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April 1, 2001
3M ESPE introduces 3M™ ESPE™ Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Medium Body Impression Material, a breakthrough product ideal for crown and bridge and inlay/onlay impressions.

Impregum™ Penta™ Soft MB Impression

3M ESPE introduces 3M™ ESPE™ Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Medium Body Impression Material, a breakthrough product ideal for crown and bridge and inlay/onlay impressions.

Impregum™ Penta™ Soft impression material, a medium-viscosity, polyether precision impression material, saves dentists time and aggravation because less block out is required. Laboratories will appreciate easier removal from models, saving time and reducing the risk of breaking the model.

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For additional information, contact 3M ESPE, Dental Products, 3M Center, Building 275-2SE-03, P.O. Box 33275, St. Paul, MN 55133-3275.

environment™ line contains ergonomic features

The environment™ line of dental-operatory equipment by KaVo America integrates all elements of the clinical setting to improve efficiency and comfort.

The environment™ chair combines comfort with ergonomic efficiency. Exclusive features include dual-base mounted foot controls and seat-rotation lock, double articulating and magnetic headrests, rotating armrests, 14-inch low-base position, and programmable position functions.

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For additional information or a complete brochure, contact KaVo America Inc. at (888) TRY KaVo.

Cookie Dough and Zinnamon prophy paste

NUPRO Prophy Paste introduces two new flavors: Cookie Dough and Zinnamon. Younger patients will love the hints of vanilla and chocolate in the Cookie Dough flavor, while adults will appreciate the zingy, zesty flavor of Zinnamon. These two additions make NUPRO the line that offers the widest selection of great-tasting flavors and grits available. NUPRO, as always, delivers excellent stain removal and polishing in an always-consistent, splatter-free formula.

Both new flavors are available in fine, medium, and coarse grit. Zinnamon and Cookie Dough are scheduled to be available to order this month.

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For additional information, contact your authorized DENTSPLY Professional distributor, call (800) 989-8826, (in Canada call (800) 263-1473), or visit

Luxatemp® AutoMix Plus Bleach Light shade

To help dentists create the most esthetically pleasing temporary crowns and bridges, Zenith/DMG has released its popular Luxatemp® provisional crown and bridge material in a Bleach Light shade. Luxatemp® AutoMix Plus Bleach Light shade is an opaque white provisional material that incorporates subtle translucency to create natural-looking results.

Luxatemp® AutoMix Plus System uses Zenith's AutoMix technology to provide a predictable, accurate, and consistent mix every time with no hand mixing, air bubbles, or wasted material due to over-mixing.

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To order the AutoMix Plus Refill Kit (contains one 76gr cartridge and 15 fine mixing tips), contact Zenith/DMG at (800) 662-6383 or visit

Paint-on disclosant preferred

A recent survey of dental professionals reveals that over 50 percent find that plaque disclosants are too messy. However, 91 percent of the respondents would consider using a paint-on disclosant.

Beutlich Pharmaceuticals has developed an easy-to-use, paint-on, single-use plaque disclosant. DISCLOSE® Plaque Disclosing Solution Dry Handle Swabs are neat and easy to use. Each dry-handle swab is individually packaged and contains a cotton swab saturated with .25 ml of red, nontoxic dye. This unit dosage allows for easy application while eliminating the mess of tablets and liquids.

The study further revealed that 91 percent of responding dental professionals would consider recommending a disclosant for patient home use. DISCLOSE® Dry Handle Swabs are the perfect choice, for they highlight plaque on tooth surfaces that has not been properly cleaned. This shows patients where to improve their brushing, interdental cleaning, and flossing techniques.

DISCLOSE® Plaque Disclosing Solution is a perfect adjunct for oral-hygiene instruction in the dental office or at home. Packaged in dispensing boxes of 100, DISCLOSE® Plaque Disclosing Solution Dry Handle Swabs can be ordered from your local dental dealer.

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For more information, contact Beutlich Pharmaceuticals at (800) 238-8542 or visit

Dental photographic film

Dentists who use 35mm photography to document patients' smiles and teeth now have a new tool from Kodak: two neutral, color-balanced film products packaged in 12-exposure rolls (Kodak Dental Photographic Print Film and Slide Film). They provide a combination of ideal imaging characteristics and convenience:

  • 12 exposure rolls let dentists dedicate one roll per patient, for easier organizing of images;
  • film rolls provide space for recording patient information and notes, for additional help in tracking the photos;
  • available through dental supply dealers for convenient ordering.
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For more information, call Kodak at (800) 933-8031 or visit

Shade-Rite™ Dental Vision System

X-Rite, Incorporated introduces a new technology to revolutionize tooth-shade matching.

The new Shade-Rite™ Dental Vision System is a handheld device that uses precision-measurement technologies that respond to light in a similar manner to that of the human eye. The shade-matching instrument is able to accurately identify the shade of the tooth by measuring it in terms of hue, value and chroma, and then describing it numerically.

