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The DIAGNOdent Pen from KaVo - I simply cannot understand why every dental office does not have a DIAGNOdent unit in at least every hygiene room.

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Th 209132
DIAGNdent Pen by KaVo
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The DIAGNOdent Pen from KaVo - I simply cannot understand why every dental office does not have a DIAGNOdent unit in at least every hygiene room. There is no way that you can be doing a proper diagnosis without one. The DIAGNOdent is 90 percent accurate in detecting pit and fissure caries. I think that it is malpractice to practice without one. It is impossible to place sealants on teeth without determining that there are no caries present. If you don’t have one, now is the time to buy two - a DIAGNOdent Classic and the new DIAGNOdent Pen. I was fortunate to be one of the few dentists who had a chance to evaluate this new device from KaVo. I was quite intrigued because the Pen is wireless - moving easily from room to room. There is nothing to unplug, and very little to carry, making it portable and hand held. The DIAGNOdent Pen is handy for offices that need the unit available in numerous places. My hygienist likes the DIAGNOdent Classic because it is easier to involve the patient in the process. My clinical assistants like the new Pen, especially with children. They are able to get in and out of the mouth quickly because the unit is so easy to use. It is easy to show parents where the decay is located. I can easily carry the Pen with me in my pocket, where it is always ready to use. My patients really like it because they understand that this is conservative treatment. The DIAGNOdent Pen is ideal to confirm the precise location of the carious lesion prior to commencing restorative treatment. It comes with an integrated loudspeaker with intensity controls. The unit is housed inside a detachable grip, which can be autoclaved. The DIAGNOdent Pen includes a storage/sterilization cassette with four highly resistant sapphire occlusal tips and the calibration standard. The unit’s display is similar to the DIAGNOdent Classic because the unit display will show maximum (peak) and current (moment) readings. The unit can be used with or without protective barriers. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

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Digital sensor and Phosphor plate holders from Kerr
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Sensor and phosphor plate holder kits from Kerr TotalCare - Since the advent of digital radiography, we have had varying degrees of success in placing the sensors. Now finally comes a truly universal sensor holder that eliminates guesswork and ensures correct positioning the first time. The universal sensor holder systems from TotalCare feature lightweight, high-tech polymer construction, which can accommodate virtually any popular brand or size of sensor. The Senso brand can be used with all sizes, types, and styles of digital sensors. The film/phosphor plate holder can be used for all radiographic procedures. The Kwik-Bite® is designed for digital imaging of horizontal bitewings. The Super-Bite® covers the anterior and posterior periapicals. Holders are also available for endodontic procedures. All make it easy for the patient to keep the holder in the proper position, eliminating annoying retakes. We have found that these holders are definitely patient friendly as well. The biteplate thickness and lightweight construction are just right to eliminate any patient discomfort. There is no need to hold the unit in place, and cable-biting is eliminated. A fixed apical stop positions the sensor precisely for a complete apical view even with small sensors. The clamping device is simple and well thought out, making sensor insertion a “piece of cake.” The clamping device holds the sensor firmly, preventing tearing of the infection-control barrier. Best of all, the entire durable plastic will endure the rigors of repeated autoclave sterilization. Order yours today from your dealer, or visit for more information.

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REJ Composite Instrument Series by Clinician's Choice
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The Dr. Ronald Jordan Composite Instrument Series by Clinicians Choice - There’s nothing more frustrating than having composite restoratives stick to your instruments during placement. If you’re using stainless steel instruments, the reason for composite pull-back is clear. Stainless steel - even when brand new - typically has micro-sized scratches that cause composite to stick to the instrument, making placement difficult and tedious. These new instrument designs combine Dr. Ronald Jordan’s original concepts (which dramatically changed direct restorative esthetics) with new advances in materials. With the all-new Dr. Ronald Jordan Composite Series, you will enjoy perfect placement every time, with enhanced handling and no pull-back. They are crafted from a core of special stainless steel for tip strength and outstanding flexibility, then the instrument tips are saturated with a non-porous Titanium Nitride coating to ensure a non-stick, smooth surface for easy placement of composite. The instruments feature oversized contoured handles made from RADEL®, so they’re non-slip and perform well with gloved hands. This new material means the handles won’t discolor with use. The larger handle size provides enhanced tactile control and alleviates hand and muscle fatigue during longer procedures. The all-new Dr. Ronald Jordan Composite Series features eight instruments, which individually or as a set will dramatically enhance your efficiency at posterior and anterior restorations. Before each use, sterilize and inspect the instrument. Sterilize these instruments only with devices of similar metal content. The recommendation for sterilization is autoclave and/or dry heat only. Do not heat above 350°F/177°C. Because of the thin and flexible nature of the REJ #03 and #04 blades, ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended. Call Clinician’s Choice to place an order or make an inquiry at (800) 265-3444, or visit

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Massad Edentulous Impression Trays by Dr. Joe Massad
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The Massad® Edentulous Impression Trays by Dr. Joe Massad - Finally, after years of research, comes the perfect impression tray that is anatomically designed to get all landmarks that you need to make the best-fitting and best-retained denture ever. With the Massad technique (instructional DVD free), you can have a custom tray in one visit. A special maxillary tray design will allow precise capturing of all three throat forms. A special mandibular tray design facilitates precise replication of the mylohyoid space. The retention slots built into the tray will minimize tissue displacement and make painting with adhesive an option. The enhanced handle allows for proper lip placement. There are ergonomic finger supports for all hand sizes. To top the charts, this tray is heat-moldable. Order these unique impression trays by calling (888) den-tray or by visiting

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Rota-dent one-step by Pro-Dentec
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The Rota-dent one step® by Pro-Dentec - This is certainly not a new product, as many users in many dental offices will attest. I have used this product in my office for years - at least 25. I go back to the time when the Rota-dent first came out, and Pro-Dentec has never gone back on its promise to sell Rota-dents only through dental offices. The Rota-dent is perfect for your perio patients because its patented microfilament brush tips reach underneath the gum line and in between the teeth. In fact, it’s the only power brush clinically proven to be as effective as brushing and flossing combined. It also has been clinically proven to reduce harmful bacteria beyond the brush tip in periodontal pockets. The Rota-dent one-step now comes with a lifetime warranty! Order yours today by calling (800) 228-5595. For more information, visit

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