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Sept. 1, 2010
Last November I had the privilege to visit Discus for two days.
ZEN Cordless Prophy from Discus – Last November I had the privilege to visit Discus for two days. The invite
ZEN Cordless Prophy from Discuscame right from the top, CEO Steve Semmelmayer. I was treated to two days of visits to the Discus manufacturing site, and a full day of seeing and using the new innovative products slated to be launched in 2010. One of the most exciting products I saw was the ZEN. For years, I have watched my hygienists struggle with prophy handpieces. I have bought much equipment trying to solve their dilemma of weight, and being attached to a cord that gets tangled, twisted, and pinched, to no avail. Discus has introduced ZEN, an innovative polishing system. ZEN is a cordless, yet powerful prophy handpiece that eliminates cord clutter and drag. Its lightweight design and wireless foot pedal deliver ergonomic advantages you will feel immediately. The advanced lithium battery provides power to last all day, while the autoclavable barrier shells and disposable angles address and simplify infection-control concerns. If the ZEN handpiece feels like it was made for the hygienist, it was. It is not unusual for hygienists to do 40 or more procedures a week. As such, they have looked for a lighter handpiece. Now they have ZEN, which is 16 grams lighter than the market leader. The handpiece is balanced, comfortable, and secure. The form-fitting, sure-grip barrier shell means that they will not have to use a slippery barrier "baggie" again. Hygienists can hold it in a more natural and neutral position without fighting cord drag, so stress and fatigue are reduced. Another first is that ZEN is virtually maintenance-free. It does not require lubricating or reconditioning. With its ergonomically advanced handpiece and cordless design, ZEN brings a new level of comfort and performance to the operatory. The innovative motor and lithium battery offer the power to which hygienists are accustomed. If you want to score some points with your hygienists and assistants, buy a ZEN for your treatment rooms and think of the money you will save on handpiece maintenance. Order by calling (800) 422-9448 or visiting for more information.Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative from 3M ESPE – 3M ESPE has changed its market-leading
Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative from 3M ESPEuniversal composite again by further improving the initial polish and long-term retention of that polish. Nanometer-sized particles are the reason Filtek™ Supreme Ultra restorative retains its brilliant polish. 3M ESPE builds its nanocomposite using a patented process that creates unique clusters of nanometer-sized particles. The nanoclusters shear at a rate similar to the wear of the surrounding resin matrix during abrasion. This allows the restoration to maintain a smoother surface for long-term polish retention. You will find Filtek™ Supreme Ultra more user-friendly with more single-shade solutions, bold labels that are easier to read, and a range of shades and opacities from which to choose. The fluorescence of the composite has been enhanced, helping you create natural-looking esthetics. You can use your preferred technique to create natural-looking restorations. If you prefer the simplicity of a single-shade technique, you will be pleased with the esthetics of Filtek Supreme Ultra. Or, if you prefer to use multiple shades, you will find that the composite will blend well with your patients’ natural tooth shades. The syringe and capsule labels are color-coded by opacity, and the labels have bold lettering to help you quickly find the right shade. It has been shown in clinical studies that there is no statistically significant difference between Filtek™ Supreme Plus Universal Restorative and enamel. Since Filtek™ Supreme Ultra restorative is derived from the same patented nanotechnology, you can be confident using it anywhere in the mouth. It looks to me like 3M ESPE has come up with one composite that is able to do esthetic anterior restorations, and that same composite is strong enough to resist fracture under the pressures of chewing in the posterior. Order Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative from your dealer or visit for the Perfect Impression from GC America – There are so many steps involved in taking
Guidelines for the Perfect Impression from GC Americaimpressions that you must wonder as I do occasionally, is it really possible to get a "perfect" impression? On a visit with the folks at GC America this summer, they showed me a book they were writing to teach us how to do the "perfect" impression. I was asked to take the book with me and evaluate it. I did, and was excited about what they have been able to do. I have not seen an impression technique that is this complete. The book fully explains the different types of impression materials and where to use each one. What are the desirable qualities of impression materials? Things like pleasant odor, taste, esthetic color, consistency, texture, nontearing, thixotropic, accurate, and elastic are discussed, as well as preimpression steps: tray selection, retraction system, and retraction chemicals. The book covers the common techniques used today and critiques them showing problems and results. Finally, the book addresses problems encountered when trying to seat restorations that are made from faulty impressions. If you are interested and would like an electronic copy, visit GC If you would like a hard copy, send an e-mail to [email protected].Sensor Cover Tamers from RINN® Cover-Cozee™ – The new RINN® Cover-Cozee™ Sensor Cover Tamer is