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For additional information, contact X-Rite, Incorporated, 3100 44th Street, S.W., Grandville, MI 49418; call (616) 534-7663 or visit

Autoclavable Flexi-Tips

American Dental Supply, Inc. introduces Autoclavable Flexi-Tips to its line of dental-office products. The Flexi-Tips are a unique hand instrument designed for applying and contouring difficult composites and cements.

Flexi-Tips are essentially nonsticking. There is no need to specially coat them with modeling liquids to keep composites from pulling away. The instruments are used directly for precise application and shaping of light-cured composite resins and cements. Even hardened materials peel off the silicone tips.

The secret of the instrument is in the resilience of the tip, which is similar to that of uncured composite-type materials.

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Flexi-Tips are provided exclusively by American Dental Supply, Inc. for the dental industry. For more information, contact ADS, Inc. at (610) 252-1464 or by fax at (610) 252-2822.

Index Bite™ material

Index Bite™ is a virtually crystal-clear polyvinylsiloxane bite registration and implant-guide material developed by Bosworth. It provides greater detail and dimensional stability for bite registration on a patient or laboratory model. In addition, Index Bite's rigidity, accuracy, and transparency make it an ideal choice for implant stent guides.

Index Bite™ is odorless and tasteless with an ample working time of 2 - 3 minutes. It is available in a 1:1 delivery cartridge and compatible with any dispensing gun system.

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For more information, contact Bosworth Company, 7227 N. Hamlin Ave., Skokie, IL 60076, or visit

Garant™ 2 Dispenser System

3M ESPE introduces the 3M™ ESPE™ Garant™ 2 Dispenser System for light-body impression materials in cartridges. Separate openings for base paste and catalyst minimize the risk of cross-contamination, and the new dispenser design requires less effort to extrude impression material out of the dispenser.

The Garant™ 2 dispenser system is economical, as dentists use only the exact amount of material needed, and the color-coded cartridges and mixing tips make the handling of different products easy.

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The Garant™ 2 dispenser system provides homogeneous and void-free impressions, and consistent quality. The easy-to-use system comes with a step-by-step card explaining proper usage.

To ensure optimal mixing, it is highly important to use the correct mixing tips and the correct intraoral tips for each material. For additional information, contact 3M ESPE Dental Products, 3M Center, Building 275-2SE-03, P.O. Box 33275, St. Paul, MN 55133-3275.

Reach® Whitening Floss

Johnson & Johnson gives your patients another reason to floss: ReachRegistered Whitening Floss. It is the only floss said to be clinically proven to whiten between teeth where stains form most (in controlled clinical studies).

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The innovative, silica-coated floss gently polishes away stains.

The floss is shred-resistant, slides easily between teeth, and is gentle on gums.

It can be used alone or as adjunct to other whitening products.

For additional information, contact Johnson & Johnson at (800) 224-6513 or visit

Dental carbide burs

Miltex introduces improved packaging and product selection on dental carbide burs. The Carbide Burs are available in transparent blister packs of 10. Clinic packs of 100 burs of the most popular styles now will be available at a discounted price.

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For more information, call Miltex customer service at (800) 645-8000, or visit Miltex at


AXIS Dental introduces the Original R.A.P.T.O.R.® and LS-7510 R.A.P.T.O.R.® Resin Sculpting Logic Set. Today's resins are far superior to alloys in bonding ability, appearance, and texture. Unfortunately, many dentists have a hard time sculpting and finishing resins properly without going too deep or too shallow. The R.A.P.T.O.R.™ is modeled after the 21-B burnisher. It cuts precise planes without going too deep or too shallow and gives you complete control over the shape of the tooth. The R.A.P.T.O.R. is the right rotary instrument for today's advanced composite resins.

The LS-7510 R.A.P.T.O.R.™ Resin Sculpting Logic Set contains three different sizes of R.A.P.T.O.R. diamonds, four ideal finishing instruments, and two DiaGloss® Composite Polishers for a complete resin sculpting, finishing, and polishing system.

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For more details, contact AXIS Dental Corporation at (888)654-2947 or visit

MicroDental Restorative Guide

The new MicroDental Restorative Guide offers 24 pages of an expanded selection of restorations, products, and services to meet your practice's ever-changing needs. Included within this guide is a table of contents complete with restorative indications and cementation techniques, as well as a detachable preparation guideline. Among the highlighted restorations are IPS Empress®, belleGlass™ HP, Procera®, and Captek™.

To receive a complimentary copy of the guide, call MicroDental Laboratories at (800) 229-0936.

Systemp® temporary restoration system

Vivadent has expanded its range of temporary materials to include three new products: System® .inlay, Systemp® .onlay, and Systemp®.desensitizer.

System® .inlay and System® .onlay are new light-curing, temporary restorative materials. These materials feature two shades (Universal and Transparent), two delivery forms (syringe and Cavifil), ease of placement, and ease of removal during the temporization process for indirect restorations. Both materials contain triclosan and are characterized by low polymerization shrinkage.

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System® .desensitizer is designed for conditioning, desensitizing, and cleaning exposed or prepared dentin surfaces. It is suitable for use with Systemp®.inlay and System® .onlay as well as other temporary restorative materials.

