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June 1, 2009
KALORE™ from GC America — The dental industry has relied on the same basic monomer technology for years in its composite materials.
KALORE™ from GC America
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KALORE™ from GC America — The dental industry has relied on the same basic monomer technology for years in its composite materials. The major advances have been in filler size, shape, and type. This new product changes all of that. KALORE is an innovative composite from GC America that utilizes an exclusive new monomer technology from DuPont to create a truly new system of esthetic restorations. KALORE composite restorations are stronger, more effective, and put the control of the composite back into your hands with great handling characteristics that are produced by the new DuPont chemistry. Three components factor into KALORE's design. First, DuPont's new monomer technology, developed exclusively for KALORE, accounts for the great handling characteristics. The monomer's stiff core creates putty-like properties for packing and carving, while the flexible arms in the monomer make it easy to spread. This combination gives great control while manipulating this composite. Second, the monomer's long chain and low shrinkage stress minimize the risk of filler dropout. This produces easy polishing and a sustained luster, which is a great clinical property. The optimized refractive index of the filler and the monomer matrix create a chameleon effect that results in near-perfect color matching. This allows KALORE to give you esthetic success, along with great restorations for you and your patients. Finally, the proprietary interface between the filler and the matrix means less shrinkage stress around the fillers and better durability and longevity for the restoration. This results in these restorations looking great longer by maintaining their form and function over time. KALORE's simplified shade system gives you a “recipe“ to follow for perfection and total control in your restoration esthetics. Order from your dealer or go to for more information.

QwikStrip™ from Axis
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QwikStrip™ from Axis — It seems that each time I watch a CE video with someone using a diamond-coated finishing strip, there is never any blood. I don't know about your office, but in mine, finishing strips usually cause some bleeding. Maybe I should rephrase that and say finishing strips in my hands often cause bleeding. I have found the answer — QwikStrip! These serrated strips are designed to make crown and bridge cleanup quick, safe, and simple after cementation of crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays, or onlays. Finish with the appropriate QwikStrip abrasive strip to smooth the final restoration. The depth-limiting design prevents soft-tissue irritation while the unique handle provides a comfortable grip for optimal tactile control, This gives easy access to interproximal spaces. There is no more cutting of the patients' lips or gums with the firmly embedded strips. QwikStrip abrasive strips are color-coded and available in four styles: single-sided, double-sided, curved, and serrated. They are available in packs of 10 in serrated, coarse, medium, fine, and superfine grits. The assortment packs include two of each grit and two serrated. In order to create precise interproximal spaces for orthodontic procedures, use QwikStrips according to the sequence outlined by Axis. The reduction process (IPR) should begin with the yellow, single-sided grit (.08 mm) and continue in sequence until the desired space is achieved. Check the reduction with an approved measurement guide before moving to the next color (grit) in the sequence. You can use all versions of QwikStrips any place in the mouth. In order to maintain anatomical contour of the posterior teeth and refine the natural anatomy of the anterior teeth, it is best to finish by using the curved version. Order from your dealer or go to for more details.

PerfectAlign™ from Common Sense Dental
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PerfectAlign™ from Common Sense Dental — I have used many devices to communicate a patient's facial symmetry to my laboratory people. PerfectAlign is the best I have used because it allows the dentist to clearly see the entirety of the anterior teeth while determining the planes and incisal edge position. Use this new device to record your patient's midline, vertical axial inclinations, the horizontal plane, and to verify the incisal edge position of the central incisors. This device allows the lab technician to build porcelain with the device in place to accurately transfer facial landmarks. For anterior implant placement/restorations, PerfectAlign communicates with the lab the horizontal and vertical midline, as well as the vertical position of the incisal edges. For denture cases, use it to determine the horizontal and vertical axes of the patient's face, based on the interpupillary line and patient midline. PerfectAlign is the culmination of collaborative efforts with its inventor, Dr. Randy Shoup, and product development and research by Dr. John Garrison. The PerfectAlign kit contains materials to complete 10 cases, and will be the foremost product to create perfectly centered restorations. Visit Common Sense Dental at to order your PerfectAlign Kit and to look at the company's other fine products.

ACE™ All-Bond SE® from Bisco
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ACE™ All-Bond SE® from Bisco — ALL-BOND SE is a light-cured self-etching adhesive now available in a convenient cartridge delivery that fits into the ACE dispenser. It takes the guesswork out of every procedure by accurately dispensing the correct proportion of material for predictable results every time. ALL-BOND SE maintains a secure seal to prevent microleakage and fluid movement, ensuring your patients will not experience postoperative sensitivity. It provides universal compatibility, added bond strength, a color change indicator ensuring a proper mix, and other unique characteristics that give dentists new flexibility in providing patients with quality treatment by using a self-etch bonding agent. With the additional use of ALL-BOND SE Liner, added strength and support to the bond interface can be achieved. This is especially important in larger restorations. Another advantage of the ALL-BOND SE Liner is that it is radiopaque, allowing the adhesive layer to be identified when viewed on X-rays in areas where adhesives commonly pool. The radiopacity reduces the risk of misdiagnosing caries. Order from your dedicated account specialist at Bisco by calling (800) 247-3368 or visit for more information on ACE and the many other Bisco products.

Team Vista™ Water Line Cleaner from Hu-Friedy
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Team Vista™ Water Line Cleaner from Hu-Friedy — This new product is an extension of the great Hu-Friedy Instrument Management System (IMS) line. It includes an effective, economical, and easy-to-use waterline treatment system for maintaining clean and fresh water in independent water bottle delivery systems. Hu-Friedy's Team Vista is the only system that provides both an approved organic irrigant and registered antimicrobial cleaner to meet the water standards set forth by the EPA, CDC, and ADA. To achieve a higher quality standard of dental waterlines while protecting patients and clinical staff, simply add VistaClean™ drops each time the water bottle is filled and use VistaTab™ monthly or as needed. For more information on Team Vista Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner or to request a sample, please contact Hu-Friedy at 1-800-HU-FRIEDY (483-7433) or visit

Travel Brief

By Irv Green

In this feature five years ago, the following was written:

“In the high-Dow ‘90s, Americans were taking pictures at the Parthenon, tasting haggis in Scotland, and watching windmills in the Netherlands. That's changed now. The value of the Euro makes travel to Europe expensive and the world situation makes it uncomfortable. Many people are tossing their passports and exploring the continent without leaving the United States.“

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Little did we know that today the world economic situation would make travel abroad more difficult. For a taste of Sweden and the Swedish heritage, check out Lindsborg, Kan., also known as “Little Sweden USA.“

Lindsborg is just one place where you can see the world without a passport. After all, falling portfolios dampen our wallets, not our curiosity!

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