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New NiTi V3 Ring makes life easier

Nov. 1, 2009
The V3 Ring from Triodent — I hope that most of us who are doing composite restorations in our practices are using the retainer rings, along with a sectional matrix to assure well formed tight contacts on posterior teeth.
The V3 Ring from Triodent
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The V3 Ring from Triodent — I hope that most of us who are doing composite restorations in our practices are using the retainer rings, along with a sectional matrix to assure well formed tight contacts on posterior teeth. In my practice, these rings have made problems with contacts a thing of the past. Triodent has introduced its V3 Ring made entirely of nickel–titanium (NiTi) that provides spring strength and memory. The V3 system consists of the Narrow V3 Ring (yellow) and the Universal V3 Ring (green). These two rings have all molar and bicuspid sizes covered, delivering separating force and tight contacts every time. The NiTi rings return to their original shape, making them last longer than stainless steel rings. The V3 Ring's glass fiber–reinforced plastic tines have been designed to match the buccal and lingual surfaces of the posterior teeth. This provides great retention without them jumping off the teeth before you have completed the procedure. They also create an ideal cavity form so little time is spent finishing the composite restoration. The broad, V–shaped tines prevent the ring from collapsing into wide cavities and even allow you to replace a missing cusp in composite. The tines accommodate the wedge from either side. The built–in lip on the ring's plastic inner part makes it very stable. The Triodent forceps have a locking function that holds the V3 Ring securely for placement, both mesially and distally. The Narrow V3 Ring has all the features and benefits of the Universal, but the tines are set closer together for better separation on smaller teeth. Enough force is provided to separate the teeth and produce strong, tight contacts. The V3 Matrix has a built–in holder that is engaged by the Pin–Tweezers, making for easy placement and removal. With the naturally closed position of the tweezers, you will never drop another matrix or wedge. The matrix has a special marginal ridge that will give you great anatomy. The gingival area is properly shaped to commonly encountered cavity form to help avoid gaps in the gingival axial corner. Finally, the Wave–Wedge has fine wave–shaped wings that compress on entry and flare again on exit for easy placement and a great seal. A central concavity allows another wedge to be placed from the opposite side if necessary. The pin tweezers positively grip the placement and removal hole for absolute control. To order, call (800) 811–3849 or visit for more information.

PerfectPearl™ Disposable Prophy Angle and PerfectPearl Prophy Paste from Kerr TotalCare
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PerfectPearl™ Disposable Prophy Angle and PerfectPearl Prophy Paste from Kerr TotalCare — I know what you're thinking — just what everyone needs, another prophy angle and another prophy paste. But before you pass this one up, read on. This angle will surprise you with more comfort, and in these economic times, less cost. You can have it all in the new PerfectPearl disposable prophy angle. It combines a string of exceptional features such as contra angle design, smooth bevel gears that lessen vibration and chatter for all day comfort, and a small, sleek shape with a soft grip. The latex–free soft cup has a flare for better subgingival cleaning. The spiral grooves in the cup help push the prophy paste toward the tooth, reducing splatter. Combine this with PerfectPearl Prophy Paste that comes in mint and bubblegum flavors, and start to experience perfection today. For more information, order from your dealer or go to

Enhance®flex NST™ finishing and polishing system from Dentsply Caulk
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Enhance® flex NST™ finishing and polishing system from Dentsply Caulk — This is one you really have to try to believe. I have always loved my sandpaper discs for finishing and polishing, but no more! I have experienced the brilliance of Nano Sphere Technology. This new system has only two discs, and both the finishing and polishing discs are coated with Caulk's new proprietary NST (Nano Sphere Technology). The smooth, spherical diamond aggregates off just the right amount of abrasion, while reducing the surface scratching that requires more steps and discs. You'll never go back to four discs again.

Every time you have to change a disc on the mandrel, it takes time. Now, with Enhance® flex NST™ discs, you'll just have to change it once to finish and once to polish, and you will get a shine that's clinically proven to be comparable or better than the four–disc system. Why would anyone go through those extra steps again? This system provides the ultimate polish and is ideal for cervical and proximal line angle areas and facial surfaces. The two discs deliver excellent surface smoothness and are available in two sizes — 3/8” and 1/2”. For more information, order from your dealer or go to

SafeGauze® Green Non–Woven Sponges from Medicom
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SafeGauze® Green Non–Woven Sponges from Medicom — The dental industry uses many disposable products, which results in loads of waste. I know each of us wants to try to reduce the waste going to landfills. Just think of how many gauze sponges your office uses in one day. In creating SafeGauze® Green, Medicom is trying to do its part for the environment. SafeGauze Green sponges are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. They are made from two natural fibers — American–grown organic cotton that is free of pesticides and insecticides, and Lyocell®, which is made from wood pulp and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which assures that every tree taken to make the fiber is replaced with a new one. The natural fibers are made using totally chlorine free (TCF) practices. The packaging is recyclable. SafeGauze Green non–woven sponges are completely eco–friendly from start to finish. The sponges are available in 2x2 and 4x4, are soft, highly absorbent, and non–linting ... plus they're better for the planet! For samples or more information, visit or call (800) 308–6589.

Bib-Eze from DUX
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Bib–Eze from DUX — Hair and make–up and sweat … oh my! Would you use a stranger's brush or hug a stranger after a sweaty workout? Would you ask to use a stranger's lip balm or toothbrush? No? Well, think about bib chains. Hair, make–up, and sweat can accumulate on a bib chain even if you wipe it down after each use. Unless you sterilize the bib chain after each use, why not use disposable bib holders in your practice? Bib–Eze disposable bib holders are made of soft, stretchable, durable paper and can be tossed in the trash along with the bib after each patient. Bib–Eze are comfortable and can be stretched to fit any size neck. Also, a portion of Bib–Eze sales supports the fight against breast cancer. So if you don't reuse a bib, why reuse a bib holder? Sample Bib–Eze disposable bib holders by contacting your dealer, visiting, or calling (800) 833–8267.

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