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July 1, 2010
There have always been two things wrong with glass ionomer restoratives. One, they are not very esthetic, and two, they wash out over time.

Joe Blaes, DDS

Ketac™ Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative from 3M ESPE — There have always been two things
Ketac™ Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative from 3M ESPEwrong with glass ionomer restoratives. One, they are not very esthetic, and two, they wash out over time. Some of you who have been around for awhile remember the silicate restorations that we placed in anterior teeth. They were not very esthetic, washed out in a couple of years, and then needed to be replaced. This has changed with the development of the Ketac™ Nano Glass Ionomer, which is the first paste/paste, resin-modified glass ionomer developed with nanotechnology. Because nanofillers and nanoclusters add benefits that are not usually associated with GIs, such as esthetics, they have resulted in a new category of GI restorative: the nano-ionomer. This is the GI with a great, natural-looking polish. 3M ESPE’s nano-sized particles are more uniform in size, producing an excellent polish. The new delivery system for Ketac™ Nano is an innovative Quick Mix Capsule that saves time, steps, and improves the overall mixing results by mixing the two pastes inside the tip. Each unit-dose capsule contains accurate amounts of the two pastes so there is no measuring needed. The correct position of the tip for mixing and dispensing is extended straight out — not bent at an angle. With significantly fewer steps, dental assistants find they can prepare the Quick Mix Capsule three times faster than a triturated capsule. Ketac™ Nano is also available in a 40-dose Clicker™ Dispenser. For restorative situations in which esthetics and fluoride release are important, Ketac™ Nano is your answer. For more information, order from your dealer or visit Maintenance Care Starter Kit featuring Implacare™ and Colorvue® from Hu-Friedy — There is now
Implant Maintenance Care Starter Kit featuring Implacare™ and Colorvue® from Hu-Friedysolid clinical research that supports the use of non-metal instrument choices for the care of dental implants. The instruments are available upon request. Hu-Friedy has always been committed to providing safe and efficacious products for the long-term oral health of dental implant patients. The Implant Maintenance Care Kit is safe to use around all dental implants because it will not scratch or alter surfaces. Hu-Friedy has designed the Implacare tips to be easily replaced when they get worn by simply screwing in a new tip. In my office, the Colorvue tips are a favorite because they have long-term reuse and are autoclavable. Colorvue tips are also easily removed and replaced. Implacare tips are designed with PLASTEEL™, which is durable and contains no fillers that will damage a patient’s dental implants. The Implacare & Colorvue systems feature a Satin Steel handle that is lightweight and ergonomic for optimal balance and control. Colorvue probes feature vivid yellow tips with easy-to-read black markings to provide the greatest intraoral visibility for easier and faster assessments. The Colorvue probe has been my choice since it was first introduced to the dental market. This probe is included in every examination and hygiene instrument setup in my office. My team has found the Implant Maintenance Checklist especially valuable in ensuring consistent documentation. Take this easy step to protect your patient’s valuable implants by ordering your Implacare and Colorvue instruments now. Call 1-800-Hu-Friedy or contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer representative to place an order, or visit the company online at 33TB Wipes from SciCan Inc. — When I look at a surface disinfectant, I want it to be a broadband killer
OPTIM 33TB Wipes from SciCan Inc.of the “bugs.” I need them to be dead, but I do not want a product that is so active that it sacrifices staff safety. OPTIM does this. I look for a product that is not only safe for the environment but safe for staff and patients. OPTIM is an EPA Class IV, which means there are no warning labels on the product. It will not say, “Do not get it on your skin, do not breathe the vapor, and do not get it in your eyes.” Finally, I can breathe while I clean! I also look for a product that is a great cleaner and a superb surface disinfectant. OPTIM does this, too. It is great on dental chairs and stools. Finally, I look for a product that is quick. This product has a one-minute contact time. It is the only balanced product that is this fast. OPTIM is based on hydrogen peroxide. Accelerated hydrogen peroxide is the first revolutionary disinfectant technology to be developed in 20 years. With AHP, OPTIM 33TB is formulated to address the balance between safety and efficacy, which is often neglected by traditional disinfectants (i.e., contact time, cleaning efficacy, safety and/or environmental concerns). OPTIM has a great environmental and safety profile with no strong chemical odor. It has an active ingredient that breaks down into oxygen and water within one minute of disposing it into the sewage system. It is nonflammable and nonirritating to eyes and skin. All of this is supplied in a premium wipes design that is ready for use. A unique nonwoven bond pattern ensures that the liquid is deposited on the surface instead of staying inside the wipe. The wipes remain wet and do not dry. They are durable and strong with no lint residue. The wipes are capable of covering a large area with minimal wipe use, making this product an economical choice. Once you try OPTIM 33TB, you will be satisfied you have finally found a friendly surface disinfectant. Order from your dealer, visit, or call (800) 572-1211 for more information.Moist SURE™ from Sultan Healthcare — This is a new complete line of hand hygiene products that includes
Moist SURE™ from Sultan Healthcaresanitizers, soap, lotion, and a dispenser to care for professional hands and encourage compliance. The very first time you use Moist SURE™, you will know you have a product that is kind to your hands. It is clinically proven to moisturize skin to keep your hands feeling great all day. Unlike other alcohol-based sanitizers that dry skin, Moist SURE™ liquid sanitizer contains enhanced emollients to moisturize your hands like a lotion. It keeps skin hydrated and soft for up to two hours after each use. This product kills MRSA and VRE in five seconds, and has fast effectiveness against antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. Moist SURE™ liquid sanitizer meets the FDA-proposed performance standards for health-care personnel hand wash. It is designed for the frequent use of dental professionals. Sanitizers bought at the store are not formulated to perform at this level. Moist SURE™ is as good as or better than a 4% chlorhexidine gluconate product. CHG has been the “gold standard” in hand hygiene, but its drying effect can be undesirable! With Moist SURE™, you get the same level of protection but with the soothing feel of a lotion. Moist SURE™ lotion feels wonderful on your skin. It rubs in quickly, with no sticky or greasy feel. Its free-flowing formula gets into cracks and nail beds for better coverage and protection. For better feeling hands, order the Moist SURE™ line from your dealer today. Your team will love you for it. Visit www. for more information.Aquacut Quattro from Velopex — This is a unique, new, patented generation of cutting tool that takes the
Aquacut Quattro from Velopexoriginal concept of air abrasion — and with the addition of fluid — creates Aquabrasion, a far more efficient and gentle technology. Besides functioning as a cutting tool, the Aquacut also cleans, polishes, and dries. This is conservative, tooth-friendly dentistry in which there is no chipping or stress fractures and only minimal removal of sound tooth material. You will find treatment times are reduced because of the quickness and versatility of this product. This is minimally invasive dentistry at its best. You can treat multiple quadrants on a single visit. The Aquacut is a must for modern adhesive dental techniques because it increases the bond strength to enamel and dentin. The Aquacut Quattro’s unique fluid curtain suppresses the powder emissions that are common with past air abrasion units, while simultaneously increasing cutting efficiency by constantly removing debris that has been created in the cutting process. The use of fluid reduces the need for high air pressure levels, thereby increasing patient comfort. At the turn of a switch, Aquacut Quattro changes into a powerful cutting tool that will — in many instances — cancel the need to use a dental handpiece. It is a noncontact instrument. There is no vibration, heat generation, or turbine noise. In most cases, there is no need for an anesthetic. The Aquacut Quattro enables you to perform a fast and effective cleaning of a patient’s mouth to give a quicker and more accurate diagnosis of his or her dental condition. It is available through your dental dealer. For Aquacut Quattro video demonstrations and testimonials, visit

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