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New Products to See at the Chicago MidwinterMeeting

Feb. 1, 2009
This is an all-in-one bonding system that lets you etch, prime, and bond in one simple application.


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This is an all-in-one bonding system that lets you etch, prime, and bond in one simple application. A proprietary cartridge fits the ACE dispenser that accurately dispenses the correct proportion of material for predictable results every time. It takes the guesswork out of bonding. See it at Booth 1245. Order direct at (800) 247-3368 or visit

Aquasil Ultra Xtra Smart Wetting® Impression Material from DENTSPLY Caulk —

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Ever had the wash material begin to set up before you could seat the impression tray? Timing is everything! This new material allows more time to place the wash material in large-case impression situations. The working and setting characteristics are matched perfectly to produce a system that combines a light body wash with extra work time with a medium body tray material. Visit or call (800) LD-CAULK. See it at Booth 1401.

The Aurora™ from Parkell, Inc. —

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A high-intensity LED packed into a slim, lightweight, ergonomic, cordless package that is a model of form and function: The Aurora. It is new, innovative, and quite unlike any curing light you have seen. The curing spot captures multiple teeth at a price you won't believe. See it at Booth 2123 or order by calling (800) 243-7446 or visiting

CEREC® AC (Acquisition Center) from Sirona Dental Systems —

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At the heart of CEREC AC is the Bluecam handheld acquisition camera, which uses a highly visible blue-light LED (light emitting diode) to capture digital impressions. It delivers easier and shorter acquisition times because the camera acquires the image automatically — it senses the right time to capture the image. See it at Booth 2420. Visit

CLEARFIL™ SA CEMENT from Kuraray —

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This is a self-adhesive/self-etching cement with the benefits of glass ionomers, the features of resin cements, and Kuraray's legendary adhesive technology. SA CEMENT is a dual-cure, automix, simplified one-step cement for all cementation needs, including zirconia-based restorations. See it at Booth 464 or visit for more information.

Medium DV Mouthpiece from Isolite —

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The leader in dental isolation introduces the latest innovation to this indispensable dry-mouth system. The new Medium DV mouthpiece provides more complete retraction of the tongue and greater evacuation of saliva. Experiencing simultaneous isolation of maxillary and mandibular quadrants under ideal lighting is best for the doctor, assistant, and patient. Try it at Booth 1042 and visit

N'Durance Dimer Flow from Septodont —

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Two distinct new technologies — a unique nano technology and proprietary dimer acid chemistry — are combined to result in a high monomer conversion and the low volumetric shrinkage of this flowable composite, which provides for a greater depth of hardness that results in longer-lasting restorations. Try it at Booth 1445. Visit

Esthet·X® HD High Definition Micro Matrix Restorative from DENTSPLY Caulk —

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This is another improvement on a favorite composite that can be used for all cavity classifications. New filler technology, with nano-filler particles, gives controlled particle size and distribution that results in a composite that polishes easily and quickly into a long-lasting finish. You will love the non-sticky consistency that allows sculptable handling that stays where you put it. Visit or call (800) LD-CAULK. See it at Booth 1401.

EXA'lence™ Vinyl PolyEther Silicone (VPES™) Impression Material from GC —

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This is a premium impression material that has high elasticity and tear strength, exceptional flow that provides a level of detail that eliminates retakes, and restorations that fit. These benefits make EXA'lence a win for you and definitely for your patient. See it at Booth 601. Visit

Integra™ Dental Casework from Midmark —

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The is the same steel frame and aseptic design in a more esthetically pleasing package. Fourteen new panel color options, new design details, and superior, environmentally friendly materials makes Integra the steel casework that can stand side by side with wood products while surpassing them in strength and durability. See it at Booth 2611. Visit

Herculite® Ultra from Kerr —

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This brand has been a trusted composite for 25 years. Now Kerr has applied its expertise in resin restorative technology and composites to deliver a new composite that is strong and durable for posterior restorations and excellent esthetics for anterior restorations. Stop by Booth 1011 to try Herculite Ultra. I think you will be surprised! Visit

IPS e.max HT from Ivoclar Vivadent —

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This is a new high-translucency lithium disilicate material that is available for both pressing and CAD/CAM fabrication. It offers superior strength and esthetics for monolithic, full-contour restorations that can be conventionally or adhesively cemented. See it at Booth 1026 or visit

Kleer-Veneer™ from Pulpdent —

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This is a highly innovative invisible veneer cement. It will not alter tooth shade and the margins are undetectable. The material is moisture-tolerant and self-adhesive, with a unique consistency that holds the veneer in place without drift or movement. No bonding agents or silane products are required for enamel or ceramic. Kleer-Veneer is also available in creamy opaque, pink opaque, and bleach white shades when neutralizing tooth color is desired. See it at Booth 2308. Visit

OraVerse™ (Phentolamine Mesylate) Injection from Novalar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. —

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OraVerse is the first and only local anesthesia reversal agent that accelerates the return to subhead sensation and function in about half the time. The safety of OraVerse has been successfully demonstrated in the five clinical trials that included children and adults. See it at Booth 2464. Go to or call (888) 888-1441.

NUPRO NUSolutions from Dentsply Professional —

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Now one of your favorite prophy pastes stops sensitivity. NUPRO NUSolutions has NovaMin with calcium and phosphate ions, which are proven to occlude tubules and stop sensitivity. Since most of your patients complain of sensitivity, use this for immediate relief! Order from your dealer or visit Booth 1401/1604.

The Renaissance™ Collection from Pelton & Crane —

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Renaissance is a collection of dental furniture that was created in close collaboration with dentists, dental assistants, and hygienists. The result is an environment that will energize dental professionals and put patients at ease. See it at Booth 401. Visit

Steri-SafeSM from Stericycle, Inc. —

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This is a software resource to complete mandatory and recommended forms for OSHA compliance that reduces the task from several weeks to one computer session. It helps office managers create their OSHA safety plans through a step-by-step process that is specific to their practices. See it at Booth 2852. Visit

ultrapro™ Tx handpiece from Ultradent Products, Inc. —

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This is the shortest (less than four inches), lightest hygiene handpiece (only 2.1 ounces), with a 360-degree swivel. The handpiece starts slowly to avoid messy splatter and runs smoothly with great balance. The prophy angles are taken on and off by an ingenious friction-grip push/pull mechanism. See it at Booth 2033. Visit

Swivel Direct Flow Ultrasonic Insert with #1000 Triple Bend from Hu-Friedy —

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This is my hygienist's favorite instrument because the swivel gets rid of the pressure and drag from the handpiece cord. Water comes through the tip for better clinical visibility and reduction of excess spray. Allow your hygienist to experience this insert. She will love it — and you! Visit Booth 1811 and

Vanish™ XT Extended Contact Varnish from 3M ESPE —

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This is a resin-modified glass ionomer that is a site-specific, light-cured, durable, fluoride-releasing material that gives immediate relief of dentinal hypersensitivity. It protects exposed, sensitive root surfaces and stays on the tooth for six months. The root surface does not need to be dried or pretreated, making it simple to apply. See it at Booth 226. Visit

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