [email protected]. Sheer White!™ is available through Henry Schein Dental by calling (800) 372-4346 to order.

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