Intro packages (syringes/Cavifils) containing all three products will be available during the market introduction. Systemp®.inlay and Systemp®.onlay refills are available in 2.5 gm screw-type syringes, as well as in convenient Cavifils (40 x 0.25 gm). System® .desensitizer is supplied in a 5 gm bottle.

For more information, call Vivadent at (800) 533-6825 in the U.S., or (800) 263-8182 in Canada.

Easy access bite blocks

Bite blocks are an effective tool for some dental procedures because they stabilize the arch, support the joints, and help reduce fatigue, but there are access problems associated with traditional bite blocks. The C-shape design of Logi Bloc eliminates visual and physical drawbacks by allowing unrestricted access for both the dentist and the assistant. The latex-free material also is beneficial to latex sensitive patients and professionals alike.

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For more information, contact Common Sense Dental Products at (888) 853-5773.

Piranha™ diamonds

High-quality SS WhiteRegistered Single-Patient-Use Diamonds have a new name: Piranha™. Designed to provide a sharp, fast-cutting instrument for every patient, Piranha™ has 20 percent more diamond exposure than a typical multiuse diamond. Piranha™ also eliminates the time and material costs associated with the cleaning and sterilization that multiuse diamonds require. The product is available now in a convenient 10 pack as well as the standard 50 pack.

For more information, contact SS White Burs at (877) SSW-BURS (779-2877).

Tongue Sweeper? with Surecoat

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is the perfect solution for gently removing plaque buildup from the tongue. New advances in the Tongue Sweeper® product line include fabrication with Surecoat medical-finishing technology (a proprietary and totally nonallergenic stainless-steel coating that exceeds Tripartite and ISO biocompatibility standards), new super-gentle designs for geriatric patients and children, construction materials that can undergo an unlimited number of wet autoclave cycles, and new packaging that doubles as a lightweight travel and storage case. Tongue Sweeper® products are ideal for professional instrument trays, patient education, and at-home patient oral care. The products will not nick, break, or otherwise be damaged under normal use, and Tongue Sweeper® is said to provide the only lifetime guarantee on the market.For more details, call (800) 589-3043 or visit

Disposable isolation gowns

Tronex disposable isolation gowns have the cool and comfortable properties of breathable polypropylene spunbond material plus natural fluid resistance for excellent body protection. For superior comfort, fit, and durability, these gowns are crafted with precision stitching, and cover securely with elastic cuffs, waist, neckties, and a full back. Item Code #5540 is available in soft yellow and blue and is unisized. Styles also are available with added PE coating for fluid-impervious protection.

For additional information, contact Tronex Healthcare Industries at (800) 833-1181 or e-mail [email protected].

Instrument sterilization pouches

Healthmark Industries introduces the Steriking line of instrument sterilization pouches. The Steriking pouches are the only pouches manufactured with a five-ply laminate film combined with 70-gram paper. This tough construction dramatically reduces the incidence of paper or film tearing and of puncture or break. Multiple Chevron Bar seals promote clean opening without fiber tear and reduce the chance of puncture through seals. Convenient thumb notches provide for a sure grip and easy opening. The laminate tint darkens when sealed, enabling seal defects to be visually detected. All Steriking pouches also include steam and gas sterilization indicators.

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For more information on other products available, call Healthmark Industries at (800) 521-6224 or visit

Cure All™ light-curing unit

Cure All™, a compact, easy-to-use, light-curing unit from Bosworth Company, features a low heat, fluorescent bulb that provides a quick-curing cycle of four to five minutes for three to four custom trays. The Cure All™ is ideal for use with Bosworth's Fastray LC™ and Light Liner® Dual Cure Permanent Reline Material.

The Cure All™ light has a low profile, making it easy to fit on the counter or lab bench.

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For more information, contact Bosworth Company, 7227 N. Hamlin Ave., Skokie, IL 60076; call (800) 323-4352

Color-coded mixing and dispensing system

Dandy™ Pak is an integrated, color-coded, disposable dental mixing and dispensing system developed to reduce waste of materials by eliminating mixing confusion. It includes a disposable tray of two- or four-mixing and dispensing wells with a set of two- or four-step, double-end microfiber applicators. It comes with a lid cover to protect light-sensitive solutions when not in use. The applicator with a pre-designed bending tip holds any angle. The Micro Fiber brush comes in fine and regular sizes. The Dandy™ Pak is ideal for placement of bonding agents, etchant, primer, and sealant.

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For additional information, contact Applied Dental, Inc. at (888) 841-8481.

Hu-Friedy announces "Three for All" promotion

The "Three for All" promotion, available through all authorized Hu-Friedy dealers, runs through April 30.

Hu-Friedy quality products in this promotion are: Hu-Friedy Pres-identialRegistered Forceps, Elevators, Needle Holders, Perma SharpRegistered Sutures, Orthodontic Cutters and Pliers, and EnzymaxRegistered Ultrasonic Detergent.

For complete details on the "buy three, get one free" promotion, contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer representative or call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

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