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May 1, 2011
HERO™ Pit & Fissure Sealant from Discus Dental

Dr. Joe Blaes

HERO™ Pit & Fissure Sealant from Discus Dental: This is the one you have been waiting for! Imagine a pit and fissure sealant that does not require a bonding agent, and is best used on a slightly moist tooth. The result is one less step, and the tooth does not have to be perfectly dry. Discus Dental has licensed Embrace™ Technology from Pulpdent Corporation. HERO has the best chemistry in dentistry today for pit and fissure sealants. This material features evidence-based technology backed by more than six years of research for retention and caries prevention. It will help hygienists, pediatric dentists, and general dentists deliver improved caries prevention care to patients. HERO is the only resin sealant that is moisture tolerant and works in a moist field. It is the only resin sealant that has been shown to remineralize the teeth. It is the only resin sealant that releases fluoride at the same rate as a resin-modified, glass ionomer. HERO is the best resin sealant to help prevent biofilm, and it is antibacterial. The material is 100% bisphenol-free. With this product, the moisture in the mouth is beneficial, and bonding agents are not indicated. Simply etch for 15 seconds, apply HERO to the slightly moist tooth, and cure. After curing, the sealant margin is undetectable and the explorer will slide right across the margins so there is no chipping, staining, or leaking of the margin. For more information or to purchase HERO, visit Discus’ website at or contact customer service at (800) 422-9448.
Nevi® Series of Sickle Scalers from Hu-Friedy: These scalers are innovative designs for effective deposit removal. The Nevi series has been inspired by simple, thought-improved clinician performance. Each is an example of Hu-Friedy’s commitment to quality product innovation for you and your patients. From the unique angle of each working end to the “stay sharper longer” proprietary EverEdge® Technology, each Nevi sickle scaler is designed to help you scale efficiently and allow for access and reach into difficult areas. Plus, the ergonomic handles allow for a more comfortable scaling experience, stroke after stroke. The Nevi 1 Anterior has two distinct working ends that remove lingual stain and calculus with a round disc working end and remove interproximal calculus with a small, thin, curved sickle scaler. Nevi 2 Posterior has super-thin, contra-angled cutting blades that provide precise interproximal reach that easily extends under the contact point for removal of calculus with minimal tissue trauma. The ergonomic contra-angle design provides for increased clinician comfort by allowing for a neutral wrist position while scaling. Nevi 3 Posterior has ultra-slender, dual-cutting blades that provide for effective placement in tight, narrow contacts and interproximal areas for effective removal of light-to-moderate deposits. The unique contra-angle bends provide superior access, reach, and adaptation to posterior areas. Nevi 4 Posterior has tapered, dual-cutting blades that provide for effective deposit removal. The increased shank rigidity provides for powerfully effective strokes with less effort and less hand fatigue while making effective removal of burnished, heavy, and tenacious deposits possible. Visit to learn more about all of the company’s instruments that help you perform your best.
Dayli™ for Whitening Sensitivity from Preventech: I have been looking for this product for years. I have always wanted to have a product so that I could assure patients that they would not have any sensitivity during or after the process. Here it is. The breakdown of the peroxide in whitening products expands dentinal tubules, increasing the pulp’s sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli such as food and beverages. Potential sources of irritation include exposure of the tooth to elevated temperatures for an extended period of time, (activating light) during bleaching, dehydration of the tooth, and the penetration of the peroxide bleaching agent into the nerve tissue. Dayli’s sodium fluoride ions infiltrate the tubules and effectively block access to the pulp chamber. Patients who brush with Dayli one to two weeks prior to whitening can remineralize tooth structure and help prevent sensitivity. Dayli’s 5% potassium nitrate works chemically by calming the nerve of the tooth, preventing the transmission of painful stimuli. Patients who brush with Dayli postwhitening can receive effective sensitivity relief within two weeks. Dayli’s unique combination of remineralization and desensitizing agents provides a convenient one-step treatment for patients. Dispensing Dayli from your office adds convenience and helps ensure immediate compliance to your treatment regime. Dayli is a prescription-strength 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride brush-on gel with maximum fluoride protection (5,000 ppm) and sensitivity relief (5% potassium nitrate). Dayli is sweetened with xylitol, a proven plaque inhibitor. Dayli’s crystal-clear, dye-free formula won’t stain teeth and undermine your good work. Dayli is available in fresh mint and grape and comes with a 100% guarantee. Ask your dealer for Dayli for dispensing to patients or call (800) 474-8681. Visit the company at Visit the company at
Freedom from Orascoptic: I have been using magnification in my practice for more than 35 years and my hygienists have been doing so for more than 10 years. When Orascoptic introduced a fiber-optic headlight in 1995, it was just what I was looking for! The only problem I had with it was that I was attached by a wire to a stationary light generator. I pulled that generator off the counter a number of times before I finally got in the habit of unplugging it before I went to check with a hygienist. But the cords were always a hassle even when I moved to a battery pack. I was always catching the wire on something! Freedom seemed too good to be true. How could the batteries be built into the glasses and not be extremely heavy? I sat down and listened at the ADA meeting while the folks at Orascoptic explained all the features and benefits of this sleek-looking new magnification and light system with no wires. But the real test was in trying Freedom on and checking out the weight on my nose and head. I have to tell you that these are the lightest magnifiers with a light source that I have ever put on. The innovative design features a weight-neutralizing counter balance between the battery pods and the headlight. The weight disbursement can be customized to relieve all forward pressure on the nose. The unit felt like it was perfectly balanced on my head and face. The lenses on my Rudy Project sports frame come around on the side to totally protect my eyes from spray and debris. Now is your chance to experience freedom in a whole new light. The innovative Freedom light is powered by small, rechargeable battery pods that attach directly to the loupe frame. There are no cumbersome cables or heavy belt packs! The lightweight headlight delivers 5,000 foot candles and will maintain its intensity during the full run-time of the batteries. Each battery pod will provide power for three hours and then automatically switch to the other pod. A flashing light on the frame alerts you to the switch. Innovative capacitive touch technology allows the practitioner to control the light while holding instruments, and also eliminates bacteria traps associated with traditional buttons, knobs, or switches. Now, here comes some really great news. The compact pods and lightweight headlight attach to virtually any TTL loupe model on the market. The Freedom system includes a battery charging station and four fast-charging, hot swappable batteries. Each delivers three hours of illumination. Call (800) 369-3698 or visit for more information.

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