Universal Adhesive Comfort Tab for X-Ray Film and Sensors from RINN® Cover-Cozee™the ideal anti-slip comfort solution for use with adhesive-based sensor holders. You no longer have to use an extremely tight bag with your adhesive positioners. The Cover-Cozee™ Sensor Cover Tamer works with universal bags to allow for a secure sensor with the added benefit of patient comfort. It holds a sensor in place within the sensor cover during radiographs. Universal sizing will accommodate most sensors, and it is compatible with Uni-Grip® and other popular adhesive-based sensor holders. The thin elastic foam construction provides patient comfort without adding bulk. The Sensor Cover Tamer is single use for optimum infection control.Universal Adhesive Comfort Tab for X-Ray Film and Sensors from RINN® Cover-
Universal Adhesive Comfort Tab for X-Ray Film and Sensors from RINN® Cover-Cozee™Cozee™ – With this product, you can provide patients with a comforting cushion during radiographic procedures. Application and repositioning are easily achieved thanks to a unique adhesive laminate. It can be used with film and digital sensors, and it is white so that you can easily see the X-ray media intraorally. Thin construction adds comfort without adding bulk. Order both of these products from your dealer or visit for more information.Vibringe® Sonic Irrigation System – As some of you may know, I refer my endodontic treatments. So when the
Vibringe® Sonic Irrigation Systeminformation on the new Vibringe® technique came along, I had to find some experts to tell me if this sonic irrigation system really worked. I always suspected that my root canal failures were probably associated with a poor irrigation technique. I turned to some of my endodontist and general dentistry friends across the country to tell me about their experiences with this system. I received a great response, and did not find anyone who did not have good things to say. So let me tell you about it. The Vibringe® is the first endodontic sonic irrigation system that enables activation of the irrigation solution and acoustic streaming in the root canal in only one step. The activation of the disinfectant enriches and completes irrigation procedures and improves the success rate of endodontic treatments without any hassle. During product development, the company worked in close cooperation with endodontic thought leaders and dentists. The activation of the solution ensures that air and debris blockages are removed effectively, and helps the irrigation solution reach and disinfect all portions of the canal to the apex. Due to the turbulence caused by the activation of the irrigation solution, tissue residues and debris in the finest lateral canals and tubules are loosened and transported easily out of the canal. This results in a thorough debridement. The Vibringe® can be used for all endodontic irrigation procedures and is compatible with the irrigation solutions and endodontic Luer lock needles (side-end opening) available on the market. This makes sense to me, and sounds like a faster, better, and easier way to give patients the very best treatment. Visit to find your nearest dealer to learn more about the Vibringe® and place your order.A Pearl UPDATE: AlgiNot™ from Kerr – This is the only alginate alternative with two set time choices. AlgiNot™
A Pearl UPDATE: AlgiNot™ from Kerrhas proven to be a time-saving, cost-effective alternative to traditional alginate by reducing the time constraints associated with regular alginate and eliminating the mess and clean up. The New Volume™ Machine by Renfert delivery system is now available for AlgiNot™ and AlgiNot™ FS. Kerr has done some great new things to make this material even better. These materials have an improved thixotropic consistency. This means the material is nonslumping, does not run, stays where you put it, and increases patient comfort. It has high deformation recovery so the material does not distort upon removal, nor does it change after pouring and removing multiple casts. Once AlgiNot™ sets, it will retain its shape and not require special storage. It can be disinfected to eliminate cross contamination. Treat your assistants to an easy-to-use impression material that will produce better results in less time than traditional alginate. You will have impressions that can be poured immediately (no hydrogen gas release) and multiple times, to produce models that are true replications of the teeth and surrounding tissues. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.Fluoride Guide – A CE course written for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants by

Fluoride Guide – A CE course written for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants by

– Overriding the issues of topical fluoride therapy and fluoride supplement use is the current focus on individualized therapy for patients based on caries risk. One should no longer prescribe fluoride supplements or perform a professionally applied topical fluoride treatment without considering an individual’s caries risk. Recent recommendations suggest limited use of fluoride for those at low caries risk, but significantly more frequency and intensity for those at high risk. This fluoride guide addresses the current concepts of fluoride mechanism and systemic and topical therapy based on the best evidence in the literature. Not only does the guide provide scientific rationale, it also offers the dental provider options based on efficacy for systemic fluoride, office treatments, and home use fluoride products. This excellent course is available in this issue for you to study, take the test, and receive four CE credits for your effort. For more information, visit
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