Need an extra hand?

April 1, 2001
How many times have you wished that you had another hand to help you hold a matrix strip when you are doing an anterior composite restoration?

Joseph Blaes, DDS

Pearl 1 - Stop-Strips by Premier

How many times have you wished that you had another hand to help you hold a matrix strip when you are doing an anterior composite restoration? Or that you could pull a little harder on the strip to thin out the composite flash so you have less finishing to do?

Premier comes to the rescue with its new Stop-Strip. The unique anterior matrix band has a plastic stop on one end that you place interproximally in an adjacent tooth. The plastic stop prevents the matrix from pulling through and allows you to pull the matrix tight with one hand while freeing up the other. You improve the access for light-curing because you are able to get your fingers out of the way. Light-cure Class III and IV restorations with ease! Why didn't someone think of this a long time ago?

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Stop-Strip comes in two widths and is available from your dealer, or call (888) PREM USA for details.

Pearl 2 - Dynamic First Impressions book by Dr. Joseph Massad

Over the years, I have had many devices to assist me in deciding for my denture patients the size and shape of the teeth for their new dentures. When the patient doesn't like the looks of the teeth, it is my fault.

The nationally recognized denture expert, Dr. Joe Massad, has put together a great book that will guide our patients through the process of choosing the teeth they like the best. This book will allow them to make their own choices based on photos of models. All they have to do is pick the smile they like the best. The corresponding tooth moulds from the three leading teeth manufacturers are noted on the same page. So you simply have to choose Dentsply, Ivoclar, or Geneva 2000 teeth and write your selection on the lab slip.

Dynamic First Impressions also will help your patients decide on the shade they want. Dr. Joe Massad has done it again! He has made doing great dentures in your practice even simpler.

To place your order or for additional information, call (800) 800-3115 in the U.S. or (800) 661-9567 in Canada. You can also visit his Web site at

Pearl 3 - Dental Photographic Print and Slide Film from Kodak

The people at Kodak have come up with another great product for the dental office - convenient color film designed with the dental practice in mind. Kodak has been listening to our problems and has come up with some solutions.

Now available is a 12-exposure roll, with specific technology for the best dental pictures. For easier management of your dental pictures, you can use one roll per patient and get the roll developed sooner instead of waiting until you fill a 24- or 36-exposure roll. Have you ever had a problem remembering who the patient is when the photos or slides come back? I have been in that position too many times. The 12-exposure roll minimizes wasted film when you need some pictures in a hurry.

This new film uses emulsion technology that is best for dentistry; it gives superb color images and takes the guesswork out of buying film. The exclusive packaging in cludes case-presentation photography guidelines from the AACD.

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This film is easily available directly from your dental dealer so you won't have to run out to the store for film anymore. Order from your dealer. For more information, call (800) 933-8031 or visit

Pearl 4 - Hydro Floss by Hydro Floss, Inc.

We all know that the majority of our patients do not floss. Studies have shown that only 5 to 7 per cent of the population flosses with any regularity. Then think about your bridge patients and orthodontic patients who must be supermotivated to use floss threaders or other gadgets.

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Many times, when we dentists walk the exhibit hall floors at dental meeting, we see various gadgets with wonderful testimonials that claim to conquer all kinds of dental problems. If you are like me, your "nonsense detector" goes off, and you move on.

I have known about the Hydro Floss for a number of years. It is a hydromagnetic oral-irrigation de vice that claims not only to act as an oral irrigator, but also to heal the tissue. A number of studies have been published that back up Hydro Floss's claims. I have had many conversations with Kyle McClain, the president of the company, but it took a personal experience to convince me of the efficacy of this product.

I recently had some major dentistry done that required my wearing temporaries for an extended period of time. Since the temps were tied together, I could not floss. I found that when I brushed, there was still food lodged under the temps and under the tissue. The tissue quickly became inflamed, and I knew I had a problem. Then I remembered my Hydro Floss unit ... and I started using it. It was amazing! Within three days, the inflammation was gone and my mouth felt clean and fresh. I continued to use it twice a day until I was out of the temporaries.

Now I use the unit once a day. I certainly know when I skip a day or two while I am on the road. My mouth just does not feel as clean. I still floss, but the Hydro Floss unit has also become part of my routine. It is easy and convenient to use once you learn to put it in your mouth before you start it! To convince yourself, buy a six-pack of units and give them to your difficult perio cases and watch the results for yourself. I think you will be amazed, and Hydro Floss will become a part of your practice.

To order or for more information, call (800) 635-3594.

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