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New Products to See at the Chicago MidwinterMeeting

Feb. 1, 2008
by Dr.Joe Blaes, Editor

by Dr. Joe Blaes, Editor

LuxaCore® Z Dual from Zenith DMG –

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LuxaCore Z Dual is a new resin-based core material that combines nano technology with the addition of zirconium dioxide. This has resulted in a high compressive strength material that cuts exactly like dentin. Its 20-micron film thickness and optimum flow also make it attractive as a post cement.

Booth number 1247

CrossAction® Pro-Health from Oral-B –

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You’ve never seen a toothbrush that can multitask like this one. A unique combination of CrissCross® bristles, soft gum stimulators, and a textured tongue cleaner allow you to clean your whole mouth.

Booth number 1620

Tetric® EvoFlow from Ivoclar Vivadent –

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Behind the highly complex “nano-formulation” of Tetric EvoFlow, there is a well-balanced filler technology. Tetric EvoFlow restorations can be polished quickly and easily, and feature an excellent chameleon effect. Tetric EvoFlow is also perfect for use as a restorative liner and has industry-leading radiopacity.

Booth number 1026

N’Durance from Septodont Materials Division –

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This is an innovative, completely new composite material. N’Durance Composite utilizes nano technology and Dimer Acid chemistry. The “N’D” conversion technology has chemical qualities that create greater polymerization of the resin monomers while actually minimizing shrinkage with virtually no sensitivity.

Booth number 1445

D. T. Light Post Illusion from BISCO –

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This fiber post has a patented color-on-command technology. When the post is placed, the color disappears, which allows it to blend into the natural dentition. If re-treatment is required, the post will reappear on command by spraying it with cool water.

Booth number 2600

Solid Glass Rod Technology in StarDental® 430 SWL from DentalEZ –

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The new solid glass rod fiberoptics of the 430 SWL provide considerably brighter light and longer durability. The new feature comes with a five-year warranty.

Booth number 1426

Pro-Select Platinum™ from Pro-Dentec / Zila Pharmaceuticals –

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This is a piezo-ultrasonic scaler and irrigator with Advanced Comfort Technology™ and an amazing new LED light. It uses a universal (straight) tip that is shaped like a dental probe with 360 degrees of useable surface.

Booth number 5644

Opalescence® Boost Whitening System with PF from Ultradent –

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Opalescence Boost offers immediate results with a simple syringe-to-syringe chemical activation that does not require a light. The syringe-to-syringe mixing ensures freshness and convenience.

Booth number 2033

Carbide Crown Prepping Instruments from KOMET –

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The burs are better prepping instruments because they provide precise and controlled tooth reduction with a finished surface, comparable to that achieved by using a diamond finisher.

Booth number 1159

Pentamix™3 from 3M ESPE –

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This new unit has faster speeds that mean more working time, the ability to work with quick-setting materials, and reduced stress for assistants. It features an updated design with the smallest footprint on the market.

Booth number 226

Enzymax® Spray Gel from Hu-Friedy –

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Enzymax Spray Gel is a ready-to-use, pH-neutral, dual-enzyme gel that maintains moisture to help prevent debris from drying onto instruments when they cannot be processed right away. This may also be used to pretreat spots on office linens.

Booth number 1811

GENTLEray® 980 from KaVo –

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The soft-tissue diode laser delivers clinical results and ease of use with the handpiece design you know and trust from KaVo. The 980 nm wavelength provides the best combination of clean cutting and excellent hemostasis.

Booth number 401

Hand Instrument Sterilization Cassettes from Brasseler USA –

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New cassettes come in a variety of sizes to offer supreme versatility and organization for your practice. Careful hand instrument processing ensures long instrument life for maximum value.

Booth number 2233

Vivera Retainers from Align Technology –

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Vivera retainers are an effective, esthetic retention solution you can prescribe that deliver new retainers to your patients four times a year. Since they are nearly invisible, patients feel comfortable wearing them day or night.

Booth Number 657

Comfort Plus Premium® Saliva Ejector from Crosstex –

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You will not believe this until you try it! Finally, a saliva ejector that does its job without locking on tissue and traumatizing patients! The sleekly designed tip keeps the tissue from blocking the suction while it facilitates uninterrupted fluid removal.

Booth number 1920

CEREC Connect from Sirona –

CEREC Connect allows direct digital communication between CEREC dentists and inLab laboratories via a Web-based portal. The service will enable dentists to eliminate physical impressions by electronically transmitting a digitally scanned impression to the laboratory of their choice.

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Booth number 1626

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