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Pure magic!

Feb. 1, 2004
What if your patients could have their smiles captured in a mirror and then, with a click of a button, actually see how their smiles would look after bleaching?

Joe Blaes, DDS

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Pearl No. 1: Magic Mirror™ by BriteSmile. What if your patients could have their smiles captured in a mirror and then, with a click of a button, actually see how their smiles would look after bleaching? In less than a minute, patients can view a before-and-after image of their smile. Leave it to the folks at BriteSmile to bring this innovative product to the dental marketplace. The Magic Mirror is the first product of its kind in the teeth whitening industry. Can you imagine how easily you could market bleaching in your practice with a Magic Mirror? This is a powerful marketing tool simply because many patients want to know what their teeth will look like after bleaching treatment. Now you can show them! Bleaching is a great way to introduce your patients to the wonderful world of aesthetic dentistry. Magic Mirror shows patients in real time what their smile will look like after bleaching. Contact BriteSmile at 1-888-744-4161 or visit their Web site at for more information.

Pearl No. 2: SaniTyze™ Waterless Moisturizing Antimicrobial Gel by Crosstex. Did you know that the CDC Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee's guidelines indicate that waterless alcohol rubs may replace soap and water as the leading recommended tool for hand disinfectant? The newest guidelines advise that alcohol, no-rinse rubs and gels are recommended over hand washing, unless your hands are visibly soiled. This winter has been a really tough time in terms of hand hygiene. This year we have had to contend with all the normal hand cleaning procedures plus the added concern of flu. Improving hand hygiene will definitely prevent the spread of germs from one patient to another. (The CDC says the best way to avoid the flu is frequent hand washing). Dental health care professionals may be more inclined to use alcohol-based hand rubs because they are more convenient. Recent studies show that these hand rubs actually reduce the number of bacteria on the hands more effectively than washing with soap and water.

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The folks at Crosstex have long been innovators in the infection control field and they now bring us SaniTyze, a new alcohol waterless rub. We have been using this product at the office for several months with great results - our hands have never felt better. We use the well designed, wall-mounted, one-touch dispensing system for ease of use and access. The easier SaniTyze is to use, the more use it will get. One touch dispenses the right amount of SaniTyze to kill bacteria in as little as 15 seconds, leaving your hands safe, protected, moisturized, and conditioned. You don't need water, towels, or air dryers! I recommend that you order SaniTyze from your dealer today and experience better hand hygiene tomorrow! Contact Crosstex at (888) CROSSTEX or for more information.

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Pearl No. 3: Captek™ Crowns and Bridges by Captek. One of the big problems in replacing a natural tooth with a crown or a bridge is ensuring that the replacement does not damage the surrounding gingival tissues. Today we deal with many different types of metal substructures to produce our porcelain fused-to-metal crowns. Some of these metals cause changes in the surrounding tissues that can result in periodontal disease and eventual loss of supporting bone structure. Captek is an advanced metallurgic technology for producing high-gold metal substructures for crowns and bridges. It has the same strength as the platinum/palladium family of cast alloy. Captek's gold substructure provides a crown that looks natural at the gum line, eliminating any graying of the tissue or black lines. Platinum strengthens the pure gold substructure, giving it exceptional physical properties. This technique eliminates the investing and casting phases that can lead to problems when fitting crowns and bridges. The finished gold core is three-tenths of a millimeter thick and it requires less opaque on the metal. This means that your lab technician has more space for placement of porcelain to achieve the shade you have selected. In my practice, I see a number of patients who have either real or imagined allergies to metals. They want assurances from me that the materials I use will be biocompatible. I can certainly recommend Captek in these cases. Another very important point in my practice is tissue compatibility. Studies have shown that Captek reduces the accumulation of bacteria at the gum line by 90 percent compared to natural tooth structure. This means that these crowns and bridges are easier to keep clean and actually resist bacterial activity. The next time you send a case to your dental lab, request Captek.

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Pearl No. 4: "Seeking Happiness in Dental Practice" by Dr. Richard T. Ford. In November, I attended Dr. Omer Reed's "Million Dollar Roundtable" and heard a presentation by Dr. Ford on his outstanding new book. This is the best and most complete book I have seen for the recent (or soon to be) dental graduate who is interested in becoming a member of an existing dental practice or starting one. It is also written for the senior/owner dentist who will be associating with (or selling to) that recent graduate. This book is NOT research-based — it is experience-based. The information comes not only from Dr. Ford's personal experience in private practice and as a dental educator, but also from several visionaries and mentors within the dental profession. Most significantly, it comes from a supportive network of people who have had experience in dealing with dentists and the dental business and who have shown a substantial interest in helping dentists become successful. Included with the book is a CD with printable resources including Financial Statement, Budget, Salary Worksheet, Valuation Formulas, and Partnership Contract.

A Web membership is included, which allows for access to classified listings of Practice Opportunities and Support Professionals. This book is an absolute must for every dentist. It will help every young dentist avoid many problems when they are planning for happiness and success in a dental practice. It also will help every dentist who may be considering adding an associate. To order or for information, go to

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